Chapter 771: One-word Battle Amor Fusion Complete

After more than three years, his soul power had only improved by two ranks, but why was it that the aura emanating from his body had become countless times more powerful?

If they'd known what Tang Wulin had been through in the Dragon Valley, perhaps they wouldn't be so surprised. After all, he'd been interacting with dragons the entire time, expending a vast amount of energy to bury their skeletons while constantly being replenished by dragon spirits.

Indeed, Tang Wulin's soul power hadn't improved by much, but his bloodline power had been nurtured to an unprecedented degree during the past three years.

Pure true dragon power had constantly been nurturing his body, and even he didn't know just how immense his bloodline power had become.

However, what was beyond a doubt was that even Long Yue, who possessed a Mountain Dragon King martial soul, was completely dominated by his aura.

Only after elevating his bloodline power to this degree had he truly begun to display the aura of the Golden Dragon King.

Four golden rings emerged beneath Tang Wulin's feet one another before revolving around his body. The golden light emanating from his body gradually began to seep into the breastplate.

Dazzling light immediately erupted from the breastplate, and its faint golden color quickly increased in brightness. Tang Wulin's eyes also glowed brighter and brighter as dense black light enshrouded the entire area around his body in a diameter of three meters. The golden pieces of armor on the table began to tremor slightly, then levitated into mid-air, where they hovered around his body.

Tang Wulin raised his head, and golden scales gradually surfaced over his skin. His original gauntlets and shoulder plates also instantly appeared.

"Withdraw!" Tang Wulin suddenly yelled.

All of the pieces of battle armor were drawn by the golden light, and they all surged toward his body as golden streaks of life. With the span of just a few breaths, they completely fused together with his body.

Thus, his one-word battle armor fusion was complete.

Faint golden armor encapsulated his entire body. The suit of armor had faint dragon symbols on its surface, and the sharp blades were protruding from the gauntlets and shoulder plates. Only when Tang Wulin was unleashing his blood essence aura did faint scale-like patterns appear over the armor.

His helm covered his entire head, and there was a pair of dragon-horn like protrusions on either side of it. There was a ridge at the center of the helm that raised slightly upward, and a golden visor concealed his entire face aside from a pair of glowing golden eyes.

The most prominent feature of this suit of armor were the two sharp dragon horns on the two sides of the helm, as well as the spikes of a similar design protruding from the gauntlets and the greaves. The edges of these spikes were extremely sharp, and upon closer inspection, one would discover that they also resembled dragon horns. Faint golden light shimmered all over the suit of armor, giving it an air of mystique.

Tang Wulin was instantly struck by the feeling that something extra had appeared in his body, following which these components quickly became a part of his body. His soul and bloodline powers injected themselves into these additional components, and in that instant, he felt as if he'd expanded in size. The enormous enhancements he had experienced made him want to engage in battle right away.

"You need to acclimate yourself to the power of your battle armor; should we go to the sparring platforms?" Ye Xinglan asked.

"Sure!" Tang Wulin also wanted to see just how powerful he was with his suit of one-word battle armor.

In contrast with the outer court, the inner court had designated sparring platforms. Disciples of the outer court sparring platforms also had to pay to be able to use them, but that was not required in the inner court, where the sparring platforms were available to be used at any time as long as they were vacant. After all, after reaching a certain cultivation rank, it became very important for students to be able to improve themselves through sparring matches. There were many occasions during which practical battle experience was more important than one's soul power rank, particularly for Shrek Academy disciples.

It was undoubtedly the case that the sparring platforms of the inner court were far more sturdy than those of the outer court.

A thick protective barrier rose up around the entire platform, including from the ground underfoot. It was rather uncomfortable to be stepping on soul energy, but at the very least, the barrier ensured that the platform wouldn't be damaged.

Xu Lizhi stood outside the platform, while everyone else was situated within it.

"Who wants to go first?" Tang Wulin asked.

Ye Xinglan was just about to take up his challenge, but Yuanen Yehui had already strode forward. "I'll go."

"Alright!" In terms of soul power rank, Yuanen Yehui was the most powerful one among them.

"Be careful; my soul power has already reached rank 57," Yuanen Yehui cautioned.

Progressing 10 ranks in three years didn't exactly appear to be extraordinary progress, but it was almost unheard of for a Soul Master to have rank 57 soul power at just 19 years of age.

