Chapter 742: Removing Veils

Xu Mi'er also stroked the little angel's face, and the latter nodded at her in an affectionate manner before flying toward the third female participant.

All of the male disciples were growing rather nervous. Even Ding Xiaoru and Xu Mi'er had removed their veils for this angel; how were any of the other female participants supposed to be able to resist? But if Yue Zhengyu removed all of the female participants' veils, then who would be able to compete with him? He'd be taking all of the glory.

After that, the little angel didn't even bother to say anything anymore. She simply flew over to the female participants and tapped her chubby little index fingers together in a pitiable manner.

Everyone knew that she was putting on such a display on purpose, but the girls couldn't help but fall for this apparent trap. Thus, one veil was removed after another, and before everyone knew it, eight veils had been removed.

Under the eighth veils was an exquisitely beautiful smiling face that was slightly flushed, and the starlight shining down on her seemed to be making her fair skin sparkle.

The small angel immediately whooped with delight upon seeing her. The angel rushed over to her before throwing her little arms around her neck, then planting a kiss on the female participant's cheek before flying back again. She then turned to all of the other female participants, and said, "Thank you, big sisters. I'm very tired, so I'll be going back now."

After her voice trailed off, she turned around and flew back to Yue Zhengyu in an instant as a streak of golden light, then vanished into his body in a flash. It was quite apparent that she had no difficulty flying at all.

All of the female disciples that had had their veils removed knew that they'd been swindled, but they simply couldn't bring themselves to get mad at her.

Yue Zhengyu turned to the final woman that had just had her veil removed, and he smiled as he gave her a slight nod. The woman stuck her tongue out at him in response.

Xu Xiaoyan had grown up. During the past few years, she had developed a pronounced feminine charm and had only grown more beautiful. She was now renowned as the number one beauty among Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

Of course, Yuanen Yehui in her Fallen Angel form was actually not inferior to her in the looks department, but her Titan Giant Ape martial soul completely ruined her image, so the title of number one beauty was naturally given to Xu Xiaoyan.

Lan Muzi couldn't help but burst into laughter as he heaved a sigh of relief. "I thought you were going to remove all of the veils, Zhengyu. If you'd done that, you'd be saving all of the other male participants a lot of trouble, but you'd also most likely become public enemy number one. It's a good thing that you had a target to begin with. Next up is Boy Number Three."

With the two drastically contrasting precedents before them, the rest of the male participants proceeded a lot more cautiously.

Almost all of them chose to remove their masks, then employed some more gentle methods to try and remove the veils of the female participants. According to the rules, the male disciples could rise up into the air, but they couldn't fall into the water. As for soul skills and abilities, they were free to use whatever they wanted, and all they had to do was ensure that they could return to their original positions.

The first segment was a rather gentle and accommodating one. Even if a male disciple were to fail to remove any veils, that would simply be an indication of a lack of power, but they wouldn't be eliminated outright, unless, of course, if you were Boy Number One.

Thus, one male participant displayed their abilities one after another, attempting to remove the veils of their female counterparts. However, even after a dozen or so of them had made their attempts, no one was able to match Yue Zhengyu's record of removing eight veils on his own. On top of that, Yue Zhengyu could've most likely removed all of the veils by himself had that been his intention, so there was certainly no one who could hold a candle in that regard.

"Boy Number 16, will you remove your mask?" Lan Muzi asked.

The man shook his head. He was the first one to have chosen not to remove his mask.

Lan Muzi nodded, and said, "Alright, you may begin."

As soon as his voice trailed off, several startled cries suddenly rang out from the other side as four female participants had their veils removed in unison.

What was going on?

Immediately thereafter, a loud cry rang out, and Ding Xiaoru sprang into action. The air in the surrounding area instantly congealed, and she swatted her right hand through the air, unleashing a burst of immense power that forced a barely visible figure to reveal itself. In the next instant, that figure vanished in a soundless manner.

At the same time, Boy Number 16 also removed his mask and took off his cloak, revealing himself to be none other than Xie Xie.

"Hello, ladies, I'm Xie Xie." He wore a black suit that created a stark contrast with Yue Zhengyu's pristine white suit. In terms of appearance, he was second only to Yue Zhengyu in Shrek’s Seven Monsters. Of course, he only had Xu Lizhi below him.

He had undoubtedly just used his clone skill, which he'd prepared well in advance. However, what was quite disappointing to him was that even though 17 of the 31 female participants had already had their veils removed, Yuanen Yehui wasn't among them. He swept his gaze through the row of female disciples, trying to track down Yuanen, but there was nothing about her that stood out as all of her distinctive features had been concealed by the uniform white dresses and veiled bamboo hats.

He had removed four masks on his own, which placed him second under Yue Zhengyu. All of the faces under those veils that were revealed were also all exquisitely beautiful, and two of them were familiar faces to Xie Xie.

One of them was once his classmate, Zheng Yiran, while the other was Wu Siduo.

Both of them were extremely beautiful, and the atmosphere among the male participants was clearly heating up at the sight of these two.

Zheng Yiran was looking at Xie Xie with an unfriendly expression, and she brandished a fist at him in a menacing manner. Meanwhile, Wu Siduo simply stood on the spot with her brows slightly furrowed. With her powers, it shouldn't have been so easy for her veil to be removed, but she'd suffered a lapse in concentration.

If it weren't for the academy rules that stated that all single inner court disciples of a suitable age had to participate in this Sea God Fate Match-making Convention, Wu Siduo definitely wouldn't be in attendance right now.

She was not interested in the slightest in finding a match. Perhaps this was because in her proud heart, she had already chosen someone, but that person wasn't among the male participants across from her.

Among the male disciples, Luo Guixing and Xu Yucheng had already appeared. Yang Nianxia, Xu Lizhi, and the other male students of the same class hadn't appeared yet, but Xu Lizhi was easily identifiable. He was simply far too fat; even the baggy cloak couldn't conceal his portly figure, and he was standing off to the side in the third row.

There was no helping his figure; it simply came with the territory of being a food-type Soul Master. He was already having to take a lot of care in manipulating his soul power just to remain afloat on his lotus leaf.

"Number 17..."

The Perfect Match segment continued, yet it was becoming increasingly difficult to remove the veils of the remaining female participants. Most of the girls who still hadn't had their veils removed at this point wanted to retain their anonymity.

By the time it was Xu Lizhi's turn to take the stage, he passed on his attempt as he knew that he simply didn't have the ability to remove any veils.

As such, the probability of the female participants having their veils removed continued to dwindle, and by the time over 40 male disciples had made their attempts, there were still 10 girls left with their hats on their heads.

Next up is Boy Number 50." There were only 51 male participants in total, so number 50 was already the second-to-last disciple.

"Will you remove your mask?" Lan Muzi asked with a smile.

"Yes!" A strong masculine voice rang out in reply. Boy Number 50 then removed both his mask and his cloak to reveal a set of hard chiseled features and a glistening bald head.

The majority of people faltered upon seeing this face as it was completely unfamiliar. However, expressions of surprise appeared on the faces of a small proportion of people present, including Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

Yue Zhengyu was standing not far away from him, and he almost immediately exclaimed, "Crazy Long?"

Indeed, Boy Number 50 was none other than Long Yue, the head of the Monster Eight Kings, and the man who possessed a Mountain Dragon King martial soul.

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