Chapter 738: The Story of the Master of the Sea God's Pavilion

Yali's life force had been replenished by Yun Ming. He possessed the greatest aptitude out of anyone in this world, and his immense powers granted him a longer lifespan, but he shared half of his life force with her.

After that, he had constantly stayed by her side, and he often joked that she was his bride whom he'd stolen from the clutches of death.

An extremely lavish wedding had been held for them, one that had shocked the entire federation.

Yali didn't originally belong to Shrek Academy. In fact, she had been groomed by the federation to be the future successor that was supposed to take over a mysterious organization, but Yun Ming had taken her without any regard for all of that. As a result, he made the entire mysterious organization his enemy, and the two had clashed in about a dozen or so battles, during which Yun Ming defeated all of the most powerful beings in that mysterious organization on his own. He had kept Yali by his side with his unfathomable power.

In order to protect him, Yali had even told him that she had no feelings for him, but Yun Ming only told her that time would change everything.

In the end, no one was able to take Yali away from him, but Yali's heart had been taken captive by him.

This was a piece of history that had shocked the entire continent, over 100 years ago, and it was also through that battle that the Atlas Doulou truly forged a resounding reputation for himself.

In order to target him, the mysterious organization under the control of the federation deployed three red mechas, all of which were destroyed by him in a span of less than 10 minutes. During that battle, his spear had torn through the heavens, and the enormous spatial fluctuations that had resulted had almost destroyed the entirety of Bright City, which was where the parliament was situated.

At the time, he announced that no one could stop him. If the heavens stood in his way, then he would vanquish the heavens; if the earth were to rise up against him, then he would split the earth. All those who stood against him would be slain, regardless of whether they were man or god!

It was none other than this man who had cemented the status of Shrek City on this continent. After careful research that was conducted by the federation, it was determined that Shrek City was the only place currently in this world that couldn't be threatened by any soul technology.

From that day forth, Yun Ming truly became the atlas of Shrek Academy, carrying the academy and Shrek City on his shoulders, and making the academy an entity that even the federation had to be wary of.

This was the epic love story between the Atlas Douluo and the Holy Spirit Douluo, but their relationship in the next century or so had been very peaceful.

It was a tumultuous yet exhilarating beginning that led to a warm and happy marriage.

As such, no one could take Yun Ming away from Yali no matter how much they loved him, not even the likes of the Silver Moon Douluo and the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo.

There had even been many years during which Yali had told him that she wanted him to have more wives. With his top-tier genetics, how could he settle with not being able to pass down his lineage?

However, Yun Ming refused. He told her that his heart was very small, and it only had enough space for her. Loveless relationships purely for reproductive purposes were not what he was looking for.

Thus, Yali was unable to convince him, but she always became very sad whenever this conversation topic came up. She was sad that she was unable to birth a child for this man who loved her so much, and whom she loved equally as much.

"Ahem, please stop abusing dogs, Boss. Don't you know that all of us are single?" Zhuo Shi coughed in a glum manner. [In Chinese pop culture, there's a jokingly derogatory term for single people, which is 单身狗, which literally translates to single dog. Any public displays of affection in front of single people is therefore jokingly referred to as dog abuse as it's basically couples flaunting their love and happiness in front of single people.]

Yun Ming glanced over to find Zhuo Shi with a wry smile on his face while Feng Wuyu also nodded in a serious manner. "He's right, you really shouldn't do that, Boss; especially considering you're aware that we were all once Yali's pursuers."

Yun Ming smiled, and said, "It seems these days have been too peaceful for you; looks like you need some excitement in your life. How about we find a time..."

"Just pretend as if I'd never said anything!" Zhuo Shi and Feng Wuyu exclaimed in unison. They could clearly tell where Yun Ming was going with that train of thought; he was definitely going to threaten to practice his spear techniques on the two of them! That would no longer just be a case of figurative abuse!

