Chapter 790: Not an Accident

Scenarios like this were where Assault System Battle Soul Masters really shone. Specks of starlight began to emerge from Ye Xinglan's body, and a dazzling sword projection erupted forth as she instantly combined her body as one with her sword. She held onto Xu Lizhi with one hand, and even as the entire carriage tumbled and rolled, her body remained completely still as she hovered ever so slightly just above the ground. The rotating carriage was instantly sliced apart by the sword projection that she'd unleashed, and she rose up into the air with Xu Lizhi in tow.

Everyone else also instantly reacted. Yue Zhengyu spread open his wings, and as soon as he was thrown out of his seat, his wings had already formed a barrier to protect him. At the same time, holy light erupted from his body, forming an additional barrier of light to protect him.

Meanwhile, Yuanen Yehui's body abruptly swelled in size, and she transformed into a Titan Giant Ape while holding Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan in her two arms, using her massive ape body to shield them. Her massive body was crashing around within the carriage until Ye Xinglan sliced the carriage apart, upon which she was instantly catapulted outward.

The most unfortunate one among them was Tang Wulin. He was still in a deep sleep, and was completely defenseless. Even when the train had trembled for the first time, he still didn't wake up. After the train began to swerve, Tang Wulin was hurled out of his seat, crashing heavily into the opposite wall, and only then did he open his eyes, just in time to see all of his friends catapulting out of the carriage.

Tang Wulin's body tumbled around uncontrollably within the carriage, and he was still a little bleary-eyed as he quickly reached out, grabbing onto the wall with his hands.

Golden scales appeared all over his body, and he shook his head vigorously to try and make himself more conscious and alert. After that, he tore through the wall of the train with his bare hands, and he was also thrown out of the carriage as a result.

After being flung into the air, he was finally able to ascertain the current situation.

The entire soul train had been thrown off the rails and hurled into the air. The carriages split apart in mid-air before being flung away in all directions. What was even more concerning was that many people were thrown out of the cracks in the carriages by the momentum.

These normal people were not Soul Masters, and they didn't have reactions like Tang Wulin and the others. As such, almost all of them perished as soon as they were flung out of the carriages.

Tang Wulin was completely speechless. 

Why? Why does this happen every time?! 

How was it possible that he always encountered these strange situations when taking high-speed trains? Did all of the train accidents in the history of the federation have something to do with him? He was like the guaranteed ill omen of all soul trains!

Tang Wulin curled up into a ball in mid-air, and right before he was about to land on the ground, he threw an almighty punch into the ground, using the immense force generated to nullify his original momentum, thereby allowing him to roll onto the ground in a relatively smooth landing.

With his body's insane defensive abilities, he certainly hadn't been injured during that ordeal, but it was most definitely not a good feeling to be jerked awake from a deep slumber.

However, he didn't have time to delve on that now as he immediately began to search for his companions. 

Thankfully, everyone was very noticeable, especially Ye Xinglan, who had specks of starlight emanating from her body. Tang Wulin hurriedly raced over toward his friends. He had to ascertain that all of them were safe first.

Of course, none of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were injured during that ordeal, and Tang Wulin was the last one to join them.

All seven of them glanced at one another before focusing their eyes on Tang Wulin for further instructions.

Tang Wulin cleared his throat, and said, "Let's save all of the people that we can."

"Hold on," Ye Xinglan suddenly said, "This is way too strange. High-speed trains are generally extremely safe; how was this one suddenly thrown off the rails? Could it be that someone intentionally caused all of this to happen?"

At this moment, the entire soul train had been completely derailed and landed in the nearby wilderness. The sixteen carriages had been shattered in pieces, and howls of anguish rang out from all directions. 

A soul train could house over 500 people, so such a major accident most definitely would've resulted in a high number of casualties.

Tang Wulin also became more alert upon hearing Ye Xinglan's theory, and a grim look appeared on his face as he said, "Everyone, withdraw your martial souls for now."

He had once faced off against evil Soul Masters, and that had been far from a pleasant experience. If this derailing weren't an accident and had been manufactured by someone, then it was certainly not as simple as it had been at first glance.

Right at this moment, a light suddenly appeared in the distance. It wasn't very bright, but it seemed to be purple.

Xie Xie whispered, "I'll go have a look; all you should hide for now."

His body swayed as he spoke, and he quickly turned transparent, vanishing into thin air in the blink of an eye.

It's the role of an Agility Attack System Battle Soul Master to take on the surveillance and investigation duties.

