Chapter 741: Inherited Soul Spirit

The first male disciple was quite alarmed to see this. He knew that he was in trouble as soon as he saw the seven soul rings emerge from beneath this senior sister's feet. He had quite an unpredictable and free-spirit personality, and this was his first time participating in the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention, so he had decided to employ this method to make a name for himself, but he didn't think that he'd be irking such a powerful female participant in the process.

As the ferocious tiger charged toward him, he had no choice but to raise both hands up into the air with a grim expression on his face. At the same time, his fifth soul ring lit up, and azure light immediately appeared above his head before materializing into a giant azure sword that sped directly toward the tiger.

However, the tiger suddenly split as one in mid-air, forming two powerful streams of water that completely evaded his sword before crashing into his body.

Boy Number One didn't even get a chance to release his battle armor before he was blasted into the lake, and the lotus leaf beneath his feet had also capsized.

As such, he had lost his opportunity to continue participating in this event.

All of the male disciples were a little shell-shocked to see this. That girl was way too violent!

Many people's Adam's apples were bobbing up and down, indicating that they were gulping in a nervous manner. It seemed that this match-making convention wasn't all sunshine and roses as they'd expected.

Lan Muzi couldn't help but bury his face into his hand as he sighed, "Rest in peace, Boy Number One. What were you thinking? Were you planning to get all of the girls wet? Not only that, but you even removed your mask. You're probably going to become the public enemy of all female disciples in the inner court from now on. Speaking of which, I must remind all of the male participants to think carefully before you attempt to remove the hats of the female participants so you don't dig holes for yourselves. At the same time, I must caution you all that in terms of average power levels, you're seriously no match for the girls. Boy Number Two, will you remove your mask?"

"Yes." Boy Number Two also took off his mask without any hesitation. At the same time, he stripped off his cloak to reveal a pristine white suit. He had a head of flowing golden hair and a set of handsome facial features. There was a faint smile on his face, and he laid his right arm across his chest before extending a slight bow. He was standing off to the left in the first row, so all of the female participants could see him from where they were standing.

"Hello there, ladies, my name is Yue Zhengyu, and I've only just entered the inner court recently. Please allow me to remove your veils."

That's right, Boy Number Two was none other than Yue Zhengyu. His handsome appearance, his dashing suit, and his polite mannerisms had undoubtedly left all of the female participants with a very good first impression. On top of that, the vast majority of inner court disciples were familiar with this name. He was one of the current Shrek’s Seven Monsters, after all!

The female disciples remained silent, while the male participants heaved a collective sigh of relief. It appeared that Boy Number Two had redeemed the image of the male disciples in the aftermath of Boy Number One's disastrous actions.

Tang Yinmeng smiled, and said, "We've got a very handsome young man here. I'm rooting for you!"

"Thanks for your support, Senior Sister." Yue Zhengyu smiled as soul rings began to emerge beneath his feet.

A total of five soul rings, consisting of four purples and a black, appeared. Judging from the color combination alone, this was a far superior set of soul rings than the ones that Boy Number One had. He flipped his hands over in front of his chest, and specks of golden light began to emerge from his palms before quickly taking on a certain shape.

Within moments, a shimmering golden angel had appeared before Yue Zhengyu. She spread open her wings in a lazy manner while standing atop Yue Zhengyu's palm. She was only around half a foot tall, and the wings on her back were white while a golden halo hovered above her head. Her skin looked as if it were made from delicate porcelain, and she was extremely adorable. Her soft and fair little face was rather chubby, and she pouted as she grumbled something to Yue Zhengyu, seemingly in a display of displeasure.

"Go on, Baby, help those big sisters take their hats off." A speck of golden light appeared on Yue Zhengyu's right hand, and he fed it to the small angel. The angel then smacked her little lips before flying toward the female disciples in a rather reluctant manner.

What is that? Is that an angel or a soul spirit? Could it be an angel soul spirit? 

This was not a soul spirit that could be found in the Spirit Pagoda, nor anywhere on this entire continent. It was a type of inherited soul spirit that was similar to spiritual essence, and it was one of the rarest types of soul spirits.

The main difference between an inherited soul spirit and a normal soul spirit lay in the former's ability to give Soul Masters certain special enhancements, just like the powerful bloodlines possessed by evil Soul Masters. 

