Chapter 775: Sky Dragon's Roar

Tang Wulin looked down at his right hand, then turned to his friends with a sheepish look on his face, and feebly explained, "It's just explosive power."

Only then did Wu Zhangkong return to his senses. "The standard for a full-force attack from a black mecha is 35,000 kilograms. Only after reaching that standard can a mecha be rated as a black mecha. Red mechas are too special, so no strength assessment is made on them. This means that the power of that punch you just unleashed is over three times that of a black mecha."

"Boss, you're a beast in human's skin! I now understand that you already held back on Yuanen."

Indeed, there was no way to describe Tang Wulin other than to refer to him as a beast in human skin. Don't forget that he hadn't even donned his suit of battle armor yet. Furthermore, he hadn't used any of his strength enhancement soul skills, such as his Golden Dragon Body.

"Alright, let's stop there." Wu Zhangkong waved a hand.

Tang Wulin turned to him with a puzzled expression. "Why?"

A rare humanized expression of indignation appeared on Wu Zhangkong's face as he scoffed, "Why? This machine can only handle a maximum of 200,000 kilograms for force; I'm afraid you'll break it if you put on your battle armor! However, I have to give you a suggestion; improve your soul power and upgrade your battle armor as quickly as you can. Otherwise, your one-word battle armor won't be able to handle your current level of strength. In a particularly fierce clash, you could even damage your battle armor."

Even one-word battle armor couldn't handle Tang Wulin's strength?

A wry smile appeared on Yuanen Yehui's face. "I thought I'd already surpassed you, but in reality, you've only left me further behind."

Strength wasn't exactly a fearsome ability among Soul Masters as pure strength itself had far too many limitations.

However, after honing any skill or ability to an extreme extent, it would begin to defy the boundaries of logic.

Wu Zhangkong gave them another statistic. "100,000 kilograms of punching strength is the minimum threshold for power system Titled Douluos. Generally speaking, power system three-word battle armor masters can also reach this level of strength. Wulin, are you really a human being?"

Wu Zhangkong's abrupt question had Tang Wulin feeling rather awkward, and couldn't help but look down at his two hands. After absorbing the power of the Golden Dragon King seals, was he really still a human?

However, the fact that even Wu Zhangkong was so astonished acted as further testament to just how insane Tang Wulin's strength currently was.

Wu Zhangkong looked at Tang Wulin, and a gentle expression appeared in his eyes. "You've all grown up and I have nothing more to teach you. From now on, you'll be taught by the Titled Douluos of the academy."

Tang Wulin hurriedly said, "Teacher Wu, you..."

Wu Zhangkong waved a hand and cut him off. "You, Gu Yue, Xiaoyan, and Xie Xie have been my students even back in Eastsea City, and I'm very glad to see everything that you've achieved. I've already temporarily resigned from my post as a teacher in the academy, and I'm going to go into secluded cultivation soon. I'll be in seclusion for at least a year on this occasion."

He paused here before looking at everyone around him. "All of you gave me hope and reignited the flame in my heart, urging me to strive for self-improvement again. Wulin, I don't think there's any need for you to be overly concerned about Gu Yue. She's powerful enough on her own, and I think the differences between the two of you lie in the competition between the Spirit Pagoda and the Tang Sect. If you really like her, then do everything in your power to become stronger.

"In this world, power is always the key to everything. With sufficient power, the impossible can become possible. I'm very glad that you didn't wallow in self-pity and give up on everything. Your greatest strength is that you can always grow stronger in the face of adversity; That is also the key to your success. Keep on forging ahead for both Gu Yue and for your friends."

"I will," Tang Wulin replied in a determined manner as he clenched his fists tightly.

The rest of the examination progressed very smoothly, but extremely astonishing statistics were yielded every time there was a test conducted on Tang Wulin's body. The hardness of his skin rivaled that of defense system soul beasts that were in excess of 1,000 years old. Overall, he really did seem more like a beast in human skin than an actual human.

"Alright, that's all the tests for today. I'll submit these statistics to the Sea God's Pavilion. You've only just returned to the inner court, with your aptitude, I'm sure the Sea God's Pavilion will deploy a teacher specifically to instruct you in your cultivation. In my opinion, your grandteacher is the likeliest candidate for that role. After all, you were studying under his tutelage to begin with. You can go to the Spirit Pagoda to give your battle armor a name now."

