Chapter 743: Long Yue and Number 51

Long Yue nodded at Yue Zhengyu before announcing in a loud voice, "Hello everyone, I come from Monster Academy of the Star Luo Empire, and I'm very honored to be able to study at Shrek Academy as an exchange student. The teachers of Shrek Academy were kind enough to grant me special permission to participate in today's Sea God Fate Match-making Convention, and it's a great honor for me to get to know you all. I'll begin now."

Monster Academy?

All of the female participants furrowed their brows at the sight of him.

He certainly wasn't ugly, but he was way too burly, and that bald head made him even more intimidating. On top of that, he didn't even belong to Shrek Academy, so he wasn't very welcome here. The most pleasant reactions toward him consisted of nothing more than curiosity, and he certainly wasn't making any girls swoon.

Long Yue hadn't hoped that he would be popular among the female participants anyway. He was participating in this Sea God Fate Match-making Convention for his own reasons.

Light flashed within his eyes, and a mountainous aura suddenly erupted from his body alongside an extremely potent burst of soul power fluctuations.

Seven soul rings, two purple and five black, emerged from beneath his feet, displaying his unmatched power.

All of the participants, both male and female, were stunned by the number and color combination of his soul rings. Even Shrek’s Seven Monsters, who were familiar with him, wore surprised expressions on their faces.

As expected, he really had become more powerful. Not only had he gone from six rings to seven, even his existing soul rings had undergone evolution. He was truly the number one prodigy of Monster Academy by far.

The most powerful being among the female participants was Ding Xiaoru, who also had seven rings, but the color combination of her soul rings was clearly inferior. This didn't necessarily indicate that Long Yue would be able to crush her in battle, but at the very least, he'd shown everyone his power through displaying his soul rings.

He was only 23 years old at the moment, yet he had already attained seven rings with such an astonishing color combination. From an objective point of view, he was a freak in the world of Soul Masters.

Light flashed from Long Yue's body, and he suddenly pointed his right index finger up ahead. All of a sudden, the entire Sea God's Lake tremored, and a pillar of water abruptly erupted into the air.

Huh? Is he going to try and blast all of the girls with water like Boy Number One attempted? 

Just as the same thought occurred to everyone, a strange scenario unfolded. The pillar of water instantly split up into countless water droplets that shot forth in all directions. Each and every one of the water droplets followed their own trajectory as they hurtled rapidly toward the women in the distance. They rotated at high speeds as they flew, leaving tiny vortexes on the surface of the lake in their wake, thereby giving everyone a strong indication of their astonishing rotational speed.

Just as the water droplets were about to reach the female participants, shockwaves surged forth from the rotating water droplets, hurtling toward the remaining veils.

All of a sudden, a cold harrumph rang out as darkness began to permeate from the other side, enveloping all of the girls within.

Curtain of Darkness? Xie Xie's eyes immediately lit up at the sight of the vast expanse of darkness. Unfortunately, the darkness had appeared too abruptly for him to ascertain who it was that had released it. However, he'd determined the general direction it was coming from, and that was certainly better than nothing! At the very least, he knew the approximate location of Yuanen now.

A faint smile appeared on Long Yue's face as his eyes flashed, and the rotating water droplets suddenly rose up to form a vast expanse of water vapor. In the instant, all of the dark energy in the air was drawn away, and the Curtain of Darkness vanished almost instantaneously. The water vapor then reverted back into water droplets that hurtled toward the remaining veils like speeding bullets.

This was an extraordinary display of power and control, especially considering how his martial soul wasn't of the water attribute. He had managed to accomplish this entirely through the control over water granted to him by his Mountain Dragon King martial soul.

Right at this moment, Long Yue was greeted by the sight of an orange ball of light, and an orange fireball abruptly appeared before him following a resounding explosion.

Even with Long Yue's immense powers, he was still given quite a fright by this orange fireball, and he crossed his arms in front of him to form a barricade.

"Boom!" Powerful shockwaves surged through the air in the aftermath of the violent explosion, and all of the male participants were forced to rise up into the air.

Long Yue was also forced to take a step back, and one of his feet sank into the water. However, he still managed to repress the explosive power of that orange fireball.

