Chapter 745: Boy Number 51's Face Reveal

The female disciples remained completely unmoved. Xu Lizhi's rotund face twitched, and a hint of dejection flashed through his eyes.

If he were at any other Soul Master academy, he would definitely be considered an extraordinary talent as a food-type Soul Master who was able to also become a one-word battle armor master. However, this was Shrek Academy, an academy that prided itself on taking in only freakish talents. He was a food-type Soul Master, and his appearance was well below average due to his portly figure, so it was very difficult for him to receive any attention from members of the opposite sex.

Right at this moment, a light was suddenly switched on.

A shocked expression appeared on Xu Lizhi's face as he cast his gaze toward that direction, and he discovered that Ye Xinglan was standing above the lit light in her inner court uniform.

Ye Xinglan was a stunning beauty as well, but she never paid any heed to her own appearance. She was constantly engaged in arduous cultivation and doing everything she could to improve her own swordsmanship. As such, she attracted far less attention than the likes of Xu Xiaoyan and Yuanen Yehui.

However, in the instant that she switched on her light for him, Xu Lizhi felt a rush of blood surge into his head.

At the same time, three more lights were switched. They belonged to Yuanen Yehui, Xu Xiaoyan, and Girl Number 17, who still had her veil on. 

Boy Number 51, who was standing in the front row, almost instantly cast his gaze toward Girl Number 17, and a hint of emotion flashed through his eyes.

In contrast, the excitement in Xu Lizhi's eyes gradually faded as he suddenly realized that only his friends had switched on their lights for him, so they'd most likely done so out of pity. A wry smile appeared on Xu Lizhi's face as this realization dawned on him.

"Alright, four of our celestial maidens have switched on their lights for Boy Number 32. Let's continue..."

One male disciple after another was thrust under the limelight, and all of them received different results. The male participants with exceptional looks and powers naturally had a greater chance of escaping elimination.

Finally, it was time for the second-to-last male participant again, and Long Yue of Monster Academy took the stage.

"Please switch on your lights for Boy Number 50," Lan Muzi announced as he took a meaningful look at Long Yue's hulking figure.

Not a single light was switched on. All of the female participants simply stood on the spot with indifferent expressions.

Long Yue didn't have any hair, but he certainly wasn't ugly. He was a hulking mountain of a man, and his power certainly matched his burly stature. At just 23 years of age, he was already a seven-ring Soul Sage. This was not exactly unprecedented, but it was most definitely an extraordinary feat. At the very least, there was no one in the inner court of Shrek Academy at the same age as him that could match his cultivation rank.

However, despite how exceptional he was, not a single woman switched on their light for him.

"Let me remind everyone again; if no one switches on their light for him, then he'll be eliminated, which means he won't be able to participate in the rest of this match-making convention. Please think carefully, celestial maidens, as your decisions will determine whether he stays or leaves," Tang Yinmeng urged once again. However, there was still not a single female participant who was willing to switch on their light for him, simply because he came from the Star Luo Empire and was an exchange student.

In reality, Shrek Academy wasn't a xenophobic place, but footage of the battle between Tang Wulin's team and the Monster Academy team had been viewed by virtually everyone in the inner court. That battle had been immortalized as a legend, and it was the main reason why Tang Wulin and his friends were able to become Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

As a result, Long Yue had left an extremely strong negative impression in everyone's hearts as he'd almost killed Tang Wulin during this battle.

"At the same time, I must remind some of you that you still haven't switched on your lights for anyone yet. If you keep this up, then you'll also be eliminated following the conclusion of this segment. As such, I implore you all to choose wisely."

Right at this moment, a light was suddenly switched on, and Long Yue's tightly furrowed brows finally eased as a faint smile appeared on his face. The light that he'd been waiting for had finally been switched on. 

The 18-year-old princess was illuminated by the soul light, and the royal education she'd received gave her the appearance of a perfect noblewoman. She was not as wilful and mischievous as she had been in the past. Instead, she appeared to be more refined and regal.

Their eyes met, and Dai Yun'er smiled at him. Long Yue also smiled, and in that instant, he seemed to have stood up straighter, striking everyone with the impression that a giant beast had just awakened before them.

So what if all of you renounce me? As long as my Yun'er chooses me, that's enough. 

Lan Muzi nodded upon seeing this. "Boy Number 50 was chosen by one of our celestial maidens. Next up is our final male participant. Prior to taking the stage, will you remove your mask?"

Boy Number 51 was silent for a moment before slowly raising his hand and taking off his mask.

His black hair fluttered in the wind, and his cloak also fell to the ground, revealing a set of extremely handsome facial features. He had long eyelashes, a pair of clear and bright eyes, and everyone's eyes lit up at the sight of him.

A faint smile appeared on his face as he bowed slightly while standing atop his lotus leaf. "Long time no see, everyone."

Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng both faltered in unison. This man seemed rather familiar to them, but at the same time, they were sure that they didn't know him. In their memories, there was no person like him in the inner court. However, the fact that he was standing here indicated that he had to be an inner court disciple.

"It's you?"




Cries of surprise instantly rang out over the surface of the Sea God's Lake on both the male and female sides.

There were even three female participants who jumped up from their lotus leaves. Xu Xiaoyan was screaming with excitement, Wu Siduo was reeling with shock, and Dai Yun'er had completely cast aside the reserved demeanor that was befitting of a princess.

The one who had exclaimed "it's you?" was none other than Long Yue, who was standing right beside him, and the ones who had yelled "Boss" and "Captain" were Xie Xie, Yue Zhengyu, and Xu Lizhi.

There were also many other pairs of stunned and incredulous eyes fixed on him.

The older generation of inner court disciples were all rather unfamiliar with him, but every single one of the newer entrants to the inner court were aware of who he was.

He had chosen to remove his mask as he didn't want to risk elimination, but he knew that revealing himself would create a massive stir, so he delayed it for as long as possible.

"My apologies, Junior Disciple Brother, but I can't seem to connect a name to your face. Would you be able to tell us who you are?" Tang Yinmeng asked as she appraised the ridiculously handsome Tang Wulin with a curious look on her face. He wasn't anywhere near as burly as Long Yue, but he was tall and slim, and he had an extremely handsome set of facial features. At the same time, there seemed to be a unique disposition about him that made it difficult to take one's eyes off him.

Boy Number 51 nodded with an alluring smile on his face, as he said, "Of course I can. My name is Tang Wulin."

That's right, he was the president of the class that was once renowned as the genius class of the outer court. He was the undisputed most influential figure of the outer court, as well as the former captain of Shrek’s Seven Monsters. He was the man who had led them to battle against the Monster Eight Kings of the Star Luo Empire's Monster Academy, Tang Wulin.

Thankfully, even after being essentially abducted by Feng Wuyu, he still managed to make it in time. Due to the fact that he was the last entrant to the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention, he received the final number.

He was back!

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