Chapter 776: Battle Armor Level: Black

This was a very spacious hall with an extremely tall ceiling. The ground was black with glistening white dragon patterns on its surface, and the hall had been divided up into different sections. One curved counter after another was positioned in an orderly configuration, and the ceiling of the hall was around 20 meters above the ground. All of the walls were constructed from glass, thereby allowing one to see the cloud and mist outside.

As expected of the Sky Dragon's Roar.

"Is this your first time on our 101st level?" the young woman asked with a smile.

Tang Wulin nodded, and replied, "Yes, this is my first time here."

"I'm very honored to be able to serve you; you can call me Shui Yu," the young woman continued. [Her name, Shui(水) Yu(鱼) literally translates to water fish.]

"Shui Yu; that's an interesting name." Tang Wulin turned to her with a hint of intrigue in his eyes.

The young woman's smile widened, and she replied, "Indeed, that's what everyone says. All of us that work here have nicknames. I was born in a seaside city, and I have a fish-type martial soul. I was also always a crybaby as a child, so everyone says there's too much water in my body, and they jokingly refer to me as Shui Yu."

Tang Wulin couldn't help but burst into laughter upon hearing this, and Shui Yu was momentarily entranced. She couldn't help but think to herself about just how handsome Tang Wulin was. His smile seemed to be able to completely attract one's gaze.

"Seeing as this is your first time here, allow me to offer a brief introduction. Our Spirit Pagoda holds all battle armor masters in very high regard, so this designated area was set up specifically to serve battle armor masters. We hope that every single battle armor master can make their voices be heard in the world of Soul Masters, just like the roar of a true dragon, so this place is known as the Sky Dragon's Roar. After being registered in our Spirit Pagoda, all battle armor masters will receive a series of benefits. 

"Firstly, we'll be offering you a VIP service that isn't available to normal Soul Masters. As part of this service, you'll be granted access to the intermediate Spirit Ascension Plane twice per year and the spirit soul tower once per year, all free of charge. At the same time, you'll be able to enter the advanced Spirit Ascension Plane once at half-price. This is the standard service we offer to one-word battle armor masters, and more benefits will be offered after you reach a higher level."

Tang Wulin was quite stunned to hear this. He knew just how much resources were required to enter the Spirit Ascension Plane, which was why he was very surprised that he'd be granted access to the intermediate Spirit Ascension Plane free of charge twice per year. At this current cultivation rank, it was indeed a suitable time for him to explore the intermediate Spirit Ascension Plane. It would be a very good idea for him to upgrade his soul rings in there.

"What do I need to give in return?" Tang Wulin asked in a calm manner.

Shui Yu smiled, and replied, "Nothing. All you have to do is complete your registration here. At the same time, our Spirit Pagoda releases missions for battle armor masters, so you can go and undertake some missions if you're interested. We definitely offer the best rewards for our missions, and we act as a platform for both Soul Masters and battle armor masters. As such, we'll be sure to offer VIP clients like yourself a variety of services that will help you reach a higher level in the future."

Tang Wulin had been interacting with the Spirit Pagoda for a long time, but this was the first time that he'd been made aware of the extent of the services offered by this organization.

It was no wonder that they were the largest organization on the entire continent at present; just the methods they employed to draw in Soul Masters was unmatched.

Tang Wulin couldn't help but ask, "Isn't it unreasonable for your organization to give us benefits without any compensation?"

Shui Yu stuck out her tongue in a very adorable manner. "Actually, we have our ways of making this system work out for us as well. After you grow accustomed to the benefits offered to you by the Spirit Pagoda, you'll naturally want to enjoy more benefits, such as entering the advanced Spirit Ascension Plane to obtain soul spirits of higher calibers. When that time comes, money won't be the only thing that's required to access those benefits. There are some higher-level services that will require the expenditure of mission points to access, which means that if you want to make use of those services, you'll need to complete some missions for our Spirit Pagoda."

