Chapter 727: Boring Yet Fulfilling Days

His dragon bloodline had given him everything, so it was time for him to give back to the dragon clan. At the very least, this was an ideal method to cleanse and cultivate his soul.

With that in mind, Tang Wulin didn't hesitate any longer as he began to dig holes with his golden dragon claws, starting from the edge of the dragon tomb valley.

Even though he couldn't use any soul power, his claws were peerlessly sharp, and using his Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth, he was able to stomp large craters into the ground. At the same time, he made use of his Tang Sect techniques, using his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to enhance his speed and agility, his Mysterious Jade Hands to bolster his golden dragon claws, and his Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon to direct soil out of the holes he was digging.

A few hours later, he had dug out a massive hole. He then carefully placed the closest true dragon skeleton into the hole.

It would be much easier to simply push the skeleton into the hole, but in order to maintain its original form, he had to be extremely careful and arrange the bones together in their original configuration.

As such, it took him an entire day to bury the first true dragon skeleton.

For some reason, the grief that Tang Wulin was experiencing abated significantly after burying this skeleton. Even the energy fluctuations emanating from the dragon bones had become a lot more feeble.

After burying the first dragon skeleton, a sense of achievement instantly welled up in his heart. Dragon skeletons littered the ground, stretching as far as the eyes could see, but Tang Wulin was completely determined to see this through to the end.

He had only just buried one of the smaller skeletons, and even that had taken him an entire day, so the larger skeletons would most definitely require a longer time to bury. He couldn't calculate exactly how much time he would need, but he had set his mind to this task, and he was going to complete it no matter how long it would take. This was the same determination that had prompted him to become a Soul Master.

He disregarded all concepts of time as he began to use his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens and Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth as a foundation to begin his burial mission. As time passed, Tang Wulin grasped some tricks and techniques that made him more efficient. For example, if he were to plunge his Golden Dragon Spear into the ground before unleashing his Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth, the resulting crater would be larger than if he were to only use his claws. The utilization of his bloodline power when unleashing the attack also became an extremely important factor to consider.

As such, he had unintentionally begun to cultivate the two soul skills that he'd created.

Within the dragon tomb, the powerful dragon-type energy fluctuations were able to draw the natural energies in this small world toward this place.

As a result, Tang Wulin witnessed firsthand just how dragon souls came into existence.

During the seventh day of his burial endeavor, natural energies suddenly surged violently near a massive true dragon skeleton in the distance, following which a dragon soul slowly materialized. The dragon soul took a total of two hours to manifest, and much to Tang Wulin's surprise, it charged toward him without any hesitation as soon as it appeared.

However, before Tang Wulin had a chance to do anything, it transformed into a stream of light that flowed willingly into his body.

Tang Wulin's main concern was that the supply of food he was carrying wouldn't be able to support him until he could bury all of these dragon skeletons. To give all of these skeletons proper burials was a dream of his, but he wasn't prepared to starve to death for his dream. As such, he was going to stop after he'd exhausted his food supply. However, after the dragon soul fused into his body, he discovered that the rich natural energies and true dragon aura imbued within it were much more satiating than any food he could eat.

Just the energy from that one dragon soul alone could ensure that he'd be able to work for an entire day without eating.

Looking around at all of the dragon skeletons in the tomb, Tang Wulin suddenly yelled, "All of you still possess sentience, right?"

In that instant, he suddenly understood that all of these dragon skeletons had to possess sentient will. Otherwise, why would that dragon soul have directly fused itself into his body? These skeletons wanted to help him, which meant that they also wanted proper burials for themselves. This made Tang Wulin even more determined to see this through to the end.

"If you want me to help bury all of you, then give me some energy every once in a while. Only then will I be able to keep this up. All of you can rest assured because I promise that I won't be leaving until every single one of you has been buried."

Tang Wulin's words seemed to have triggered a string of faint energy fluctuations within the entire dragon tomb valley, and a hint of elation suddenly emerged from the overwhelming aura of grief. At this moment, all of the bleak white dragon bones seemed to be glowing again.

They're rejoicing because of my actions! 

A smile instantly appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and he wiped the sweat from his forehead as he continued in his efforts, burying one dragon skeleton after another.

During this process, Tang Wulin also gained a clearer understanding of the bone structures of different types of true dragons. After a while, he didn't even need to use other skeletons as reference and he was still able to replicate the exact configurations of the skeletons with unerring accuracy as he buried them.

There was nothing around him that could keep track of time, so he didn't know how long he'd been in here. Every day, a true dragon soul would materialize before fusing into his body to maintain his energy levels.

Aside from resting and meditating for eight hours per day, Tang Wulin spent all of his time digging holes and burying skeletons.

This was undoubtedly an extremely boring process, but as someone who had studied forging for so many years, Tang Wulin was already accustomed to boredom. Even he had failed to notice that the dragon-type aura emanating from his body was growing more powerful by the day.

The bleak aura of grief in the dragon tomb also lessened as the number of dragon skeletons dwindled, and Tang Wulin was feeling a lot more relaxed as a result.

During this process, he spotted many dragon soul bones, and there was almost one on every single giant dragon skeleton. They were very easy to identify as any bone that wasn't white had to be a soul bone. As expected of the world of true dragons; almost every single one of them had a soul bone.

However, Tang Wulin didn't touch even a single one of those soul bones.

It was already a tragedy that these true dragons had all fallen here; how could he compound their misery by taking their soul bones as well?

Thus, Tang Wulin repeated this uneventful process day after day, and the dragon tomb was slowly cleared out by his tireless efforts.


"We can't wait any longer; the delegation is about to set off. We've already notified the Tang Sect of the current situation, and if Wulin were to return, the Tang Sect will find a way to deliver him to us."

An entire year had passed since the Shrek Academy team had come to the Star Luo Continent.

During this past year, they'd experienced many things with the Douluo Continent delegation. They'd first been attacked by the Green Skull Renegades, then participated in the Continental Young Elites Tournaments, then traveled through this continent.

They had learned many things during this trip to the Star Luo Continent, and they'd witnessed many things that didn't exist on the Douluo Continent.

If it weren't for the fact that Tang Wulin had disappeared once again, their trip would've been perfect.

However, they hadn't seen Tang Wulin ever since he'd parted with them.

Wu Zhangkong had brought back terrible news from the Tang Sect, stating that Tang Wulin had disappeared during a mission in a small world. That small word had lost connection with the Star Luo Continent, which meant that they had most likely lost this leader of theirs forever.

When they'd first received this news, the Shrek Academy team had been filled with disbelief. They refused to believe that their leader had disappeared just like that.

However, after receiving confirmation from the Tang Sect on multiple occasions, they had no choice but to accept the truth, which was that Tang Wulin really had disappeared or in other words, he had died.

For the very first time, this group of teenagers came to realize just how fragile life was.

The Douluo Continent delegation should've left a month ago, but Shrek Academy, led by Elder Cai, insisted on waiting for a while longer, trying to liaise with the Tang Sect in an attempt to find that lost small world.

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