Chapter 733: Brother of the Dragon Spear Goddess

Thus, Tang Wulin spent some contribution points to get onto the cargo ferry that was traveling toward the Douluo Continent.

Along the way, the ferry was attacked by sea soul beasts a few times, so there were a few slight delays, but he was finally back now!

This was the feeling of returning home, and it was a fantastic feeling. Never did Tang Wulin think that he'd fall so heavily in love with Shrek Academy.

After downing 10 bowls of noodles, he managed to repress his excitement somewhat.

With everyone's powers and aptitudes, they should all be in the inner court already. More than three years have passed, so they've most likely all become one-word battle armor masters, but I'm still... 

Tang Wulin couldn't help but feel rather dejected as this thought occurred to him.

During the three years he'd spent in the Dragon Valley, his blood essence had improved drastically, and his body had also become incredibly powerful. However, his soul power had been sealed for over three years, and it hadn't advanced in the slightest. As such, he was still just a four-ring Soul Ancestor. Perhaps it was simply due to the passage of time, but he'd progressed slightly to rank 44.

A 15-year-old rank 44 Soul Ancestor was already considerably powerful, but he was about to turn 19 soon. A 19-year-old rank 44 Soul Ancestor was exceptional among normal people, but it was rather lackluster in Shrek Academy. One had to realize that if a student of Shrek Academy hadn't become a one-word battle armor master by the time they turned 20, then they'd lose the right to enter the inner court.

As such, he really had to hurry up and catch up to his friends following his return.

After enjoying a hearty meal and paying the bill, Tang Wulin headed directly toward the inner court of Shrek Academy as he was sure that was where his friends would be. More importantly, he hadn't seen his little sister for over three years, so he had to pay her a visit. After all, Na'er had to be worried sick.

After arriving at the entrance of Shrek Academy's inner court, Tang Wulin was barred from entry by the two guards there, both of whom were inner court disciples.

Without an inner court identification badge, no one could enter the inner court.

Thus, Tang Wulin pulled out the soul communicator that he hadn't used for over three years. He then used his soul power to charge the communicator before dialing that familiar number.

The ringtone sounded for a while before the call was connected.

"..." He was greeted by the sound of complete silence.

"Na'er?" Tang Wulin said in an uncertain voice.

"ARGH!" Immediately thereafter, a sharp screech rang out from the other side, and he felt as if his eardrums were about to explode.

He was given a massive fright as a result, and he almost hurled the soul communicator away.

Even the two guards standing beside the entrance had heard the scream from where they were standing.

"Big Brother, is that you? Is that you?" Na'er asked in an excited and urgent manner, and he was almost brought to tears by the sound of this familiar voice.

"It's me, Na'er, I'm back. Where are you?" he asked.

"I'm on the Sea God's Island; where are you, Big Brother?" Na'er's breathing was becoming a lot more hurried.

Tang Wulin replied, "I'm outside the gate of the inner court. There are guards here who won't let me in."

"Wait for me!" Na'er said, and Tang Wulin could immediately hear the sound of howling winds from the other side of the line. "Don't hang up, Big Brother, I'll be there right away!"

"Alright, I'll wait for you." Tang Wulin's eyes were already filled with excitement at this point.

After only around 15 seconds, Tang Wulin caught sight of a streak of silver light hurtling toward him from the inner court like a bolt of lightning. Before he had a chance to react, the silver light had already sped into his arms.

A soft and slender body pressed itself against him, and he was greeted by a familiar fragrant scent, as well as the sight of a head of long silver hair.

His heart tremored, and he didn't even need to ask to know who it was that was in his arms.

Na'er had grown taller, and her body had also grown more voluptuous. She had truly become a young woman. Tang Wulin was already over 190cm tall, yet she was only slightly shorter than him. At this moment, she had already jumped onto Tang Wulin with her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms wound tightly around his neck.

Tang Wulin was desperately tugging down her dress in case her sensitive regions were exposed.

The two inner court disciples standing beside the gate were already completely dumbstruck.

There was only one person in the academy who had silver hair, and she was renowned as the goddess of the Sea God's Island, the Dragon Spear Goddess, Na'er!

The nickname of Dragon Spear Goddess had been around since over three years ago. Na'er very rarely appeared before the public eye, but during a large contest between inner court disciples, she had crushed everyone with her extraordinary Silver Dragon Spear, thereby becoming the most powerful being among all inner court disciples.