Xu Mi'er had brought out a soul pistol without anyone noticing. The pistol had a normal-looking barrel, but that was the only normal aspect about it. The rest of the pistol consisted of a massive metal box with a radius of around a meter. This wasn't a pistol; it was a handheld cannon! 

The orange ball of light had erupted from none other than that "pistol".

Xu Mi'er was completely expressionless as light flashed from her hand, and the massive handheld cannon abruptly vanished.

"Piss off, outsider," she said in a cold voice.

Long Yue's expression changed slightly, and the yellow light in his eyes took on a faint red tinge. However, he then instantly recomposed himself before shrugging in a wordless manner. He was unable to remove even a single veil. He didn't think that the girls of Shrek Academy would have such fiery tempers.

The orange ball of light that was unleashed by Xu Mi'er weapon was far too fast and powerful. In terms of explosive power, that attack was definitely not inferior to a full-force strike unleashed by a Soul Emperor. That was definitely no ordinary soul tool!

While Long Yue was quite infuriated, he was also internally stunned by the combat prowess of these inner court disciples. Overall, they were far more powerful than the top prodigies of Monster Academy, and it also seemed that they were quite xenophobic!

Lan Muzi's brows furrowed slightly as he turned to Xu Mi'er. "Please restrain yourself, Junior Disciple Sister Mi'er; this is a match-making convention, so you really shouldn't be using weapons from your Destroyer series."

Xu Mi'er took a glance at him before casting her gaze toward Tang Yinmeng and giving a slight nod. Her expression remained completely unchanged the entire time.

Thus, there was only one male disciple left who was yet to take his turn during this Perfect Match segment, and there were still 10 female participants still wearing their veils.

All of the outer court students began to speculate whether the Dragon Spear Goddess really had come to attend this match-making. If so, she had to be among those 10 women. Also, Gu Yue, who was the most powerful member of Shrek’s Seven Monsters should also be among this group, along with Yuanen Yehui.

"Boy Number 51, you may begin." Lan Muzi made a hand gesture to the final male disciple.

This Boy Number 51 stood close to the center of the first row, and Long Yue was right beside him.

He displayed no intention of removing his mask as he began to rush toward the female participants.

He wasn't very fast, and nor were there any powerful energy fluctuations emanating from his body, but for some reason, Long Yue's heart stirred slightly as he was struck by a sense of intimacy and closeness with that man.

What's going on? Why am I getting these kinds of feelings toward another man? This isn't right! 

The man hovered in mid-air, and due to Long Yue's performance, all of the female disciples were feeling very cautious. However, right at this moment, the man suddenly pressed his hands downward. A burst of rich soul power pressed down onto the surface of the Sea God's Lake, and waves erupted into the air as he thrust his hands forward, revealing a pair of pristine white hands in the process that looked as if they were made of white jade.

All of a sudden, water droplets shot forth through the air in all directions. Some of them traveled in a straight line, some followed curved trajectories, and some drew parabolas in the air. The flurry of water droplets formed a massive curtain of water that flew toward the female participants.

What was even more extraordinary was that after the water droplets were sent flying through the air, they all took on a golden hue, creating an extremely dazzling sight in the night sky above the Sea God's Lake.

After doing all that, Boy Number 51 turned around and returned to his lotus leaf. He seemed to have done something that was quite similar to what Long Yue had just tried.

What was the point of that? 

Ding Xiaoru was rather surprised, but she didn't do anything this time. There were only two exchange students from Monster Academy, one of which was male while the other was female, so this Boy Number 51 definitely wasn't from Monster Academy. As such, she naturally didn't pay much heed to him.

However, just as these water droplets began to pass by above and beside her, Ding Xiaoru's expression suddenly changed slightly. She discovered that even though there weren't any soul power fluctuations emanating from the water droplets, they were moving at an incredible speed. This meant that these water droplets themselves had been imbued with immense power.

"Look out, sisters!" Ding Xiaoru yelled.

Right at this moment, a peculiar scene unfolded. The water droplets in the air suddenly began to clash. Some of them fused together while others changed directions, and all of these changes had taken place in an instant. At this point, the water droplets were less than five meters away from the row of female participants.

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