Chapter 757: Getting Hard Sold

An inky-black figure then abruptly appeared diagonally behind him, following which a streak of dazzling light fell from the sky. This was a massive saber that was over six meters long and around one and a half meters wide. The saber was shimmering with piercing dark purple light, and it crashed directly down onto Long Yue's shoulder.

A sharp screeching sound erupted, and despite Long Yue's thick scales and the Mountain and Rivers soul skill he'd used to bolster his defenses, the high-frequency vibrating giant blade was still able to tear through his scales. The enormous power from the attack sent Long Yue plummeting straight down from above.

A light barrier had already been conjured up above the Sea God's Lake, and it repelled Long Yue's mountainous body away like a bouncy pad.

Four pillars of light then shot forth from the black mecha's shoulder's, and four massive balls of light struck Long Yue's back in a vicious manner.

A violent explosion erupted alongside a thunderous roar of fury from Long Yue, and his sixth soul ring abruptly lit up.

In that instant, the entire sky turned red, following which Long Yue's body began to swell even further.

He was already extremely massive to begin with, yet after unleashing his sixth soul skill, his body expanded to over 50 meters in size.

The massive gash on his shoulder was very apparent, and his back had been entirely charred black, but the effect of his sixth soul skill ensured that the damage dealt to his body was kept to a minimum.

Immediately thereafter, Long Yue's seventh soul ring lit up.

Sixth soul skill, Mountain Dragon King's Fury; seventh soul skill, Martial Soul True Body.

Long Yue had transformed into a giant dragon that was over 50 meters in length with incredibly thick scales all over his entire body, and the soul power fluctuations emanating from him were making the entire space tremor.

He hadn't summoned his battle armor, but in that instant, the aura emanating from his body struck even the Titled Douluos present with a slight sense of oppressive pressure.

The black mecha rose up into the air and continued to bombard Long Yue with a relentless downpour of attacks.

Right at this moment, Long Yue raised his front right paw before slamming it into thin air. Incredibly violent force erupted in an instant, causing the air to warp significantly before an immense burst of gravity appeared in mid-air.

Xu Mi'er suddenly felt her black mecha become extremely heavy, and it instantly began to plummet toward the Mountain Dragon King like a shooting star.

A layer of silver light suddenly surfaced around the black mecha, and layers of spatial fluctuations appeared in mid-air, thereby allowing the black mecha to resist the effects of the additional gravitational force.

"Roar!" The Mountain Dragon King threw his head back and let loose a roar of fury. He slammed his front right paw into the air again, and the entire space warped and twisted drastically, following which the silver light was instantly shattered.

Xu Mi'er's expression changed slightly as she sat within her black mecha. This was the power of a domain!

The immense pressure from the outside world was transmitted into the mecha's interior, and the massive saber reappeared in its hand. The giant blade was then slashed through the air, forcibly opening up a rift in the domain. Silver light flashed again, and the mecha reappeared at a higher altitude.

The Mountain Dragon King raised his head, and he suddenly arched his back upward, upon which a tall mountain instantly appeared on his back before instantly spearing into the air above.

The mountain continued to expand in mid-air, and in the blink of an eye, a colossal mountain that was several hundred meters tall and several kilometers in radius crashed down toward the black mecha.

Mountainous Oppression!

This was an ultra-powerful soul skill that Long Yue could only use after adopting his martial soul true body.

The entire mountain was emanating earthy yellow light, and in the instant that it appeared, Tang Wulin felt his core temperature rise slightly. His Mountain Dragon King torso bone was displaying a reaction to this soul skill!

The gravity was so powerful at this point that the entire space had become twisted, and Xu Mi'er was unable to use her mecha's teleportation ability anymore. Furthermore, she discovered, much to her surprise, that as her mecha was encompassed beneath the scope of the giant mountain, it had become extremely slow and sluggish, so she could only look on as the massive mountain crashed directly down toward her from above.

