Chapter 753: The Goddess' Choice

The Dragon Spear Goddess didn't just possess a beautiful outward appearance. Instead, her beauty stemmed from her looks, her disposition, and those gentle eyes that were rippling like water. If she had to be described using one word, then "flawless" would be the most apt description.

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon seeing her, and even he had been momentarily stunned by her beauty. With all of the lights around her complementing her stunning beauty, she really did look like a goddess who had descended from the divine realm. She wore a wide smile on her face, and she stuck out her tongue at Tang Wulin in a cheeky manner.

For a normal person, it would be quite difficult to ascertain one's facial expression from 100 meters away, but for Tang Wulin, her cheeky display was as clear as day.

Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng were also momentarily stunned before the latter said, "Junior Disciple Sister Na'er, I thought the rumors being spread were nothing more than baseless rumors, but you really did come! You haven't even turned 18 yet!"

Na'er smiled, and replied, "According to the laws of the Douluo Continent, adulthood begins as 16 years of age, so why can't I come here? I've received special permission from the teachers for this."

Tang Yinmeng chuckled, "Alright, your presence certainly makes this Sea God Fate Match-making Convention a lot more exciting than it already is, Na'er. Are you really going to choose someone though? You have to consider carefully."

Na'er nodded in response without any hesitation, and a stunned look immediately appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he cast his gaze around him in an enraged manner.

Who was it? Who had Na'er set her sights on? She was his precious little sister! 

A vicious look appeared on his face as he looked around him, but no one paid any heed to his probing gaze. Even Dragon King Long Yue had been completely drawn to the stunning Na'er, so all of the male participants were far too busy looking at her to pay any attention to Tang Wulin.

Na'er's presence immediately made the other female disciples present pale in comparison, and frustrated expressions had already appeared on some of their faces. With Na'er present, the entire dynamic of the match-making convention was completley different now.

Lan Muzi continued, "In order to make things fair for all of the other celestial maidens, we'll get Junior Disciple Sister Na'er to choose the man of her desires first in this fourth segment. We all really want to know which lucky man has caught your eye."

All of the female participants heaved faint sighs of relief upon hearing this, while their male counterparts immediately became quite nervous. Over 90% of them puffed out their chests in an instant. If one of them could be chosen by the Dragon Spear Goddess, then that would be the most fortunate thing to have ever happened to them!

In contrast, all of the female participants were quite relieved as after she made her choice, all of the other male participants would give up on her, so the impact of her participation in this event would be reduced to a minimum.

Na'er nodded, and agree, "Alright, then I'll go first."

Lan Muzi made a hand gesture for her to proceed. "We'll invite Junior Disciple Sister Na'er to approach the man of her desires. I'm sure the heart rates of all of our male participants have already spiked through the roof!"

Na'er smiled, and silver light flashed from her body as the lotus leaf beneath her feet drifted forward, taking her toward the male participants up ahead.

Tang Wulin could clearly hear the breathing of the male participants around him accelerating at a rapid rate. It was undoubtedly the case that all of the men were in a state of extreme excitement and anticipation.

The lotus leaf drifted closer and closer, and Na'er wore a faint smile on her face the entire time. As she drew closer, the effect that her breathtaking features had on the inner court male disciples became even more pronounced, and all of them were completely entranced. If a man could make her his wife, then they'd have nothing else to wish for!

Choose me! Choose me! Almost all of them were screaming internally.

She's coming closer! 

100 meters, 80 meters, 50 meters, 30 meters...

At this point, all of the male participants were drawing short and sharp breaths. One man was unable to hold back any longer, and he released his martial soul as a series of soul rings emerged beneath his feet as a display of his powers. Immediately thereafter, over half of all of the male participants summoned their soul rings, putting on a dazzling display over the surface of the Sea God's Lake.

On the boat.

"Does Na'er really have someone she likes?" Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue asked in a surprised manner as she turned to the master of the Sea God's Pavilion, Yun Ming.

Yun Ming was also quite taken aback by all of this. "I've never heard her say anything about this! She sure hid it quite well. I don't see anyone here who's worthy of my disciple, though."

Long Yeyue chuckled, "Are you unwilling to let her go? When a girl comes of age, it's inevitable that she'll marry herself off. Then again, it really is a little early; can't she at least wait until she turns 18?"

Yun Ming's brows were slightly furrowed. In his heart, Na'er was like a daughter to him. The fact that she had set her sights on a man had him feeling both shocked and also rather indignant.

Holy Spirit Douluo Yali gently squeezed his hand and smiled as she whispered to him, "Na'er is a very smart girl, so the man she's fallen for must be very special. Let's just watch and let her make her decision."

10 meters! She was only 10 meters away, and the male participant who was situated closest to Na'er already had his eyes opened wide with excitement.

The feeling of watching such a breathtaking celestial maiden slowly drifting toward him was far too stimulating.

Tang Wulin had killing intent pouring out of his eyes, and his fists were tightly clenched as he glowered at that man. If Na'er wanted to be with him, then he was going to immediately challenge that man to a battle. If he couldn't even beat him, then how was he going to protect Na'er? It was said that direct challenges were allowed during the final segment of the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention, so whomever Na'er chose would have to face him in battle!

Right at this moment, the lotus leaf beneath Na'er's feet suddenly changed directions, circling around in a graceful arc before drifting toward Tang Wulin's direction.

No, to put it more accurately, she was drifting toward Long Yue's direction.

Long Yue shuddered upon seeing this. He had never paid too much attention to members of the opposite sex, and even though he'd chosen Dai Yun'er, that was only because in his heart, only a woman of Dai Yun'er's beauty and status was a match for him.

However, Na'er outstripped Dai Yun'er and all of the other female participants in both appearance and disposition, and the sight of her slowly approaching him was making his heart thump in an erratic arrhythmic manner. He was suddenly struck by the feeling that this was love at first sight. He had never had a girlfriend in his entire life; could it be that he'd been waiting for this moment this entire time?

Just as these thoughts were racing through his mind, Na'er continued to draw closer and closer to him.

Tang Wulin's eyes widened with alarm. 

No, Na'er, you can't choose him! He's from the Star Luo Empire! He... 

Tang Wulin wanted nothing more than to strangle Long Yue to death.

All of the outer court disciples on the shore had already erupted into a frenzy. It would be an unacceptable outcome if their Dragon Spear Goddess were to choose an exchange student from the Star Luo Empire as her partner.

The lotus leaf beneath Na'ers' feet decelerated a little, and she glanced at Tang Wulin to find him staring at her with wide eyes while his hands were clenched into tight fists. She then looked at Long Yue's scorching gaze, and she couldn't help but cover her mouth as she burst into laughter.

Silver light flashed, the lotus leaf sped up again. Around three meters away from Long Yue, it swerved away in a graceful manner again before arriving beside Tang Wulin. Her lotus leaf came into contact with Tang Wulin's lotus leaf, and she raised her head before sticking her tongue out at him in a cheeky manner.

Long Yue was rooted to the spot, all of the male participants were rooted to the spot, and Tang Wulin himself was also rooted to the spot.

All of the commotion from the shore instantly died down at this moment.

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