It was quite clear that the enhancement given to Yue Zhengyu by this small angel lay in his control over holy energy, so it could be said that she was his second life. Setting aside the reactions of the female disciples, even the male participants felt as if their hearts were melting at the sight of this inherited soul spirit. She was far too adorable!

A stir immediately ran through the female participants on the other side, and many of them began to whisper among themselves.

The small golden angel's flying abilities seemed to be quite lackluster as she was bobbing up and down unsteadily during her flight, making the female participants quite worried that she was going to fall into the lake.

A stir had also run through the male camp. The tactics that Yue Zhengyu had employed were simply unmatched, and all of them were struck by a sense of foreboding.

After what seemed like an eternity, the small golden angel finally arrived among the female disciples, and the first person she flew toward was none other than the seven-ring Soul Sage that had just eliminated Boy Number One earlier.

The small angel stuck her right thumb into her mouth and sucked on it for a while before pouting as she said, "Big Sister, Yue Zhengyu says I can't go back until I take off your veils. I'm so sleepy; can you help me?"

The female disciple harrumphed coldly, "Is he bullying you? How about I beat him up for you?"

"Don't do that, Big Sister, our life forces are bonded, so if you beat him up, it would be like beating me up; you'll hurt me. It's alright if you don't want to, Big Sister." The small angel flapped her little wings with difficulty as she spoke, and she lowered her head as she tapped her chubby index fingers before her, putting on a heart-wrenchingly adorable display.

"Don't cry, little baby." The female disciple's voice immediately softened as she removed her own bamboo hat.

Lan Muzi turned to Tang Yinmeng, and chuckled, "This tactic is brilliant! As expected of a member of Shrek's Seven Monsters; this indirect persuasion method is exemplary. The pressure on all of the other male participants is going to be greatly compounded, though."

Tang Yinmeng chuckled in reply, "I didn't think that Xiaoru would remove her veil under such comical circumstances. I thought that no one would be able to remove her hat, but who would've thought that she would be the first one to have her hat removed? Xiaoru is a big-sister figure for all of the female disciples of the inner court. Yue Zhengyu has displayed his abilities here, but he's most likely left her with a negative impression of him. If I recall correctly, Xiaoru hates fancy pretty boys like him. But looking at her now, it seems like her maternal instincts have completely taken over!"

Indeed, she was currently staring at the small angel with an extremely gentle look in her eyes, and it was hard to believe that she had just blasted Boy Number One into the water in such a violent manner just a few moments ago. She raised a hand to stroke the angel's delicate little cheek.

Ding Xiaoru was definitely one of the leading female figures in the inner court, and among all female disciples, her cultivation rank was inferior only to Tang Yinmeng. If Tang Yinmeng were the eldest senior sister of the inner court, then Ding Xiaoru was definitely second in line. She was extremely powerful and was currently striving toward becoming a three-word battle armor master.

The small angel gave her a sweet smile before flying toward the female disciple beside her.

The small angel then delivered the exact same lines in the exact same manner, and the female participant hesitated momentarily before removing her veil, revealing a set of cold and plain-looking facial features.

Another stir immediately ran through all of the male participants again. Wasn't that Xu Mi'er? She was the female disciple with the strangest personality in the inner court. She was one of the rare female disciples who focused solely on studying mechas rather than battle armor, and it was said that she had created a custom-made black mecha for herself entirely through her own power. During an average day in her life, all she did aside from cultivating was research all types of extremely destructive and dangerous soul tools, thereby earning her the title of Goddess of Slaughter. She was largely unknown to most of the outer court disciples, but everyone in the inner court was aware of who she was. It was said that she was very likely going to become the youngest divine-grade mecha pilot in the history of Shrek Academy at some point in the next 10 years, and she was currently only 30 years old.

Ding Xiaoru and Xu Mi'er were both among the elder female disciples of the inner court, and the fact that they hadn't found male companions for themselves yet clearly indicated that they weren't very interested in this area. As such, it came as quite a surprise to everyone that they were the first two people to have their veils removed. They were both a lot older and far more powerful than Yue Zhengyu, and they were among the most influential female disciples of the inner court.

All of the male participants gulped nervously at the sight of these two women. At this moment, they understood that Lan Muzi hadn't been kidding; the average power level of the female disciples did indeed outstrip theirs.

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