Chapter 759: Are You an Idiot?

All of a sudden, Xie Xie vanished into thin air. His Light Dragon had simply disappeared into the night sky, as if it had become completely transparent.

Yuanen Yehui narrowed her eyes and spread open her wings as she hovered in mid-air. Specks of light began to appear all over her body, and much to everyone's surprise, she chose to summon her battle armor at this juncture.

A suit of vibrant dark purple armor appeared all over her entire body. Among all of her friends, her battle armor had been the most difficult to construct as it had to cater to two martial souls at once. As a result, her battle armor was actually slightly less powerful than those of her friends.

However, the suit of dark purple battle armor was extremely beautiful to behold, and it created a very alluring package in conjunction with her flowing red hair.

The headpiece of the suit of armor consisted of a circlet with a pair of hollow horns that fitted around her head. It didn't cover her entire head, but it appeared to be more flexible and less maladroit. Purple light swirled, forming a faint purple area in the air around her that appeared to be a domain, except it didn't cover as large an area as Long Yue's domain had.

Is that really a domain? Tang Wulin was quite surprised to see this, as were Long Yue and Dai Yun'er.

It was quite clear that Yuanen Yehui was being very cautious, which showed that she was taking her opponent very seriously. Xie Xie had also become more powerful, and not just by a little bit.

Right at this moment, an area within the domain of purple light suddenly rippled violently, and it was if something had cleaved directly through the domain like a paperknife.

Yuanen Yehui let loose a loud cry, and she abruptly turned around as her sword of darkness, which had already taken on a purple crystalline form, slashed through the air.

A crisp clang rang out, and a figure appeared out of thin air, but only for a single instant. During that split-second, he sliced through the surrounding purple domain and forced his way out, vanishing into the night once again.

Is Xie Xie able to conceal himself so well now that even Yuanen Yehui can only track him down using her domain? 

Yuanen Yehui had clearly escaped all injury in the face of his sneak attack, but she was still proceeding with extreme caution. She didn't unleash any additional soul skills, and she simply seemed to be waiting.

Right at this moment, another disturbance appeared within the purple domain. If one figurative paperknife had sliced through it earlier, then in this instant, there were three paperknives cleaving their way through the domain all at once. Three golden figures emerged in unison, and six sharp streaks of light sliced into the purple domain from six different directions.

At the same time, Yuanen Yehui's fifth soul ring suddenly lit up, and dazzling light erupted from her suit of purple battle armor. She seemed to have been waiting for this attack as well.

A pair of horns appeared on her forehead, slotting themselves directly into the hollow horns on the circlet around her head. This was most likely why her battle armor didn't have a proper visor.

Her body then instantly swelled to around three meters tall, and a purple wheel of light appeared behind her. A massive eye emerged at the center of the wheel of light, and the purple domain around her abruptly expanded from around 30 meters in diameter to over 100 meters. A massive purple eye also appeared in the air above, and a huge pillar of purple light descended from the heavens, encompassing an area with a diameter of around 30 meters.

Six blade projections hurtled into the purple light, and they instantly encountered an enormous obstructive force, but they still continued onward in a resolute and determined manner. Loud dragon's roars rang out, and a connection suddenly appeared between the six blade projections as they intertwined with one another, forming a golden tornado that surged through the air, crashing into the purple pillar of light.


A violent explosion erupted, sending powerful ripples churning through the Sea God's Lake, but most of the light rose straight up into the air.

Countless blade projections danced high up in the sky as terrifying energy fluctuations erupted relentlessly. The pillar of light erupting from the purple eyes seemed to be capable of devouring everything, and the tornado gradually began to shrank, looking as if it could only barely hold itself together.

Right at this moment, the tornado constructed from the six blade projections suddenly combined as one, and a figure emerged as a result. It was none other than Xie Xie.

