Chapter 778: Old Man in the Dream

Tang Wulin was already at the pinnacle of sixth-rank blacksmiths, so he was one step away from becoming a seventh-rank blacksmith. A seventh-rank blacksmith was required to be able to complete soul refinements.

Feng Wuyu was capable of this, and he could pass on his soul forging experiences to Tang Wulin. As for Tang Wulin himself, he'd been attempting soul refinements this entire time, but hadn't achieved any success. Feng Wuyu’s suggestion to him was to go and seek out Divine Blacksmith Zhen Hua. Divine blacksmiths who were capable of heavenly refinements undoubtedly had a deeper understanding of soul refinements. Even though Feng Wuyu didn't want to admit his inferiority to someone else, he had no choice but to make this suggestion for the future of his prized disciple.

Following the passage of six months, Tang Wulin's heart had already become completely placid. In other words, he'd been so busy with cultivation that he hadn't any time to think about anything else.

During these six months, he was able to make use of the vast amount of uncommon metals at his disposal and his own forging skills to forge an alloy consisting of four metals, and he'd also changed the metallic constitution of his friends' suits of battle armor, as well as his own.

This meant that the materials of all of their suits of one-word battle armor had been upgraded, and they were ready to be remodeled into two-word battle armor.

Gu Yue had already completed the designs well in advance, and Ye Xinglan had become a sixth-rank mecha maker, so they could begin constructing their suits of two-word battle armor at any time.

However, there was an obstacle standing in their way; their cultivation ranks were simply insufficient to support them in the construction of the suits of armor.

Furthermore, generally speaking, if one wanted to wear a suit of two-word battle armor, then they had to at least be a six-ring Soul Emperor.

Zhuo Shi said, "Seeing as you're making a breakthrough to become a Soul King, I'll take you somewhere that'll help you in that process." 

He grabbed onto Tang Wulin's shoulder and rose up into the air as he spoke, and the two of them quickly vanished into the distance.

Tang Wulin could hear fierce winds howling past his ears, and it seemed that only around a quarter of a minute had passed before they landed on the ground again.

They were situated in a small valley that was clearly somewhere on the Sea God's Island. Their entire surroundings were covered in lush greenery, and rich life force energy intermingled with the fragrance of different plants permeated through the air.

Tang Wulin's martial soul was Bluesilver Grass, so he was thrilled to be in this environment. The aura of nature was so potent here, and it was perfect for assisting him in making his breakthrough.

He hurriedly sat down with his legs crossed before entering a meditative state.

Zhuo Shi stood beside him and sensed the changes in the soul power fluctuations emanating from his body.

Gusts of gentle breeze blew past his ears as he inhaled the earthy fragrance around him, and his heart quickly calmed down. It was always so easy for him to lose himself in the world of nature.

His soul power began to circulate according to the route stipulated by the Mysterious Heaven Method on its own, and in Tang Wulin's spiritual world, it was as if specks of green light were appearing one after another, with each speck of light corresponding to a plant around him.

They seemed to have sensed the aura of the Bluesilver Emperor coming from Tang Wulin's body, and they immediately began to resonate with him and transmit signals of joy and intimacy.

Faint blue light began to emanate from his body, and his head of black hair gradually turned blue. His aura seemed to have completely fused as one with nature.

If he didn't use his eyes to appraise Tang Wulin, even Zhuo Shi would find it difficult to detect his presence.

Zhuo Shi nodded with an expression of approval on his face. This current state indicated that Tang Wulin had already truly understood the intricacies of his own martial soul, which was a very encouraging sign!

His Golden Dragon King bloodline aura had been completely withdrawn, and only the aura of his Bluesilver Emperor was emanating from his body. His sensory scope gradually began to expand, and more and more green specks of light appeared in his spiritual world.

His soul was increasing in a subtle manner while more and more plants released their auras. Even if they could only spare a tiny amount of energy, they were determined to release it so it could fuse with Tang Wulin's aura. As he breathed at a slow and even pace, the aura of the Bluesilver Emperor emanating from his body reciprocated these plants for their offerings of energy, and these plants would immediately begin to release emotions of elation. After coming into contact with the aura of the Bluesilver Emperor, there was a greater chance that they'd be able to attain sentience.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. Here in the world of plants, he felt as if he'd found many close relatives, and all of them were growing along with him. His spiritual world began to spread even further, to the extent that it encompassed the entire Sea God's Island.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin's body shuddered, and he seemed to have sensed something indescribable from among the countless plants in his sensory scope. In contrast with the plants growing in other places, the plants on the Sea God's Island were clearly higher level life forms, and they were able to give him more than what other plants were capable of. However, right at this moment, there seemed to be a special aura emanating from among these plants.

Those specks of green light gradually took on a golden hue in his spiritual world, and they were still connected to the aura of his Bluesilver Emperor. However, what had changed was that the amount of energy they were bestowing upon him had suddenly increased.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin felt as if an explosion had erupted in his spiritual world, and his body shuddered violently as if a massive being had barged its way into his spiritual world.

He was then stunned to discover that a massive golden ball of light had appeared in his spiritual world, taking up the entirety of that world with its gigantic size.

In the next instant, Tang Wulin's consciousness faded, and in the instant after that, he was surprised to discover that he'd arrived in a golden world.

There were all types of plants of different shapes and sizes around him, but they were all of a faint golden color and emanating vitality the caliber of which Tang Wulin had never sensed before.

He couldn't help but inhale this rich life force energy in a greedy manner, and it was as if each and every inhalation was elevating him to become a higher level life form.

"You possess the aura of the Bluesilver Emperor, little guy." An elderly voice suddenly sounded, following which Tang Wulin was greeted by the sight of an elderly man slowly emerging from within the forest.

This old man had a very special appearance. He was completely hunch-backed, his entire body was golden in color, and his long beard trailed all the way down onto the ground, as did his head of white hair and even his eyebrows. However, his eyes were of an extremely clear faint golden color, and they were filled with surprise as the man appraised Tang Wulin.

"Hello, what is this place?" Tang Wulin asked with a hint of bewilderment on his face.

The old man said, "You still haven't told me where your Bluesilver Emperor aura is coming from."

Tang Wulin replied, "My martial soul is Bluesilver Emperor!"

The old man smiled and shook his head. "That's impossible. No human can possess Bluesilver Emperor as their martial soul. Tell me how you managed to obtain it."

Tang Wulin faltered upon hearing this. "Why can't humans possess the Bluesilver Emperor as their martial soul?"

The old man explained, "Because just like me, Bluesilver Emperor is a life form of the highest level in the world of plants, so there's no way for it to combine with another life form, unless the bloodline of the Bluesilver Emperor runs through your veins. In other words, a part of your bloodline stems from plants; do you understand now?"

Tang Wulin stared blankly at the old man. "I still don't understand. How can part of my bloodline stem from plants?"

The old man scoffed, "You sure are dense! I'm saying that one of your parents is a plant, and that you were born to a human and plant couple."

Tang Wulin exclaimed, "How is that possible? How can humans and plants reproduce with one another?"

The old man explained, "It's far from impossible. Plants that attain sentience become soul beasts, and they can also cultivate through the years. After cultivating for 100,000 years, plants can also become humans, so why can't they reproduce with other humans? There's no mistaking it; you possess a part of his aura within your body. There's only one branch of humans on this continent who possess the aura of the Bluesilver Emperor, so you must be a direct lineal descendant of his. This is truly remarkable!"

Tang Wulin was extremely confused. "So you're saying that one of my parents is a plant-type soul beast that became a human after 100,000 years of cultivation? That's impossible! My parents are the most ordinary humans."

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