Assigning a name to his one-word battle armor!

This was something that all Soul Masters aspired toward as this was only a right that they received after attaining a complete set of one-word battle armor.

Even though only one word could be used to name a suit of one-word battle armor, that was still something that all Soul Masters looked forward to as it acted as proof of their power, and also brought them unmatched glory.

Tang Wulin reflexively turned toward his friends, only to find everyone looking back at him.

Xie Xie chuckled, "We always knew that you'd come back, so even though we've all attained full sets of one-word battle armor, we still haven't made any efforts toward attaining our suits of two-word battle armor. You have to hurry up and begin forging for us so all of us can upgrade our battle armor!"

Everyone smiled in unison upon hearing this.

Yuanen Yehui said, "You are the only blacksmith that we trust because you have the greatest understanding of the alloys required for our suits of battle armor."

Tang Wulin asked, "Have you all named your suits of battle armor?"

Yuanen Yehui nodded in response. "Generally speaking, the names of our battle armor are related to our martial souls. In other words, a lot of us will be assigning our first two words to be something related to our martial souls."

Xie Xie chuckled, "When I attain enough words, the name can also be related to my lover. Yuanen, which words of your name should I use when my battle armor gets upgraded in the future?"

Yuanen Yehui blushed upon hearing this. "Do whatever you want!"

Xie Xie chuckled, "Then I really have to think long and hard about this."

Tang Wulin fell into deep thought upon hearing this. He suddenly recalled the name of Wu Zhangkong's battle armor: Sky Ice. His suit of battle armor had been named Sky Ice, so he was referred to as Sky Ice Wu Zhangkong. The sky was from his Skyfrost Sword, and the Ice was from Long Bing. [The Chinese character for the Bing in Long Bing's name (冰) literally translates to ice.]

It was a pity that he could only use one character to name his battle armor, so there wasn't much choice. After upgrading it to two words...

"I'll go register the name right away," Tang Wulin said.

After leaving the testing facilities, everyone went back to cultivate while Tang Wulin left the academy, then hailed a soul taxi to the headquarters of the Spirit Pagoda.

To a Soul Master like him, the Spirit Pagoda was definitely a colossal entity. When the giant pagoda appeared in Tang Wulin's field of view in the distance, a surge of powerful emotions suddenly welled up in his heart.

For Gu Yue's sake, so what if he had to face the entire Spirit Pagoda someday? As long as he became powerful enough, nothing was impossible.

Gu Yue, wait for me! I'll become more powerful, and I'll build up my own forces to oppose the Spirit Pagoda. When you need me, I'll stand by your side, and I'll take you back with me even if I have to do so by force! 

This wasn't the first time that Tang Wulin had visited the Spirit Pagoda, but he was still stunned by how grand and majestic the building was.

An employee made their way over to him, and asked, "Is there something I can help you with?"

Tang Wulin replied, "I want to register a name for my battle armor."

A hint of surprise flashed through the employee's eyes, and he asked, "Are you from Shrek Academy?"

"Yes," Tang Wulin replied with a nod.

The employee immediately adopted a respectful expression as he said, "Right this way."

Tang Wulin followed him onto an extremely spacious elevator that was constructed from glass, thereby allowing him to see everything outside.

The elevator traveled upward at a very fast speed, and the ground quickly shrank in his field of view as if he were flying.

"Ding!" The elevator stopped on the 101st level.

"Welcome to the 101st level of the Spirit Pagoda, Sky Dragon's Roar." The employee made an inviting hand gesture.

After making their way out of the elevator, another employee immediately walked over to greet them. This employee was in slightly different attire compared to the normal employee from before. This employee was a beautiful young woman in a long white dress with barely visible dragon patterns embroidered on its surface, and she had an exceptional disposition. She appeared to be around 20 years of age, and her eyes immediately lit up at the sight of Tang Wulin. 

What a handsome young man! 

She knew what it meant for someone to be taken to the 101st level, and she made an extremely respectful hand gesture as she said, "Please come with me, esteemed battle armor master."

Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly upon seeing this. Battle armor masters really did receive different treatment. Wu Zhangkong was right; in the world of Soul Masters, power was everything.

At the same time, he began to appraise this 101st level.

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