Chapter 766: Gu Yuena

Na'er sighed, "Back when we first made our bet, I chose to accept the bet as I knew that you were looking for an excuse to kill him without having it weigh on you mentally. I couldn't not accept the bet because at the time, you would've killed him without any hesitation, even if doing so would've cast a shadow over your heart. Do you regret your decision now?" Na'er asked.

Gu Yue faltered slightly upon hearing this. "Do I regret this? I don't know." Indeed, she really didn't know whether she regretted her decisions.

Na'er continued, "If you didn't want all of this to happen, then you shouldn't have chosen to integrate yourself into the human world from the very beginning. You made the right decision; only by gaining a greater understanding of humans can we find the best way to destroy them. As a result, we discovered that humans do have redeeming features. At the very least, their emotional range is something that we don't possess. Hence, I came into existence. In order to make yourself seem like a real human in your youth, you had to seal yourself away in order to truly integrate into human society. Thus, the human part of your soul was born. When you discovered that your human emotions were developing out of your control, it became impossible for you to forcibly get rid of me because that would inflict significant harm on yourself.

"All of this is closely related to my big brother. The warmth and love that he gave me allowed me to understand what human emotions were. In your desperation, you separated me from your body so I could become my own independent entity. However, I'm a part of you no matter what, and we're still a single being. Hence, you made a bet with me that my brother would fall in love with you and abandon me for you. If you win, you'll prove that all human emotions are fake, and I'll fuse back into you. If you lose, you told me that you'll allow me to be my own separate person forever. Unfortunately, I possess your intelligence, as well as human emotions, and it didn't take me long to realize that it was impossible for me to live out my life as a separate being. I take up 30% of your powers; if I'm allowed to live on as a separate being, you would no longer be you. Hence, there's no way you can discard me. If you'd lost, you would've killed my brother and forcibly fused me back into your body, isn't that right?"

Gu Yue's face paled slightly as she listened to Na'er's words.

"Gu Yue, I was willing to make this bet with you in the beginning because I knew that you didn't understand anything about human emotions. In your eyes, the relationship between my brother and me had to be romantic love, but you're wrong. In reality, the relationship between us is more so familial love. Perhaps I love him more than that, but he definitely only loves me as family. In contrast, his love toward you is romantic love rather than familial love. Those two different types of love are completely different, so in reality, he never abandoned me, and nor did he betray me, even though he chose you. I lost, but this is not the outcome you wanted, so it's really hard to say who actually lost here."

Gu Yue looked deep into her eyes. "Do you really think I didn't know what you were plotting?"

Na'er smiled. "Of course you knew. You're far too smart not to realize what I was up to. However, when you tried to distance yourself from my brother, that was an indirect admission that you'd already fallen for him. Unfortunately for you, love infiltrates the heart in an extremely subtle way. By the time you realize you've fallen in love, it's already too late because he already has a permanent spot in your heart. I know you've been trying to repress your feelings and deny yourself, but the more you do that, the deeper he takes root in your heart. Gu Yue, have you noticed that us soul beasts, including even beast gods, are too simplistic in our emotions? Regardless of how powerful you are or how immense your spiritual power is, there's no way you can withstand an assault from human emotions. It's not something you can see, but it truly exists."

A wry smile appeared on Gu Yue's face. "Do you really think that you'll be saving him by doing this?"

Na'er sighed, "At the very least, this will allow him to live longer. Once he becomes powerful enough, I'm sure no one will be able to kill him as long as you can't bring yourself to do so. Face your true feelings, Gu Yue. Hatred will only blind you from seeing what's truly important."

Gu Yue suddenly flared up with rage. "You really sound like a human right now."

Na'er smiled. "I've always been a human! At the very least, I've always thought of myself as a human. Hence, I don't want to see the destruction of the human race; I'd rather see everyone coexist in harmony. I love my big brother, I love my parents, I love a world with humans in it. You won, but you also lost. I sincerely hope that you'll have a happy ending with him."

Gu Yue's breathing suddenly began to accelerate. "Do you really think I can't work up the resolve to kill him?"

Na'er shook her head. "Of course you can't; you'll never be able to do it, even without my existence. Otherwise, why would you have waited until now? You've always been so decisive when it came to slaughter; when have you ever hesitated like this? When you hesitated for the first time, perhaps there was a chance that you still could've killed him. However, after you hesitated for the second time, for the third time, there's no way that you can bring yourself to kill him; you and I are both aware of this. After I fuse back into you, you will be me, and I will be you, but you'll be even more heavily impacted by human emotions, and that will only make it more difficult for you to strengthen your resolve. Just love him with all your heart; my big brother really is a very, very exceptional man. We don't know where his Golden Dragon King bloodline comes from, but even you have to admit that he's the only one in the human world worthy of us."

Gu Yue wore a completely defeated expression on her face. "The worst decision I've ever made was to make that bet with you. No, I should've never separated you from myself in the first place. At least I would've been able to gradually erase the effect human emotions have had on you. You lost, and I also lost. You're right; there's no way for me to kill him, so I can only leave him and hope that time and distance will make our feelings fade. Perhaps only then will I be able to kill him without even noticing it. Alternatively, perhaps he'll become powerful enough to kill me someday. You know that there's no way to mediate our conflict. This is a conflict between humans and soul beasts, as well as a conflict between gods and beast gods. There's no way for either him or me to resolve this conflict."

Na'er fell silent upon hearing this, and she was finally beginning to panic. "But if you and I both leave, he's going to be so sad."

Gu Yue shuddered in response. "That's still better than if I were to stay by his side, only for my minions to escape my control and kill him. I'm still far from undoing the seal on my own body. My core has already awakened, but you know just how powerful my subordinates are. There are some of them who should've even become beast gods long ago, and my current self is not powerful enough to completely subjugate them. Hence, I have to go."

Na'er bit down on her lower lip. "Perhaps you're right. You've really changed, Gu Yue; you've learned to think for the sake of others, especially for his sake. I understand now. You're leaving to give him more space to grow. You're hoping that he'll become so powerful one day that even you won't be able to kill him, but you know that's impossible. The Divine Realm had already ceased to exist, so he can never reach your level."

Gu Yue smiled. "You understand things on a surface level, but you don't truly understand. You don't know just how important a position he occupies in my heart, and you don't understand how much of me has become assimilated by humans. You're right; I regret my decision to integrate myself into the human world. However, I have to carry out my mission, but I don't want to hurt him, so let me face this conflict on my own. I don't know what I should do, but I have to keep forging ahead. Come back to me, Na'er. From this day forth, I'm no longer Gu Yue. My name will finally be complete again; I will be known as Gu Yuena!"

Specks of light began to shimmer, and Gu Yue's body suddenly took on a transparent silver color. A hexagram emerged beneath her feet, which conjured up an invisible barrier than enshrouded them within. 

If anyone were situated nearby, they'd discover that there were no energy fluctuations seeping out of that silver world whatsoever.

Na'er's body also took on a transparent silver hue. She made her way over to Gu Yue, but tears were already streaming down her face.

"I don't want to part with all of this! I don't want to part with the people around me, with Teacher, and with Big Brother!"

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