Tang Wulin made a hand signal, and everyone quickly scrambled for cover to conceal themselves in the nearby area.

It was important to save victims of the incident, but if there were enemies nearby, then eradicating those enemies had to be their top priority.

Xie Xie was back after less than a minute. "The incident was manufactured. There are people slaughtering injured victims. I counted roughly 50 to 60 of them, and they're all killing people on sight using soul lasers. What do we do, Boss?"

Tang Wulin asked, "Did you manage to ascertain their power levels?"

Xie Xie replied, "I can confirm that they're all Soul Masters, but I was unable to determine their cultivation ranks. They were only using soul lasers, and none of them released their martial souls, but the speed at which they were moving indicates that they're no pushovers."

"Let's go and take them down!" There was no other alternative; in this situation, how could they just stand by idly and watch as these terrorists wreaked havoc?

Tang Wulin quickly rushed out, and everyone followed along behind him. To his left and right sides were Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui respectively, and they were followed by Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi with Yue Zhengyu bringing up the rear.

Xu Lizhi chanted a few incantations, quickly producing one steamed bun after another that he quickly distributed to his friends.

There were Agility Mini Soup Buns that could enhance everyone's speed, and Bloodthirsty Red Bean Bun that were kept in reserve for moments when explosive power output was required.

Soon, Tang Wulin caught sight of the enemies that Xie Xie had just been referring to. All of them wore black clothes and stalked their victims like ghosts in the night. A series of purple lasers shot forth from their soul laser guns and into the shattered carriages.

All of these people in black were wearing helmets that obscured their faces, and someone immediately discovered Tang Wulin and his friends as they rushed toward the terrorists.

The five men in black who were closest to them immediately turned their guns around and began to shoot their soul lasers at Tang Wulin's group.

Tang Wulin stepped forward, and golden scales appeared all over his body. At the same time, Bluesilver Emperor vines erupted forth, forming a barrier before him.

The soul lasers exploded upon making contact with the barrier of vines, but the Bluesilver Emperor remained completely unscathed. Tang Wulin stomped a foot onto the ground, and his body shot forth like a cannonball. Even while he was still in mid-air, he made a grabbing motion, and two bursts of enormous suction force erupted from his hands, acting as a pair of vortexes that dragged two of the men in black toward him.

He then summoned his golden dragon claws before lashing out at the two men.

The two of them reacted extremely quickly, releasing their martial soul's in an instant. One of them had three yellow soul rings, while the other had one white and two yellow soul rings. They were both Soul Elders.

The man on the left possessed a beast martial soul, and as soon as he unleashed it, his body became more musclebound while a pair of cow horns appeared on his head. He used the suction force from Tang Wulin's golden dragon claws to his advantage and charged forward at an even faster speed.

The other man in black had a martial soul that was a massive saber. He tossed aside the laser gun in his hand without any hesitation before swinging his saber toward Tang Wulin with all his might.

"Bam!" Tang Wulin sent the Soul Master with the beast martial soul flying with a swat from his left golden dragon claw, and the man's body was completely dismembered by his devastating power.

Meanwhile, his right golden dragon claw gripped onto the oncoming saber, and the latter was instantly shattered. A Soul Master's martial soul was linked directly to them, so the destruction of the saber instantly made the Soul Master let loose an agonized groan. Tang Wulin then clenched his right golden dragon claw into a fist and rammed it straight into the man's chest, blasting him away like a cannonball.

That man also suffered the same fate as his companion with his body being dismembered by the almighty blow amid an explosion of blood mist.

Tang Wulin absolutely abhorred these terrorists, so he wasn't holding back at all. After taking care of those two in the blink of an eye, he immediately charged toward the rest of the men in black in the distance.

Meanwhile, Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan had also sprung into action. Ye Xinglan unleashed one sword projection after another with her Stargod Sword, and specks of starlight hurtled through the air. These men in black were only Soul Elders, so there was no way they could withstand her attacks. Her onslaught wasn't as violent as Tang Wulin's, but was just as effective.

The martial soul that Yuanen Yehui had chosen to unleash was her Fallen Angel. Compared to her Titan Giant Ape martial soul, this one was more suitable for battle in the night. Her sword of darkness unleashed one streak of purple light after another, and she also took care of her enemies extremely quickly.

The four people behind them didn't even get a chance to attack as Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, and Yuanen Yehui were far too fast. In what seemed like an instant, five or six men in black had been slain.

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