Chapter 777: One-word Battle Armor: Dragon

Only in extremely rare cases like Tang Wulin's, where spirit alloys had been used to construct his suit of battle armor, could the evaluation exceed the purple level for a suit of one-word battle armor. At the same time, the degree of enhancement provided by the suit of battle armor, the craftsmanship, and the quality of the metals or alloys used all had to be of a certain level before such an evaluation could be given.

It was undoubtedly the case that Tang Wulin's one-word battle armor was extremely powerful. The entire suit of armor had been constructed from spirit alloys with a harmony rate of over 85%, and Gu Yue had designed it, while Ye Xinglan had constructed it.

Only with the culmination of all of those factors did it manage to earn a black level rating.

Both of the female employees stared at Tang Wulin as if they were looking at a ghost upon hearing this result. They were even more surprised than when they'd been led to the false conclusion that Tang Wulin was a two-word battle armor master.

Tang Wulin's suit of black level one-word battle armor indicated that he hailed from a superb background, and even in the context of the entire Soul Master world, suits of one-word battle armor that were constructed from spirit alloys were virtually non-existent! Furthermore, suits of spirit alloy one-word battle armor could be upgraded right away, so his suit of two-word battle armor didn't have to be remade from scratch. All he had to do was infuse alloys of a higher level, then redesign it to fit his needs. This would also result in a more powerful suit of two-word battle armor than if he were to remake one from scratch.

As such, his spirit alloy one-word battle armor paved the way for a bright future for him.

Furthermore, Tang Wulin was also extremely young and handsome, so it was no wonder that the eyes of the two female employees were practically glowing.

"Is that it?" Tang Wulin asked, and only then did the two employees return to their senses.

Shui Yu hurriedly said, "Yes, please come with us to make your registration."

The registration process consisted solely of filling out a form, which required information such as the academy Tang Wulin attended, his age, what level of battle armor master he was, and most importantly, the name that he was giving to his suit of battle armor.

"Dragon?" Shui Yu looked up at Tang Wulin with a hint of surprise in her eyes.

The fact that he'd given his battle armor such a name indicated that his martial soul had something to do with dragons. There were many people who named their suits of battle armor in such a manner, but spirit alloy one-word armor battle masters were far from commonplace. This made Shui Yu even more curious about Tang Wulin's abilities.

That's right, the name that he'd given his suit of battle armor was "Dragon". The Golden Dragon King bloodline had given him everything, and he was willing to bury true dragon skeletons for three years as a form of repayment to the dragon clan. As such, he'd decided a long time ago that this was the name he was going to give to his one-word battle armor.

Thus, he could now refer to himself as Dragon Tang Wulin.

Of course, in the world of battle armor masters, most people only began to refer to themselves in such a manner after becoming two-word battle armor masters. Adding just a single word before one's name seemed a little forced, and many battle armor masters were of the opinion that one only became a true battle armor master after attaining a suit of two-word battle armor. However, suits of spirit alloy one-word battle armor were naturally an exception to this.

Tang Wulin returned to the elevator, and Shui Yu's eyes were filled with yearning as her gaze followed him the entire way. However, he certainly wasn't in the mood to exchange soul communicator numbers with her or anything like that. The employees of the Spirit Pagoda were also quite professional, and they merely looked on at him with yearning in their eyes without making any further advances.

After exiting the Spirit Pagoda, Tang Wulin turned around and looked up at the grandiose building with a slightly lost expression on his face. Gu Yue, are you there? Are you in the Spirit Pagoda? If not, where are you? Wait for me, I'll attain my suit of two-word battle armor soon, and when that time comes, your name will be my only choice. 

The inner court finally made some arrangements for Tang Wulin. Firstly, they confirmed his status as an inner court disciple, and at the same time, he was reinstated as the leader of the Shrek’s Seven Monsters, taking over from Gu Yue. These decisions had already been made over three years ago.

Aside from that, he had been permitted to live on the Sea God's Island, his designated instructor was none other than his grandteacher, Zhuo Shi.

It was quite clear that Atlas Douluo hadn't decided to take Tang Wulin under his wing as Na'er had implored him to do in her letter. He was still feeling a sense of loathing toward Tang Wulin. 

The Atlas Douluo was a very loyal man when it came to love, and in his eyes, the fact that Tang Wulin had attracted so many women at once indicated that he had to have led them on somehow [ok, I just gotta say that's veeeeeery hypocritical coming from a womanizer like himself LOL], and his promiscuity had been the root cause behind Na'er's departure. This notion made him very displeased, but even so, the contribution that he'd made to Shrek Academy was undeniable. As such, even he couldn't abolish Tang Wulin as one of Shrek’s Seven Monsters unless he made a heinous mistake. 

On top of that, Tang Wulin's test results had also cemented his reputation as a superb prodigy, so they certainly couldn't turn their backs on him solely due to Yun Ming's personal biases.