It could be said that she was the goddess of the entire inner court, particularly in the eyes of all of the male disciples. However, she was always on the Sea God's Island, and normal inner court disciples weren't allowed access to that place, so it was very difficult just to see her. If anyone could exchange a verbal greeting with her, they'd definitely faint from bliss!

However, at this moment, the perfect goddess in their hearts had her body pressed against a man in a rather uncouth pose. It was quite apparent that she was extremely excited.

Tang Wulin gently stroked Na'er's long hair with one hand while inconspicuously separating her body from his slightly. The current Na'er was no longer the Na'er of old; she had grown up, and the fact that some of her well-developed lady bits were pressed up against Tang Wulin was making him feel rather awkward as her big brother.

"Don't cry, Na'er, Big Brother's back now; it's all my fault for making you worry."

Big Brother? The two inner court disciples guarding the entrance were immediately struck by a sense of profound respect for Tang Wulin upon hearing this.

This was the big brother of the Dragon Spear Goddess! Why didn't he tell them this from the get-go? Even if it were against the rules, they would've still let him in!

Tang Wulin gently patted Na'er's long legs, and only then did she clamber down from his body. In the next instant, she raised her head and planted a pair of kisses on Tang Wulin's cheeks right before the astonished eyes of two guards before she finally unwound her arms from his neck.

Inspecting Na'er at such close quarters, Tang Wulin couldn't help but feel his heart rate spiking dramatically. She was simply far too beautiful. Her long silver hair draped down her back, and her purple eyes were like a pair of glistening amethysts. She was tall and slender with a thin waist and long legs, and she had developed extremely well in the right places.

Her large eyes were currently shimmering with tears, and the expression on her face was like that of a pitiable abandoned puppy.

In Na'er's eyes, Tang Wulin had also changed. Compared to over three years ago, he had grown taller and broader. Back then, he used to be more pretty like a woman, but he had now well and truly transitioned to being handsome with a strong masculine aura emanating from his body.

"Big Brother, you were gone for more than three years without contacting me even once! I missed you so much!" Na'er dove into his arms again and burst into loud sobs.

Tang Wulin hurriedly held onto her, and consoled, "Don't cry, I'm back now, aren't I? I'm not going anywhere, ok?"

"Yes, yes, never go anywhere ever again!" Na'er suddenly looked up at him with her teary eyes, and asked, "Big Brother, do you love me?"

"I do! Of course I do; you're my most precious Na'er." Tang Wulin smiled as he gently pinched her nose.

Na'er also smiled upon hearing this. "You have to remember what you just said."

"Can I go in now? Everyone else is also here in the inner court, right?" Tang Wulin asked.

Na'er nodded, and replied, "They've all entered the inner court, and they're super popular now because they're the new generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters."

"You didn't become a member of Shrek’s Seven Monsters?" Tang Wulin was rather surprised to hear this. He recalled that back when he'd left, Na'er had already been very powerful.

Na'er shook her head in response. "I didn't want to become a member. Come with me, Big Brother, let's go in first and I'll tell you about everything along the way."

After that, she dragged Tang Wulin over to the gate before giving the two guards a mesmerizing smile. Both of the guards were momentarily entranced, and Na'er led Tang Wulin into the inner court just like that.

"Don't I need something that'll grant me access?" Tang Wulin asked in a dumbstruck manner.

Na'er giggled, "I'm your personal access badge!"

The inner court was still exactly the same as Tang Wulin had remembered it to be. At the conclusion of the path was a series of familiar statues, and these statues were frequently repaired, so they still looked brand new. Na'er dragged Tang Wulin all the way over to the edge of the Sea God's Lake.

"Let's go to the Sea God's Island first, Big Brother; I have something I want to tell you." Na'er stepped forward as she spoke, and a layer of silver light suddenly radiated from her body.

Specks of silver light shimmered over her joints, and they were like dazzling silver stars.

In the next instant, pieces of armor began to appear all over her body. Tang Wulin appraised the complex patterns on the suit of silver battle armor, then glanced at the pair of silver dragon wings that had unfurled themselves, and he couldn't help but exclaim, "Two-word battle armor!"

On top of that, it wasn't just one or two pieces of two-word battle armor; she had a complete set!

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