Chapter 756: Long Yue VS Xu Mi'er

Long Yue smiled, and said, "Alright, then let's do this. Let's rise up into the air first." He abruptly hovered upward as he spoke, and during the process, his body began to rapidly expand while a series of dazzling soul rings emerged from beneath his feet.

Xu Mi'er wasn't backing down in the slightest as she also rose up into the air.

All of the male and female participants were struck by a farcical feeling upon seeing this. Were these two really here for the match-making convention? Why did it feel like they were sworn enemies settling their differences instead? The final segment hadn't even begun, and they were already fighting one another!

Long Yue's soul ring configuration was extremely astonishing as most of them were black, and they almost blended into the night sky had it not been for the faint light emanating from them. As his entire body began to swell in size, his aura was also climbing at a rapid rate.

Tang Wulin stood on the surface of the lake down below, and he was quite stunned by the soul power fluctuations emanating from Long Yue's body. He had become even more powerful than he'd been over three years ago. At present, he was 24 years old at most, and it was truly astonishing that he'd managed to become so immensely powerful at such a young age.

Long Yue's body quickly swelled to 10 meters tall, and an aura of unmatched power was proliferating from his entire body. Thick and heavy earthy yellow scales began to appear all over his skin, and a massive tail also began to elongate from behind him. His mountainous aura was extremely intimidating, even in mid-air.

On the boat.

Yun Ming nodded, and mused, "That should be the Mountain Dragon King martial soul. I can sense an extremely powerful bloodline aura coming from it. Due to the abundance of indigenous inhabitants in the Star Luo Empire, the bloodline powers of their people are predominantly superior to those of Soul Masters on Douluo Continent. There are very few Soul Masters capable of activating the powers imbued within their bloodlines on our side. However, the issue plaguing him is very apparent, which is that due to his immense bloodline powers, the synergy between his spiritual power and his martial soul is rather lackluster. Compared to other Soul Masters of his cultivation rank, he'd most likely have inferior control over his own power. Even so, it's quite extraordinary that this Long Yue was able to reach such a high cultivation rank at such a young age. He would've indeed been the most powerful Soul Master to have competed in the Continental Young Elites Tournaments over three years ago. You made a very correct judgment call, Mei'er."

Elder Cai turned to Yun Ming and gave him a slight nod. Following the return of the Shrek Academy team, she had insisted on getting Gu Yue and the others to become Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

Whether Tang Wulin and the others were powerful or not was quite apparent from the caliber of the opponents they'd defeated. The more powerful Long Yue was, the greater the testament to the abilities of Tang Wulin and the others as they'd managed to defeat Long Yue's team.

"This Long Yue is indeed progressing very quickly, but there's a flaw in his martial soul; he loses control if he fights at his full strength, and in worst-case scenarios, he could even be driven insane in battle. He came here as an exchange student on this occasion as he hopes to be able to find a solution to this problem here," Elder Cai said.

Yun Ming nodded in response. "It's not that easy to bear the bloodline and martial soul of one of the nine dragon kings. I'll see if we can help him in some way."

At this moment, Long Yue and Xu Mi'er had both already risen up into the air. In contrast with Long Yue, Xu Mi'er's body hadn't expanded by much, but an inky-black mecha had appeared behind her.

Due to the completely black color scheme of the mecha, it would've been quite easy for everyone to lose sight of its existence in the night sky had it not been for the lights radiating from the Sea God's Lake down below.

Even Long Yue's eyelids twitched involuntarily at the sight of this mecha. Just how violent was this woman for her to make a mecha like this!

Xu Mi'er's black mecha did indeed possess a very harrowing appearance. It was around 10 meters tall, and that was already considered to be quite enormous for black mechas.

Generally speaking, the more power the mecha, the smaller it was as this allowed for increased agility, and the mecha would also be carrying sufficient energy sources to power itself.

Furthermore, this black mecha appearance was also quite unique in that even though it was around 10 meters tall, it still appeared to be very bulky and was not slim nor streamlined in the slightest.

On each of the two shoulders of the mecha were two soul cannons in excess of a 200 millimeter caliber. Aside from that, there was a series of massive soul cannons situated on every part of its body, including its limbs, its torso, and even on its back. What was even more terrifying was that there was a series of relatively smaller jet-burners running along its arms.

As the undisputed number one prodigy of Monster Academy, Long Yue was obviously immediately able to identify those jet-burners as soul missiles!

