Chapter 739: Light Dark Douluo

"Oi, you!" Tang Yinmeng placed her hands on her hips as an indignant look appeared on her face.

Everyone on the shore burst into raucous laughter again. It had to be said that these two were doing a very good job of livening up the atmosphere.

The smile on Lan Muzi's face faded, and he looked at Tang Yinmeng with passion in his eyes as he said, "You were the one who confessed to me, but I must tell you now that I'm very grateful for that. I'm very grateful that you pointed out the right path to me back when I was still just a young man who knew nothing about love. I'm very grateful for how much you've cared for and helped me during these past years, as well as all that you've sacrificed for me. The best decision I've ever made was to accept your confession without any hesitation. I must've done good deeds during all of my previous 10 lives to accumulate enough fortune to have met you in this life, and I want to be with you for the rest of my life, as well as my next 10 lives."

The indignant look on Tang Yinmeng's face vanished, and she blushed as she gently nodded in response.

The spectating disciples on the shore erupted into cheers. In contrast, Zhuo Shi wore an enraged look on his face as he grumbled, "This little rascal is abusing dogs in public! How dare he! Whose disciple is he again?"

The old woman sitting on the other side of Yun Ming slowly raised her head before glancing at Zhuo Shi. "He's my disciple. Is there a problem?"

Zhuo Shi's expression immediately stiffened at the sight of her, and he hurriedly said, "Not at all! I just wanted to say how impressed I am by your exceptional disciple."

"If you've got nothing useful to say, then shut up! Don't disrupt me while I'm reminiscing about my youth," the old woman said in a cold voice.

Yun Ming couldn't help but smile and shake his head. "Sister Yue, you really have to work on that temper of yours!"

This old woman was completely ordinary in appearance. She wore simple cloth garments, and she looked no different from an elderly woman in a poverty-stricken area. There were not many people who were still alive that were aware of who she was.

She was the oldest person in the entire Shrek Academy, and she had been the vice-master of the Sea God's Pavilion back when the previous master of the Sea God's Pavilion had been alive. She was over 200 years old, and she was even a senior of Yun Ming, thereby making her the person with the highest level of seniority in Shrek Academy.

She was normally constantly residing deep within the Sea God's Pavilion and very rarely left to go anywhere. Zhuo Shi hadn't even noticed that she was on the boat with them, and his fiery temper was immediately doused at the sight of her.

This old woman was the master of the sun and the moon, the dragon empress of light and darkness, and her Douluo Title was Light Dark.

Around 150 years ago, the mere mention of Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue was enough to make all Soul Masters tremble in their boots.

She was most renowned for her incredible feat during a conflict with the Spirit Pagoda where she'd swept through the Spirit Pagoda headquarters on her own, then gave the chairman of the Spirit Pagoda at the time a vicious slap to the face.

This was supposed to be confidential information, but all of the most powerful beings in the world of Soul Masters at the time were aware of what had happened.

It was due to this incident that a full-blown war had almost erupted between Shrek Academy and the Spirit Pagoda. In the end, the master of the Sea God's Pavilion had to step in to mediate, and Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue was forced to deliver an apology before this matter was swept under the rug.

This incident was a perfect example of her fiery temper and her immense powers.

She was the only person in the Sea God's Pavilion who didn't have to attend any of its meetings, and she was free to do whatever she wanted in Shrek Academy.

Yun Ming was only referring to her as sister rather than senior as she had demanded for him to do so in order to make her seem younger. In essence, this was concurrent with the joke that Tang Yinmeng had made at the very beginning. Both Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng were her disciples.

Long Yeyue's eyes were half-closed as she appraised Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng with a smile on her face. "Looking at these children, I can't help but recall back to my own younger days. It's a pity that old bastard left me so early. Otherwise, we could be watching this together. At the time, our relationship had also blossomed during this match-making convention."

Her husband was none other than the previous master of the Sea God's Pavilion, and he'd passed away 40 years ago.

Yun Ming consoled in a low voice, "Sister Yue, we all miss Elder Bei very much as well, but please do look after yourself."