He had donned a suit of grey battle armor, and his entire body was barely visible. Immediately thereafter, another identical figure emerged behind him, and this one was wearing a golden suit of battle armor. The two figures slowly combined, and the fifth soul ring beneath Xie Xie's feet abruptly lit up.

"Twin Dragon Transformation!" Xie Xie roared.

The two figures abruptly overlapped, and a dagger that was around half a foot longer than the Light Dragon Dagger and the Shadow Dragon Dagger from earlier appeared in his right hand. Half of the dagger's long blade was golden in color, while the other half was a translucent grey, creating a rather peculiar sight to behold. Two shimmering dragon projections revolved around his body, and regardless of how ferociously the purple pillar of light crashed down onto him from up above, the purple light was sliced apart before it could make contact with his body. He was as resolute as an immovable rock in a turbulent sea.

The two-colored dagger in his hand slashed through the air, and the purple light was sliced through with ease. At this moment, Xie Xie's battle armor had also taken two colors at once.

Yuanen Yehui looked on with a surprised expression as Xie Xie's dagger rapidly approached her. A faint smile then appeared on her face.

In that instant, all of the purple light around her faded, and her body returned to its original form.

Two dragon projections were revolving around her body while Xie Xie's dagger was positioned before her.

"I lost." Yuanen Yehui stared at him with an intense gaze.

"You didn't use your full power," Xie Xie seemed to be in a trance as he murmured, "Your Demonic Eye should be more powerful than this, and you didn't use any of the powers of your Titan Giant Ape throughout this entire battle."

Yuanen Yehui gave a completely unrelated response. "You've refrained from telling me what your fifth soul skill is this entire time; were you waiting for this day?"

Xie Xie nodded without any hesitation. Indeed, he had been waiting for this day to arrive, and he'd shed so much blood, sweat, and tears during his preparation.

Through his tireless toil and hard work, he finally devised the Twin Dragon Transformation, which allowed him to combine his two martial souls as one to form a single soul skill.

This wasn't a true soul fusion skill, but it was extremely close. He had derived inspiration from Wu Siduo's Hell White Tiger, and with the assistance of the master of the Agility Hall, Liang Xiaoyu, he was finally able to find this path that belonged to him.

He knew that it would be far too difficult for him to defeat Yuanen Yehui as he currently was, so he had to adopt some special tactics to improve himself, and all of his efforts had finally come into fruition at this moment.

His Twin Dragon Transformation could fuse his two martial souls into one, and even though it couldn't combine the power of both martial souls, it could combine their abilities. In addition to the enhancement effect he received from his suit of battle armor, his Twin Dragon Transformation was able to elevate his explosive power to an extremely fearsome degree, albeit only for a very short time.

He was naturally aware that Yuanen Yehui would use her Demonic Eye to combat his Dual Dragon Combination Attack, and that was the opportunity he'd been waiting for to use his Twin Dragon Transformation.

In reality, if Yuanen Yehui were to use her Titan Giant Ape martial soul, it would be very difficult for him to defeat her, even with this new soul skill. The Titan Giant Ape was far too powerful and defensively adept, so Xie Xie wasn't confident at all in his ability to defeat it.

He had made countless preparations for today, and he'd ascertained well in advance that the Fallen Angel martial soul was more suited for battle above the Sea God's Lake due to its ability to fly. Countless minute factors had been taken into account by him, yet everything had been far simpler than he'd anticipated. The Demonic Eye wasn't as powerful as he'd imagined. In other words, Yuanen Yehui had clearly held back.

It was vanquished by his Twin Dragon Transformation with ease, and even if he hadn't used that soul skill, his Dual Dragon Combination Attack would've most likely been enough to defeat her as well.

After so much effort and preparation, victory had been attained far too easily, and Xie Xie was in complete disbelief.

"Are you an idiot?" In the face of Xie Xie's questions, Yuanen Yehui simply rolled her eyes at him.

At the same time, she reached out and grabbed onto his shoulder to keep him aloft after the effects of his soul skills had worn off.

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