Tang Wulin was enlightened by her explanation. As expected, no good things came truly free of charge in this world.

"At the same time, you must wear a communication watch that our Spirit Pagoda distributes every day so you can receive the missions we release. You can choose not to accept those missions, but you still need to wear the watch. Only by wearing the watch for a sufficient amount of time every day will you be able to enjoy all of the benefits on offer."

Tang Wulin smiled upon hearing this. As expected of the Spirit Pagoda! This appeared to only be a trivial detail, but it gave the Spirit Pagoda the ability to immediately transmit whatever information they'd like to all of their registered Soul Masters and battle armor masters, and that was an incredible perk for them.

The information and missions released through the watches didn't bind the Soul Masters in any way, but it did constantly keep the organization connected to these Soul Masters. To all Soul Masters, the soul spirits of the Spirit Pagoda were completely indispensable, so they'd naturally develop a sense of dependence toward the Spirit Pagoda.

It was no wonder that the Spirit Pagoda had overtaken the Tang Sect as the most prominent organization on the entire continent, even though the latter had a far longer history. This was the power and allure of the Spirit Pagoda.

"I understand now. Can I go and register my battle armor now?" Tang Wulin asked.

"Of course you may. Right this way, please," Shui Yu led him over to a counter, behind which another beauty in the same attire as her was standing, and she said, "This esteemed battle armor master would like to name his battle armor."

The employee behind the counter rose to her feet, and said, "Please come with me to our testing room for an evaluation first."

The process through which a suit of battle armor was evaluated was very simple. The process involved the battle armor master releasing their battle armor, following which an energy scan is conducted to ascertain the enhancement effect of the suit of battle armor, as well as to verify that the suit of armor was indeed complete.

The testing room was right behind the counter, and it was a hexagonal room with a complex soul formation symbol on the floor. Tang Wulin didn't know much about this area, and he was only struck by the impression that the symbol was very majestic to behold. There was a spherical device hanging above his head, and Shui Yu prompted, "Please release your battle armor."

Tang Wulin did as he was instructed, and specks of light began to appear all over his body at his behest.

"Two-word battle armor?" Shui Yu and the other employee exclaimed in unison.

A suit of golden battle armor appeared to encapsulate Tang Wulin's entire body, and when the golden visor emerged to conceal his face, the aura that erupted from his body brought expressions of astonishment to the faces of both of the employees.

What a powerful aura!

As employees of the Sky Dragon's Roar, they had seen more than their fair share of battle armor, but it was the first time that they had felt such an immense aura from a suit of battle armor.

In reality, this wasn't just the aura of the suit of battle armor alone. Instead, this powerful aura was the result of a combination of the battle armor, as well as Tang Wulin's own aura and bloodline aura.

A beam of light descended from above, illuminating Tang Wulin's body. He was only struck by the sensation that something seemed to have brushed over his entire body.

Soon, an electronic voice sounded.

"One-word battle armor constructed from spirit alloys; battle armor level: black."

Tang Wulin had heard of the battle armor levels in the past. As was the case with mechas, many of the levels involved in the parameters that determined the powers of Soul Masters followed the color system of soul rings, which, from lowest to highest, went white, yellow, purple, black, and red. There was also an extra golden color for some very special parameters.

Even for suits of the battle armor of the same grade, they were differentiated by levels. For example, among suits of one-word battle armor, those that had been constructed from spirit alloys were most definitely of a higher level than normal battle armor.

For battle armor masters, suits of one-word battle armor were very elementary, so the process of constructing one's suit of one-word battle armor was more for gathering experience than anything else. After all, it was quite often the case that suits of two-word battle armor had to be made again from scratch, so most suits of one-word battle armor were at the white and yellow levels.

Purple level one-word battle armor was extremely rare, and generally speaking, that was the upper limit of such a suit of battle armor as that was the upper limit on the level of metals used.

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