Long Yeyue chuckled, "I've already lived for over twice the lifespan of a normal person, and it seems that the older I get, the more reluctant the gods are to take me. Don't worry about me; I can live for at least 20 more years. I have to keep an eye on all of these young kids; watching them give me so much joy."

Yun Ming nodded with a smile. "Indeed! I'm always in a good mood when I see these children. It's a pity that I wasn't able to profess my love to Yali on the Sea God's Lake."

Long Yeyue chuckled, "It's still not too late!"

Yun Ming burst into laughter upon hearing this. "I'll have to pass on that. I'm too embarrassed to be doing something so hot-blooded in front of all of these children. This is their stage, so we should just watch their performance."

It had to be said that Lan Muzi's passionate speech had ignited the emotions of all of the outer court disciples. In particular, all of the single dogs were filled with jealousy and rage!

Tang Yinmeng rested her face against Lan Muzi's chest with a blissful look on her face.

She looked up at Lan Muzi with passion in her eyes as she whispered, "Let's host the event first; I'll reward you when we get back home tonight."

Both of them were wearing soul speakers, so even though she was whispering, her voice was audible to everyone present. A flurry of wolf whistles and cheers immediately rang out, and it was if their love had even raised the temperature of the Sea God's Lake.

Lan Muzi cleared his throat. "Alright, that's enough dog abuse for now. If you want to find your other half during this Sea God Fate Match-making Convention, then do your best, everyone! Now then, let's welcome all of the participating inner court disciples. I'm sure there are some of you who are still unaware of the rules of this event, so please turn your attention this way."

He pointed up ahead as he spoke, and two rows of green light appeared not far away from him. This was the light emanating from a series of giant lotus leaves that had been illuminated by the underwater lights. The bright green light was filled with vitality, and it was also particularly eye-catching on the surface of the Sea God's Lake.

"The Sea God Fate Match-making Convention is not just a day for finding love, but also an opportunity to display your powers. As such, during the convention, the male and female students must stand on these rows of lotus leaves before me that are separated by about 100 meters. If anyone falls into the water during the event, then I'm sorry, but you'll no longer be able to continue participating in the convention. Prior to the commencement of the first segment, there will be a test of your powers to see who can secure the best positions. Hence, all participating disciples, please take the stage and fight for your positions!"

"Begin!" Following a loud cry from Tang Yinmeng, the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention officially commenced.

A series of figures suddenly emerged from the two sides of the Sea God's Lake. Some of them sped along the water, while others rose up into the air and took flight.

The students on the two sides also wore different attire. Those on the left wore large green hooded cloaks that concealed their bodies and heads with green masks that covered their faces.

In contrast, the students on the right all wore long white dresses and veiled bamboo hats that obscured their facial features.

It was quite apparent that the cloaked students were male, while those in dresses were female.

After rushing onto the surface of the Sea God's lake, all of them hurtled toward the lotus leaves like shooting stars. If one were to pay close attention, they'd discover that all of these students were unleashing different abilities, and all of their movements, speeds, and abilities were unique to themselves.

All of the participants were inner court disciples who were somewhat familiar with one another, so if they were to look closely, they'd be able to determine the identities of some of their fellow participants.

On the male side, there was a particularly burly student who was moving extremely quickly. As he sped over the surface of the lake, a series of rocks would suddenly emerge from beneath the water, acting as stepping stones for him as he charged toward the center of the first row of lotus leaves.

There were a total of three rows of lotus leaves for the male disciples compared to only two on the female side, so it was quite clear that there was a mismatch in numbers.

Right as the burly male student was about to land on the leaf he'd chosen, a figure suddenly flashed past him in a blur before instantly landing on that leaf with unerring accuracy.

Light flashed from the leaf beside him, and another person appeared on that leaf as well.

The burly male student harrumphed coldly as he made a grabbing motion with both hands, and an enormous burst of suction force appeared out of thin air. There were rules surrounding this initial segment stating that no physical contact or soul skills were allowed, but pure soul power could be used to fight for the spots.

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