Even back when Long Yue was 20 years old, his soul power rank had only been in the early sixties.

Tang Wulin smiled in response. "I'll be sure to do so."

The two of them stood 50 meters apart while everyone else backed away into the distance. Xie Xie couldn't help but yell, "Boss, please go easy on her!"

"Shut up!" Yuanen Yehui grumbled.

Xie Xie gave a sheepish chuckle. "I'm just worried about you."

Yuanen Yehui paid no further heed to him as light flashed through her eyes. She quickly released her martial soul, and soul rings began to emerge beneath her feet, consisting of two purples and three blacks. It was undoubtedly the case that not only was she outstanding in the soul power department, she was very formidable all-round among Soul Kings.

Due to the fact that Tang Wulin had already donned his one-word battle armor, Yuanen Yehui also released her own suit of battle armor without any hesitation. Yellow armor that was as thick and heavy as the earth appeared all over her body, and after completing the set, the color of the suit of armor was clearly darker than Tang Wulin recalled it to be back in on the Star Luo Continent.

There was simply no helping that. After all, Yuanen Yehui also had a Fallen Angel martial soul, but she only had one suit of battle armor, so her armor had to cater to both of her martial souls. As such, her suit of battle armor was actually both earth and darkness element.

When using different martial souls, the suit of armor would automatically switch to different forms. This was actually a flaw as due to the fact that the suit of battle armor had two forms to cater to her two martial souls, each of its individual forms was actually slightly less powerful than a normal suit of one-word battle armor.

This was why Yuanen Yehui had always been an avid supporter of using spirit alloys to construct their suits of battle armor. Using spirit alloys could enhance a suit of battle armor, and this was very important to her.

Her suit of battle armor had been the most difficult and troublesome to construct, and if she had to start from scratch for her two-word battle armor, it would take far too much time. As such, the fact that spirit alloys could be forged repeated made it an even more appealing option to her. On top of that, repeated forgeries of spirit alloys could further enhance her suit of battle armor, thereby minimizing the negative effect of having a suit of dual-element battle armor.

After raising her head and letting loose a long cry, Yuanen Yehui spread open her arms, and two bursts of light appeared in her hands. Immediately thereafter, her soul rings lit up, and her body rapidly expanded, transforming into a six-meter-tall Titan Giant Ape in the blink of an eye.

Against Tang Wulin, her Titan Giant Ape martial soul was undoubtedly the best choice. From the height of her current martial soul, it was quite apparent that it had become more powerful compared to in the past.

The two bursts of light that had flashed from the ape's hands were none other than the two giant alloy hammers that Tang Wulin had given her. However, the soul power fluctuations emanating from the giant hammers had clearly also become more potent. They had to have been improved somehow to make them more powerful.

Thus, a six-meter-tall musclebound Titan Giant Ape stood before him with a pair of terrifying five-meter-long giant hammers in its hands. Most people would definitely run for their lives at the sight of such a harrowing spectacle.

Tang Wulin's lips twitched involuntarily, and he cast his gaze toward Xie Xie with a hint of praise in his eyes. He had to be masochistic!

Yuanen Yehui certainly wasn't going to hold back against Tang Wulin. Even though he was only a four-ring Soul Ancestor, his actual combat prowess had always far outstripped his soul power rank. Furthermore, even though his soul power hadn't improved much since three years ago, his bloodline aura had become immensely more powerful. In the face of this new and improved Tang Wulin, Yuanen Yehui definitely wasn't going to be taking things easy.

The Titan Giant Ape stomped its left foot into the ground, and it rose up into the air before descending from above while swinging its giant hammers downward one after the other.

The two hammers hadn't even fully descended yet, but two massive hammer projections were already plummeting from above. They were like a pair of giant substantial cannonballs, both of which were completely yellow, and had the same diameters as the giant hammers.

Is this her Air Cannon soul skill? 

Tang Wulin was quite startled by the ferocity of her attack, and at the same time, he came to realize just how much she'd held back for Xie Xie to have been able to defeat her.

Following the passage of the past three years, Yuanen Yehui's Air Cannon had become immensely powerful, and with the enhancements of her suit of one-word battle armor, the two Air Cannons were most likely more powerful than most soul cannon blasts!

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