Chapter 768: Vanished Without a Trace

Gu Yue had just informed him during that call that she was leaving, and now, Yun Ming was showing him a letter like this. All of the elation and bliss from the night before had completely disappeared, and he felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over his head.

The two most important women in his life had both left.

"This is all your fault! Na'er wouldn't have left if you hadn't broken her heart! If you don't find her, hmph!" Yun Ming harrumphed coldly, and the entire Sea God's Island seemed to have shuddered in the wake of his flaming wrath.

Tang Wulin gave himself a vicious slap to the face. He had been overwhelmed by emotions following Gu Yue's acceptance of his confession, which had led to him ignoring his little sister, and the realization that he'd driven her away filled his heart with pain.

However, even though that slap had left a bright red mark on his face, it also instantly calmed him down.

"You're Na'er's teacher, so you must be the master of the Sea God's Pavilion, right? Tang Wulin pays his respects to the pavilion master." He immediately extended a bow toward Yun Ming.

Yun Ming waved a hand in an impatient manner, and asked, "Where could Na'er be? Can you think of any places?"

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "I can't, unfortunately. It's been over three years since I was last here, so I don't know where she would go. Not only did Na'er leave, Gu Yue just called me and told me that she'd also left. I don't know whether their departures are related in any way, but I think our top priority now is to find them. We should search through every place where they possibly could've gone. Does Na'er have any friends on the Sea God's Island?"

Seeing as Tang Wulin had calmed down so quickly and hadn't completely lost his composure, Yun Ming's expression also eased slightly. "No. Na'er goes out very rarely, and she barely ever leaves the Sea God's Island without my wife and me in accompaniment, so she has no close friends. Otherwise, how could she have progressed so quickly in her cultivation at such a young age?"

Tang Wulin speculated, "I feel like their departures may have been related somehow. I have to ask my other friends to see if they know anything about Gu Yue. They're all members of Shrek's Seven Monsters, so perhaps they'll know something. Back when I was at the academy, I was always in the outer court, so I don't know much about the inner court; I'm sure they'll have more information than I do. On top of that, Gu Yue is the successor of the Spirit Pagoda, so perhaps she went to the Spirit Pagoda headquarters. I think I should go to their headquarters right away while my friends search for her elsewhere."

A peculiar look suddenly appeared on Yun Ming's face. "Did you know that Gu Yue took over as the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters for you? Due to her ties with the Spirit Pagoda, she couldn't become one of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, but she was adamant that you'd return, so she took over in your stead on a temporary basis."

Tang Wulin faltered upon hearing this. "I didn't know that. She..."

Yun Ming cut him off in a grim voice, "Let's not talk about this for now. We'll do as you say; you go to the Spirit Pagoda, and I'll deploy people from the academy to search for the two of them. We'll be able to track them down as long as they haven't left Shrek City yet. You'd better pray that we find them. Otherwise, I'll hold you accountable for all of this."

Tang Wulin merely nodded in response, His heart was filled with tumultuous emotions, so he had no spare capacity to worry about Yun Ming's fury.

He rushed away like a speeding arrow, and as he did so, he contacted his friends via soul communicator one after another. Thankfully, their numbers hadn't changed.

Xie Xie: "What? Gu Yue left? What happened, Captain? Ok, I see, no problem; you go search the Spirit Pagoda and leave the academy to us. You're right; the Spirit Pagoda is most likely where she is right now. She normally goes there a few times a month, and last time we went to the Spirit Ascension Plane to get new soul rings, the personnel at the Spirit Pagoda were referring to her in a very respectful manner, so she's most likely a very important figure there already."

Yuanen Yehui: "Alright, we'll search the academy; you go look for her there. Ever since you disappeared, Gu Yue has been acting very strangely; I'm really worried about her too."

Yue Zhengyu: "I'll go look for her in some of the restaurants we often visit."

Xu Xiaoyan: "I'll look for her at the places where we normally cultivate."

Ye Xinglan: "I'll search for her in the inner court; Lizhi is with me as well."

All of Tang Wulin's friends sprang into action while he rushed out of Shrek Academy, hailed a soul taxi, and set off for the Spirit Pagoda headquarters.

Not long after his departure, the entire Shrek Academy was spurred into action. All of the officials of Shrek City were notified of the situation and given photographs of Na'er and Gu Yue so they could also join in on the search.

With the Atlas Douluo's extremely lofty status, he was able to instantly recruit the assistance of the entire city to find the two women who had disappeared.

In reality, he didn't even bother to search for Na'er within the academy. With his powers, if he were to spread his spiritual power, he could easily sense everything within the entire academy and even the entirety of Shrek City.

However, he still found no traces of Na'er or even traces of her aura. It was as if she'd simply vanished off the face of this world.

Over at the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, Tang Wulin didn't receive any useful information. He couldn't find Gu Yue there, and he didn't belong to the Spirit Pagoda, so he had no access to any of their files and information. After that, the academy itself liaised with the Spirit Pagoda, only to be informed that Gu Yue hadn't visited the Spirit Pagoda for half a month already, so she naturally wasn't there now, either.

During the next three days, Tang Wulin and his friends searched through virtually every single corner of Shrek City, all to no avail.

Gu Yue had disappeared, as had Na'er, and there was no way to contact them.

Thus, Tang Wulin crashed down to earth from the peak of bliss and elation. After searching for three days without getting a single wink of sleep, he finally returned to Shrek Academy.

Instead of returning to the inner court, he returned to the dormitory for working students, which was already empty. There were no new students here, and everything was just as it had been prior to their departure to the Star Luo Continent.

He sat on the steps outside the dormitory building front door, and stared blankly into the distance. His perpetually bright eyes had completely dulled and were severely bloodshot.

Why did you leave? Why?! 

They were finally together, and she'd admitted that she loved him, yet now, she was gone. Only then did Tang Wulin realize the enormity of the issue that plagued her. In her heart, even the entire Shrek Academy couldn't stand against the ones who were posing a threat to her. Otherwise, why would she have left?

As for Na'er, Tang Wulin's heart was racked with guilt. He was feeling extremely guilty that he hadn't stayed with Na'er that night to soothe and comfort her. 

The combination of heartbreak and guilt made Tang Wulin feel as if he were enduring constant torment, and if anyone else were in his shoes, they would've most likely had a mental breakdown already. If it weren't for the resolve and mental fortitude he'd built up through so much adversity, he would've most likely been a broken man at this point as well.

Na'er left him when she was six, and she'd left him again at 16 years of age.

Where was Na'er? And where was Gu Yue? Why did they have to leave? Why couldn't they stay and face everything together with him? Why did they all have to leave him?

Tang Wulin suddenly missed his days back in the Dragon Valley. He was constantly laboring through one boring day after another, but at least his heart was placid and calm. Even though he missed them every single day, at least he wasn't in this much pain.

"Wulin." A gentle voice sounded beside him. Tang Wulin looked up to discover Dai Yun'er standing beside him. Behind her was the new couple, Long Yue and Xu Mi'er.

"I heard what happened. I don't know why she left, but seeing as you two love one another, then you should keep searching for her. Perhaps she'll come back one day," Dai Yun'er consoled.

Tang Wulin merely shook his head in response.

Xu Mi'er strode over to him, and said, "Get up! Don't be a coward. Let me ask you this; do you like her?"

Tang Wulin nodded without any hesitation. That was beyond doubt.

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