Chapter 764: Gu Yue, Do You Love Me?

However, Tang Wulin shook his head before turning to Gu Yue. "I don't need one minute; I only need to ask her a single question. Gu Yue, I've only loved one woman in this world, and it's you. Do you love me?"

He wanted to say countless things to her, but that was the only question he could muster up at this present moment. Perhaps just this one question was enough. All he needed was an answer, an answer that could make him cast aside all of his inhibitions.

He raised his right hand and flipped his palm over. Golden scales spread along his exposed wrist before covering his entire hand. Sharp golden claws appeared on the tips of his fingers, and he aimed those claws directly at his own head.

An indescribably powerful blood essence aura abruptly erupted from his own body, and in the instant that aura appeared, all Soul Masters present with dragon-type martial souls let loose muffled groans as their faces paled significantly. Even Long Yue was no exception to this.

How was this possible? How could his blood essence be so powerful?  

Long Yue wore a completely astonished look on his face. He had thought that after three years of arduous cultivation, he was on an entirely different level. Three years ago, Tang Wulin had been no match for him in a one-on-one battle, and even though he held a bloodline advantage, there was no way he'd be able to defeat him without Gu Yue's help.  

He had thought that following the passage of the last three years, he would've widened that gap even further. He'd become a two-word battle armor master, and if he were to fight with all his might, he could even pose a threat to a Titled Douluo.  

However, right after Tang Wulin had unleashed his bloodline aura, Long Yue was astonished to find that his own volatile bloodline power was struck by the powerful urge to concede. He felt as if all of his bloodline power would leave his body to kneel down at Tang Wulin's feet should he will it to be so.

Compared to three years ago, his bloodline aura had become countless times more powerful! How was this possible? How could anyone's bloodline aura be so ridiculously powerful?

"Big Brother, don't!" Na'er screamed, but she didn't dare to move a single inch. She could clearly see that Tang Wulin's golden dragon claws were mere millimeters from his head, and that he'd be able to take his own life in a split second.

"I need to know your answer; the true answer in your heart. Don't try to lie to me; I can sense the authenticity of your words through your eyes and your bloodline." Tang Wulin looked into Gu Yue's eyes with a scorching gaze.  

Gu Yue stared blankly at him, and tears no longer flowed from her eyes.

All of a sudden, it was as if her mental walls had been completely razed to the ground. She nodded over and over again with all her might as tears began to flow freely once again. She squatted down on her lotus leaf and threw her arms around her knees as she nodded, seemingly in an uncontrollable manner.

Tang Wulin smiled. It was a smile of immense pride. He stepped forward as he put down his right hand and reached her in a flash. He then wrenched her from her lotus leaf and dragged her into his arms.

A loud dragon's roar rang out, and a colossal creature appeared beneath Tang Wulin's feet, carrying both him and her into the air.

The gargantuan creature's thick and powerful hind legs were planted on the lakebed of the Sea God's Lake, yet even just the part of its body that was exposed out of the water was over 50 meters tall.

This was the massive Tyrant Dragon. However, it appeared to be an actual living creature more so than a soul spirit.

Its thick black scales, huge crimson eyes, and its terrifyingly gigantic body were all an indication of its unmatched power and status as the most powerful land dragon.

No matter how powerful Long Yue was, his Mountain Dragon King was only a martial soul, yet it was as if Tang Wulin had summoned a real Tyrant Dragon. Furthermore, it didn't seem to be an ordinary Tyrant Dragon, either. Illuminated by the lights radiating from the lake around it, there were faint hints of golden luster that could be seen on its inky-black scales.

Gu Yue had her face buried in Tang Wulin's shoulder as she held onto him with all her might. In the instant that Tang Wulin threatened to take his own life with his golden dragon claws, all of the mental walls she'd painstakingly built up during the past few years finally shattered. They were completely and utterly destroyed. She was no longer able to repress the emotions deep within her heart, and they erupted uncontrollably in the form of free-flowing tears.

How could she have possibly forgotten everything they'd been through and all of the intimate moments they'd shared? Whenever danger arose, he was always the first one to shield her with his own body without any hesitation. How could she forget about all that?

Her heart wasn't made of stone!

In the beginning, she may have approached him with ulterior motives in her heart, but as time passed, all of those impure motives gradually disappeared.

Even though she knew that she shouldn't do this, she didn't pay this any heed initially as she believed in her own ability to restrain and control herself. However, when she finally realized that everything was beginning to slip out of her control, it was too late.

Tang Wulin had already taken root in the deepest corner of her heart; how was she supposed to simply cut him out of her life?

In the instant that he'd taken off his mask during this Sea God Fate Match-making Convention, her emotions had almost immediately gotten the better of her. She was only able to barely repress her emotions after using up what seemed like all of her strength!

She knew that it was better for her to concede than to be with him. Otherwise, everything would be impacted by him.

Hence, she was unwilling to remove her veil this entire time, and she was even hoping that he would've moved on from her.

However, when he had delivered that confession, she knew that she was wrong. Tears began to flow down her face, but her heart was filled with joy.  

The final layer of inhibitions she'd set up for herself completely crumbled in the instant that he raised his golden dragon claws. In that moment, all she wanted to do was to hold him tight and melt into his arms, basking in the warm embrace that she'd so sorely missed during the past three years.

She wept with all her might, venting all of her internal conflict and frustration in an instant. She didn't want to think about anything else. For now, she just wanted to be his woman.

Tang Wulin held her in a tight hug, and his despairing heart abruptly returned to life. In the instant, that he saw her crying face, he knew that she still loved him, and that time hadn't managed to dilute their feelings in the slightest. She was just putting on a facade to try and hurt him. As for why she decided to put on that facade, was that really important?  

Dai Yun'er looked up with a blank expression at the two people caught in a tight embrace atop the giant dragon's head, and she suddenly felt like she was completely superfluous here. She didn't hate him at all. It was just as he had said; they simply met one another too late.

Na'er wasn't crying, and nor was she sad. She was smiling, and her smile was filled with joy and elation. No one knew what she was smiling about, and in any case, very few people even saw the smile on her face.

"Our second successful match has been made! We hope that Wulin and Gu Yue's love spans the next three lives, and that you may both live happily ever after "

It was now time for the challenge segment, and Long Yue had been raring to go, but for some reason, he simply couldn't bring himself to take the first step forward.

In the face of the massive Tyrant Dragon and the powerful bloodline aura emanating from Tang Wulin's body, he couldn't even muster up the urge to fight him.

Furthermore, wasn't this the outcome that he wanted to see? He hadn't accepted Yun'er's love, after all.

He reflexively glanced at Xu Mi'er, the overbearing and aggressive woman beside him, and he was surprised to find that tears were flowing down her face. She was looking up at the couple standing atop the Tyrant Dragon's head, and she'd been moved to the point of tears. In that instant, Long Yue felt as if his heartstring had been gently tugged on. This was a feeling that he'd never experienced before.  

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