"You little rascal!" Zhuo Shi slammed a hand down onto Tang Wulin's shoulder, and even with his insanely powerful body, he still couldn't help but grimace in the face of Zhuo Shi's immense strength.

"You've really outdone yourself! What the hell is your body made of? Over 100,000 kilograms of right fist punching strength? Hahaha! I wish you could've seen the faces of all of the elders during the meeting! Even Light Dark Douluo Elder Long was completely stunned. From now on, you'll be cultivating under my tutelage on the Sea God's Island. What you have to do now is master my Nine Arts of the Scarlet Dragon, and also improve that pitiful soul power of yours as quickly as possible; how can you be the leader of Shrek's Seven Monsters when your cultivation rank is so far below those of your friends?"

"Yes, I'll be sure to work hard."

Zhuo Shi's Nine Arts of the Scarlet Dragon naturally became Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon in Tang Wulin's case. At present, he had mastered Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens and Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth.

It could be said that this was the ideal way to utilize Tang Wulin's blood essence power, and he'd been looking forward to learning these nine arts for a long time. Due to the limitations of his powers in the past, he hadn't been able to continue learning these arts.

However, his soul power had increased significantly compared to in the past, and even more importantly, his blood essence power had become extraordinarily abundant. These two factors would naturally make it a lot easier for him to cultivate the Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon.

Despite the fact that Tang Wulin had promised Zhuo Shi that he was going to work hard, even Zhuo Shi was stunned by just how hard he began to work.

Under Zhuo Shi's tutelage, Tang Wulin quickly began to cultivate, and he did so without any rest whatsoever.

He only did three things every day: practice his Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon, meditate, and forge!

Meditation was his form of rest, and as soon as he recovered his soul power, he'd continue to practice. He forged for six hours per day, and the rest of his time was spent entirely on meditation and practicing his Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon.

It wouldn't be too surprising to see an inner court disciple cultivate in such a manner for one or two days at a time, but Tang Wulin kept this up for three whole months!

The enormous bloodline power within his body had finally been activated during his cultivation of the Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon, and with his immense blood essence power, it was as if exhaustion had become a foreign concept to him.

In Zhuo Shi's eyes, Tang Wulin seemed to have become a completely different person compared to the young boy he was three years ago. His aptitude in cultivating the Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon far exceeded Zhuo Shi's expectations.

Six months was an extremely short time for a Soul Master's cultivation, yet during these past six months, Tang Wulin had cultivated for around the same amount of time as a normal Soul Master would cultivate for during two years. Even the most conscientious inner court disciples only cultivated for half the amount of time that he did.

As such, he was able to completely transform himself in just six short months.

"Grandteacher!" Tang Wulin extended a respectful bow toward Zhuo Shi.

Zhuo Shi wore a benevolent expression as he asked, "Is there anything you don't understand?"

Tang Wulin shook his head, and replied, "No, Grandteacher, but I want to stop cultivating the Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon for now."

With Zhuo Shi's fiery temper, if another disciple had said this to him, he would most likely slap them across the face and scold them for wanting to slack off. However, the fact that Tang Wulin was saying this prompted him to heave a sigh of relief instead.

Was he finally going to take a rest now?

"Good, it's indeed time for you to rest and relax for a bit. Appropriate rest is very beneficial for cultivation."

However, Tang Wulin shook his head, and explained, "No, Grandteacher, I don't want to rest; I'm going to prepare to make a breakthrough to become a Soul King. I've already cultivated my soul power to the pinnacle of rank 49."

He had cultivated his soul power from rank 47 to the pinnacle of rank 49 in just six months!

The stimulative effects the Body Sect's cultivation method on his body coupled with the awakening of his Bluesilver Emperor had finally significantly raised the speed of his soul power progression. Furthermore, he had been working tirelessly during the past six months, and his soul power had finally reached a bottleneck.

Zhuo Shi suggested, "I think you should take a break for a few days to prime yourself before attempting a breakthrough."

Tang Wulin replied, "I'm in great condition right now. I can sense that this won't be a big deal. It's just a breakthrough to become a Soul King; even if I wanted to take a break, I should do it after my breakthrough."

Zhuo Shi hesitated momentarily before nodding in response. "Alright, then I'll keep a lookout for you."

"Thank you, Grandteacher."

Zhuo Shi found it very difficult to say no to Tang Wulin. What had he done in the past six months? He'd cultivated his soul power to the pinnacle of rank 49, and at the same time, not only had he mastered four more of the Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon, he had truly made them his own by rehearsing and unleashing them countless times.

As for the final three of the Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon, those required an enormous amount of soul power expenditure that couldn't be replaced by blood essence power. As such, Tang Wulin's meteoric progress struck Zhuo Shi with the feeling that he had nothing else left to teach him.

Feng Wuyu also felt the same way.

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