"Hmph!" After letting loose an enraged harrumph, one of the cannon barrels on the arms of her mecha slowly raised itself upward, and light was beginning to shimmer within it. Xu Mi'er was about to use her trump card!

Due to the fact that she'd spent so much of her time researching soul tools, around 70% of her combat prowess stemmed from these soul tools of hers. As for her soul skills and martial soul, she only really ever used her teleportation skill, which was extremely vital. The rest of her soul skills were all used to boost her soul power. As such, she had an even greater wealth of soul power than Long Yue. It was just that the caliber of his Mountain Dragon King martial soul was far too high, and it was simply too powerful for her black mecha to oppose.

As such, if Xu Mi'er wanted to defeat Long Yue, then she had to use her trump card; her soul missiles.

In terms of research into soul bombs, Xu Mi'er was most definitely an expert.

"That's enough!" A low voice rang out in the air.

A burst of white light then appeared out of thin air, and Xu Mi'er's body was completely immobilized, rendering her unable to unleash her soul missile.

On the other side, a rift appeared beneath the underside of the giant mountain, and the immense oppressive power was completely devoured by the rift alongside the mountain itself. At the same time, Long Yue's mountainous body shuddered, and an instinctive sense of fear welled up in his soul, forcing him to withdraw his martial soul true body completely out of his control. As such, he quickly reverted back to his original form.

"Mi'er has lost this battle," Atlas Douluo Yun Ming announced, "Your soul missiles are indeed capable of turning the tables, but if you want to defeat him, you'll have to be prepared to take yourself down with him. On top of that, Long Yue still hasn't even summoned his battle armor, so even if you fight him to the death, you'll be the only one who ends up dead; he'll only be severely wounded at most. Hence, victory goes to Long Yue."

Yun Ming's judgment was completely fair, and both Long Yue and Xu Mi'er accepted this outcome as they returned to the surface of the Sea God's Lake.

Xu Mi'er withdrew her black mecha, and her expression appeared to be completely unchanged, but there seemed to be a hint of extra emotion in her eyes as she looked at Long Yue.

Long Yue was in a much more disheveled state compared to her. There were injuries on both his back and his shoulder, and even though they quickly healed, all of the clothes on his upper body had disappeared, revealing a musclebound physique.

"Thank you for the battle," Long Yue said to Xu Mi'er with a grim look on his face. He didn't think that his victory was assured, and there was a reason behind why he hadn't used his battle armor.

As his cultivation rank had progressed, he was finding it more and more difficult to control his own emotions. As such, he didn't dare to fight with all his might in his battles as that could easily result in catastrophic circumstances that he'd regret for the rest of his life.

Hence, he wasn't not using his battle armor because he didn't want to; he was afraid that he'd go insane. In the instant that Xu Mi'er was preparing to use her soul missiles, he'd been struck by a bone-chilling sensation. Those soul missiles were undoubtedly extremely powerful, and Xu Mi'er had more than one of them! Those were weapons of mass destruction!

Xu Mi'er drifted over to Long Yue atop her lotus leaf and said in a concise manner, "You win; I choose you."

Long Yue nodded in response. It was impossible to draw a connection between the young woman approaching him and that devastating black mecha.

Xu Mi'er stood beside Long Yue, looking very calm and collected, and everyone reflexively heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, many of the participants were appraising Long Yue with sly looks of pleasure on their faces. If this violent woman really were to end up with Long Yue, then his happy days were most likely over.

Long Yue was also feeling rather concerned. After facing Xu Mi'er in battle, he finally understood why none of the male participants wanted to fight her. She was going to blast soul missiles at him, for god's sake!

Xu Mi'er glanced at Long Yue, and threatened, "You can't choose anyone now that you've chosen me. Otherwise, I'll blast you to death."

Long Yue's lips twitched upon hearing this. What the hell was this situation? "YOU chose ME!"

Xu Mi'er replied, "It's all the same."

Long Yue was rendered completely speechless. Had he just been hard sold?

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