Chapter 767: They Left

Gu Yue sighed, "No matter how much you're unwilling to leave this life behind, you know that you have no essence, so you're destined to return to me or you'll fade into nothingness sooner or later. You said that I'll be a part of you and you'll be a part of me following your return. I'll open my entire being to you. If you're flawed, then we'll accept these flaws together. Perhaps everything will become different then."

The two transparent silver figures overlapped, and both Na'er and Gu Yue spread open their arms. The two figures slowly fused together, and Gu Yue's black eyes turned purple. Meanwhile, Na'er seemed to be quickly maturing at a rate that was discernible to the naked eye.

The two of them took on identical forms, bearing the appearance of a 19-year-old Dragon Spear Goddess, before silver light suddenly flashed, and they both disappeared on the spot.


Tang Wulin didn't know how long he'd slept for, but he hadn't slept this well in an extremely long time. It was an indescribable feeling.

"Gu Yue!" He suddenly recalled where he was, and even though he hadn't opened his eyes yet, a blissful expression had already appeared on his face. He inhaled her unique fragrance and opened his arms to find her. Nothing had happened the night before; he merely held her the entire night. It was a purely emotional experience, but now that morning had arrived, he was struck by a sense of scorching yearning in his heart. He didn't know what he should do, but his instincts could take over from here.

However, his probing hands fell flat, and he discovered that there was no one on the bed beside him. He could still clearly recall from the night before that Gu Yue's body had been very supple and completely devoid of excess fat. It gave him an indescribable sense of pleasure to hold her perfect body in his arms.

"Gu Yue," Tang Wulin called out again as he opened his eyes.

The sunlight spilled into the cabin through the window, basking his body in a warm and comfortable sensation. The entire wooden cabin was empty and very clean. There was a very large box of food that had been placed on the table.

Did she prepare breakfast for me?

Tang Wulin jumped down from the bed. Where was she? He made his way over to the table before removing the lid on the box, upon which he was immediately struck by a rich aroma.

Having tasted so much delicious food in the past, Tang Wulin was able to instantly identify that all of the food within this box had extremely high nutritional content.

"Wow, this is amazing! I haven't had Ruby Shrimp in a long time, and there's such a large plate of it here! It's great to be back! Only on the Douluo Continent can I find all of this delicious food."

The box was split up into six layers, each and every one of which were filled with extremely delicious and nutritious food. It was quite clear that all of this food had been prepared with a lot of effort and love.

Tang Wulin certainly wasn't going to hold back; he immediately dug in to this brilliant feast. Soon, all of the food had entered his stomach, and a delectable flavor lingered in his mouth as a warm and indescribably comfortable sensation spread through his entire body.

The energy from the food was reaching all of his extremities, and it was a wonderful feeling.

A full stomach is the best! But where's Gu Yue? Did she go to attend her lessons? Why is she still not back yet? 

Tang Wulin opened the door and strode out of the cabin. Outside the cabin was a small yard that was filled with lush greenery and teeming with vitality.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath before slowly exhaling, and he felt as if he were a new man.

"Where did she go? I guess I'll just wait for her in her cabin; surely that would be a better idea that wandering off to search for her aimlessly. She knows I'm here, so she should be back soon."

Thus, Tang Wulin returned to the room, yet just as he was about to go into meditation to await Gu Yue's return, a ringtone suddenly sounded from the bedside table.

He turned to discover a small soul communicator lying on the table.

Had Gu Yue left her communicator behind?

Tang Wulin picked up the communicator and hesitated momentarily before deciding to take the call.

"Hello, I'm Gu Yue's friend. She didn't take her soul communicator with her before she went out today; if you have a message you'd like me to pass on to her, I can relay it as soon as she gets back," Tang Wulin said in a very polite manner.

However, the person on the other side of the line remained silent.

"Hello? Can you hear me?" Tang Wulin asked.

The other side of the line still remained silent.

His brows furrowed slightly. "If you're not going to say anything, then I'm going to hang up!"

"Wulin." A strained voice finally sounded from the other side of the line.

For some reason, Tang Wulin's heart jolted upon hearing this voice, and a grim expression appeared on his face.

"Gu Yue? Is that you?" Tang Wulin asked.

"Yes," Gu Yue replied in a faint voice.

Tang Wulin asked, "Where are you?"

Gu Yue didn't answer his question. "Did you eat the food I left for you?"

"I did, and it was very delicious. Hurry back now; I've only just come back, and I still don't even know how to enter the inner court," Tang Wulin replied with a smile.

Gu Yue continued, "I'm sorry, Wulin."

"What happened?" Tang Wulin was only barely able to repress the sense of foreboding that had welled up in his heart.

"I'm leaving," Gu Yue finally replied after a long silence.

"Leaving? Where are you going?" Tang Wulin asked in an urgent manner.

Gu Yue was beginning to choke up. "I have to leave, both for you and myself. I'm sorry Wulin; goodbye."

The call was abruptly cut off at this point.

Tang Wulin was left completely rooted to the spot. He dialed the number that Gu Yue had called from in a panicked manner, but he was only greeted by the sound of static.

He called the number over and over again, but the same monotonous static greeted him each time.

She's gone? Where did she go? Where COULD she go? I have to go find her! 

Tang Wulin hurriedly rushed out of the cabin with the soul communicator in his hand. As soon as he emerged, an irresistible burst of immense power suddenly descended from above. Tang Wulin felt as if he'd crashed into an impregnable fortress, and his body was flung back violently before thudding heavily to the ground.

His strength was extremely fearsome, and even though he'd only just begun to accelerate, his momentum was still quite extraordinary. As such, the fact that he was flung back so easily was a testament to just how powerful the rebounding force he'd run into was.

A figure descended from the sky.

This was a handsome young man, but his handsome features were etched with fury. He waved a hand toward Tang Wulin, and the latter's body flew forward uncontrollably. He grabbed onto the front of Tang Wulin's top, and asked, "Where's Na'er? Where did she go?"

Yun Ming was always a picture of serenity, and it had been countless years since he'd last been angry, yet at this moment, he was completely furious.

"Na'er?" Tang Wulin was still reeling from the panic of Gu Yue's departure, and he was a little slack-jawed.

Yun Ming raised a hand before slapping a hand onto his head. An extremely frosty sensation immediately surged through his entire body, causing him to shudder as he returned to his senses.

"Na'er? What happened to Na'er?" he asked in an urgent voice.

Yun Ming had also calmed down at this point. It was unbefitting of a man of his status to be picking on an inner court disciple, so he released Tang Wulin before handing him a letter.

Tang Wulin accepted the letter and read through its contents, upon which he was completely rooted to the spot.


I'm sorry but I have to go. I don't want to part with you, I don't want to part with Mistress, and I don't want to part with the Sea God's Island, but I must go. Please don't be saddened by my departure; I have my own reasons for why I must leave, but I must tell you that I've always seen you as my family, just like my big brother and my parents. Please don't be sad; I'm fine, and there's no need to worry about me. After my departure, please look after my big brother for me. He's very exceptional, and if possible, I hope you'll be willing to take him as your disciple. Also, tell Big Brother that I'm fine, and just tell him that I've left to go find our parents.



The letter wasn't very long, but it told him one thing; Na'er had left! 

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