Soul missiles had been the most fearsome soul tools in existence even 10,000 years ago, and following the passage of these past 10,000 years, soul missiles had already developed into weapons of mass destruction. They were not permitted to appear in public, and even in the military, they were kept under strict control.

However, Shrek Academy was undoubtedly an exception to this. It was extremely commonplace to see soul missiles here as they were being used for research purposes. However, Long Yue was currently battling someone with soul missiles at their disposal.

Long Yue didn't doubt even for a single second that these jet-burners were loaded as he could already see the tips of the missiles within them.

This wasn't a mecha anymore; it was a weapon of slaughter! It most likely required a vast amount of expenditure just to power this thing, and that wasn't even taking into account the costs required to purchase those soul missiles and to construct this mecha itself. If those costs were included, then the production cost for this mecha would most likely be comparable to three times that of a normal black mecha.

This woman had such apparent and strong violent tendencies that even Long Yue felt a chill running down his spine.

Xu Mi'er made a hand gesture toward him in a disdainful manner, following which her body flashed, and she instantly fused as one with her black mecha as a streak of light.

Xu Mi'er was also a seven-ring Soul Sage, but she was only a one-word battle armor master. This was because she spent the vast majority of her time and effort researching and improving her mecha. She had a full-blown obsession with all types of soul tools, and whenever she encountered a powerful soul tool that caught her eye, she would do everything she could to install it onto her black mecha.

A grim expression appeared on Long Yue's face, and he made a grabbing motion with his right hand, summoning a heavy long spear amid a flash of yellow light. The fact that he was summoning his weapon right away indicated that he was taking this battle very seriously.

"Look out now." Xu Mi'er's cold words rang out in the form of an electronic voice. Immediately thereafter, the black mecha sprang into action.

It didn't appear to have done anything other than raise its hand, and a burst of powerful light was sent hurtling directly toward Long Yue.

Long Yue had always fought fire with fire during battles, so he swung his spear through the air to send forth a burst of powerful yellow light.

"Boom!" A violent explosion erupted in mid-air, sending countless streaks of light erupting toward all directions. All of the outer court disciples down below looked on with awestruck and entranced expressions.

Long Yue stood motionlessly in mid-air like an immovable mountain. However, the black mecha began to move like lightning. The entire mecha swayed gently, striking onlookers with an illusionary sensation, immediately following which streaks of light shot forth from the mecha toward Long Yue in a relentless barrage.

Long Yue wielded his spear to defend himself against the torrential downpour of soul cannon blasts and soul lasers. In the air above, loud rumbling booms rang out like explosive thunderclaps as one burst of light exploded on Long Yue's body after another.

Long Yue's first soul ring had already lit up, indicating that he'd unleashed his Mountains and Rivers soul skill that made his body as stalwart as a mountain. Meanwhile, his spear had been imbued with the Flowing Water soul skill, sending massive waves of water crashing relentlessly toward the black mecha.

However, the black mecha was able to display startling agility that completely belied its bulky frame, and it was able to complete all types of evasive maneuvers under Xu Mi'er's expert control. As such, only her attacks were able to strike Long Yue, but Long Yue wasn't even able to touch her black mecha.

Long Yue couldn't help but internally praise her exemplary mecha manipulation techniques. At the same time, a wry smile appeared on his face as he was certainly not having a good time withstanding all those soul lasers and soul cannon blasts. His defenses were immensely powerful, but Xu Mi'er's attacks were astonishingly ferocious, to the extent that he was having to draw upon his soul power to defend himself against them.

He couldn't allow things to continue like this!

Long Yue pointed his spear forward, and another one of his soul rings lit up.


All of a sudden, a patch of space in mid-air suddenly became murky and viscous. Even though that was only an invisible swamp created by energy, it was no different from a real swamp.

Long Yue's timing was perfect, and he'd summoned the swamp right at a patch of space that the black mecha had to pass through while unleashing one of its evasive maneuvers. As such, it was as if Xu Mi'er's black mecha had crashed into a giant net, and it immediately became quite slow and sluggish.

Countless streams of flowing water surged forth from all directions, all of which crashed toward the black mecha like rivers and lakes and converging toward the sea.

Long Yue had already honed the synergy between his soul skills to an extraordinarily exemplary extent, and he was not giving Xu Mi'er any chances. 

However, much to his surprise, Xu Mi'er's black mecha suddenly vanished into thin air amid a flash of silver light, and all of the powerful waves of water he'd summon simply struck empty space.

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