All of the Titled Douluos burst into laughter upon seeing this. Elder Cai pursed her lips, and said, "You two are so in-sync with each other; is that the reason why you're both still 'single'?"


The boat traveled all the way to the other side of the Sea God's Lake before stopping at a good location that gave everyone onboard a good view of the center of the lake.

The water in the Sea God's lake was extremely clear, and when a series of lights appeared like blossoming flowers, the entire lake began to shimmer like a giant sapphire, creating a very dazzling and mesmerizing sight to behold.

The lights were spread all around the lake, and upon closer inspection, one would discover that the lights were all situated underwater. These lights filtered through the entire lake, making it appear as if the water itself were glowing. The effect created instilled within the night a sense of romance and vitality.

Immediately thereafter, two pillars of light erupted in the distance, and a person was standing in each of the golden pillars of light.

This was a smiling duo consisting of a man and a woman.

The man appeared to be around 30 years of age with a tall and slim figure, and a set of handsome facial features. He was slightly shorter than Wu Zhangkong, but not by much. He wore a Shrek Academy inner court uniform and had a faint smile on his face.

The woman beside him was around 170cm tall, and she appeared to be approximately 27 to 28 years old. Her looks were rather ordinary, but she was very charismatic, and her smile gave off a strong sense of benevolence that made her appear very approachable.

"The Sea God's fate will be found on the Sea God's Lake, welcome to this year's match-making convention, everyone. Allow me to introduce myself; I am Lan Muzi, an inner court disciple, and the woman standing beside me here is Tang Yinmeng, also of the inner court. We will be your hosts for this match-making convention tonight."

Tang Yinmeng smiled, and said, "We're both very honored to be the hosts of this event today, and in all honesty, we were only chosen because we're the two oldest inner court students at the moment. I really want to become an assistant teacher, but that would be an indirect admission that my age is catching up to me, so we're still here."

She was very humorous, and she spoke with a gentle yet uplifting tone, drawing bursts of laughter from all of the outer court disciples standing by the shore.

There were not many people who actually knew these two as all of the outer court disciples in their cohort had already graduated. Their actual ages were actually around five years older than they looked.

Wu Zhangkong was also standing by the shore, and as he looked at the duo, he couldn't help but heave a faint internal sigh.

Senior Disciple Brother Lan and Senior Disciple Sister Tang both look like they're doing very well! 

The current cohort of outer court disciples weren't aware of who they were, but he was naturally very familiar with them. Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng were both exceptional talents during his generation, and they'd entered the inner court during the same year as him.

After that, he'd left Shrek Academy for his lover, but the two of them had remained here this entire time. If he recalled correctly, these two were already three-word battle armor masters, despite the fact that they were still technically students. A situation like this could only be seen in Shrek Academy. It was absolutely unfathomable to think that three-word battle armor masters could still be disciples of an academy.

With their suits of battle armor, their combat prowess had most likely outstripped that of ordinary Titled Douluos long ago.

If he'd stayed at the academy as well, perhaps he'd also be at their level. After becoming three-word battle armor masters, one had to focus on cultivating their soul power to progress toward becoming Titled Douluos. 

Senior Disciple Brother Lan was the brightest talent of our cohort, so he should be an eight-ring Soul Douluo already. If I'm not mistaken, he should only be 33 years old this year, which would make him the current youngest Soul Douluo in the entire academy. Senior Disciple Sister Tang shouldn't be too far behind him, either.

Lan Muzi smiled, and said, "Indeed! We'll put off graduation as long as we possibly can, not only because we want to pretend to be young, but also because I've forged many unforgettable memories here, including the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention that I participated in. Yinmeng, do you remember the year we participated in the convention?"

Tang Yinmeng blushed as she rolled her eyes at him. "Stop! You're embarrassing me."

Lan Muzi chuckled, "What's there to be embarrassed about? I'll make sure not to tell everyone about how you rushed over to me during the convention and confessed your love to me in front of everyone."

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