Chapter 726: The Vanished Small World and Tang Wulin

Dai Yun'er hurriedly replied, "Black One, we found the dragon tomb, and inside was a massive seven-colored being that Brother Three speculates could be the dragon soul of the Dragon God. The dragon-type aura in there was too much for me to bear, so I immediately fell unconscious, and I don't know what happened after that."

The dragon tomb? Many of the agents' eyes lit up as they heard this. However, their expressions then quickly fell again. Even if the dragon tomb truly did exist, there was no point thinking about it anyways as the entire Dragon Valley small world had already ceased to exist.

Black One's brows were tightly furrowed as he fell completely silent.

"Where's Brother Three? Everyone came back, so where is he?" Dai Yun'er asked in an elated manner. They had found the dragon tomb! At this moment, she didn't really care all that much whether she was going to receive a dragon soul bone; all she hoped for was that Tang Wulin had reaped some benefits from the dragon tomb.

Black One remained silent.

"What is it?" Dai Yun'er looked around at everyone with confusion in her eyes, but a hint of realization quickly appeared on her face as she said, "Oh, I see, Brother Three still hasn't come out, right? That makes sense; he's so exceptional that it's only right for him to be able to last longer than all of us."

Black One sighed as he shook his head, and revealed, "White Seven, we've already lost connection with the Dragon Valley small world, so it's most likely already collapsed." There was no point in prolonging the pain; the truth had to come out sooner or later, even though he could already sense that this princess seemed to have developed feelings for Tang Wulin that went beyond camaraderie.

Dai Yun'er faltered slightly upon seeing this before abruptly screaming, "That's impossible! It's not true! He's like a fish in water in the Dragon Valley, and the power of his bloodline can intimidate all dragon souls. He's the blessed child of the Dragon Valley, and without him, there's no way we would've been able to find the dragon tomb; how could he have failed to identify that the small world was collapsing? He managed to help me escape, so he must be capable of returning as well. Try contacting the Dragon Valley small world again; you must've made a mistake the first time."

Black One shook his head, and said, "Please calm down, White Seven. You've learned about small worlds prior to coming here, so you should be aware of what it means for connection to a small world to be lost."

"No! This is impossible! Argh!" Dai Yun'er's screams echoed throughout the entire valley.


After an indeterminate period of time had passed, Tang Wulin slowly regained consciousness. His entire body was in agony, and he felt as if he'd been torn apart at the seams.

In summary, it was not a good feeling. His memory blanked out at the point where he'd laid the tip of his Golden Dragon Spear onto the giant dragon soul.

It was also at that instant that he was filled with regret. Boundless energy had surged toward him from the dragon soul, and he didn't think that he could directly absorb the dragon soul of the Dragon God.

At this moment, his entire body was in excruciating pain, and he had to work hard to regulate his breathing in order to alleviate the pain somewhat.

After looking down at his own body, he was shocked to find that he seemed to have grown slightly. However, there were also countless thin gashes that riddled his skin, as if he'd almost grown out of his skin like a cocoon.

Scabs had already appeared all over these gashes, but that only resulted in an even more terrifying sight to behold. It's no wonder I'm in so much pain; what happened back then? 

Tang Wulin calmed himself down, then rested for a while before attempting to muster up some strength in his body.

His soul power was still being restricted, but he managed to activate the power of his bloodline right away. Immediately thereafter, he was completely flabbergasted by the tsunami-like waves of bloodline aura surging within his body. Powerful waves of bloodline energy flowed through all of his meridians, and his bones, internal organs, and meridians had all taken on a bright golden hue that was far more pronounced than before.

As he circulated his immense bloodline power through his body, all of his pain was instantly alleviated, only to be replaced by a numb and itchy sensation as an indescribable sense of power spread through his entire body.

He was then greeted by the sight of all of the scabs detaching from his body, revealing strips of slightly raw and pink skin. However, moments later, these strips of skin also returned to normal, and it was as if he'd never been afflicted by those countless thin gashes in the first place.

On top of that, a layer of smooth and glossy enamel had appeared all over his entire body.

What's this feeling... 

Tang Wulin only exerted what he felt to be a slight amount of force into the ground, and his body rose up into the air slightly from a flat lying position. He supported himself up with his hands and catapulted himself to his feet.

What immense power! Hmm? Where's the dragon soul of the Dragon God? Where's Yun'er? 

Dai Yun'er had already disappeared, as had the gargantuan dragon soul, and only a completely empty valley was left behind. Even the powerful dragon-type aura fluctuations and the voice that had been calling out to him in his heart had vanished without a trace.

What happened? 

Tang Wulin assessed his surroundings in a dumbstruck manner, temporarily at a loss for what to do.

He could sense that something had to have happened to him during the period of time that he'd been unconscious, but he couldn't remember anything.

After a brief moment of contemplation, Tang Wulin released his bloodline aura, upon which he was stunned to witness four golden soul rings emerge from beneath his feet before revolving around his body.

Four rings?

How was this possible? He'd only just broken the sixth Golden Dragon King seal not long ago, thereby attaining the third ring; where had this fourth ring come from?

He hurriedly inspected the Golden Dragon King seals within his body and was shocked to find that two of them really were missing. Only 10 seals remained of the original 18, while the first eight seals had all vanished.

Could it be the dragon soul of the Dragon God? Had its power helped him break two seals in quick succession?

Tang Wulin didn't know how to react to this. It was obviously a good thing that he'd become more powerful, but he was only 15 years old and had already broken eight seals; what was going to become of him from now on?

He could still clearly recall the agony he'd suffered while breaking the sixth seal, and even though he didn't know how the seventh and eighth seals had been broken, the gashes that had appeared all over his body clearly indicated that it had been an extremely perilous process. He wanted to try and contact Old Tang, only to be greeted by silence, as if Old Tang had never even existed in the first place.

In the future, he naturally had to break the ninth seal. Tang Wulin didn't know how far ahead in the future that would be, and no one was around at present to give him an answer.

After a brief period of speechlessness, Tang Wulin gradually came to terms with his current situation. What had happened was irreversible, so there was no point lamenting over it. After all, it wasn't like he could redo the seals.

As opposed to crying over spilled milk, it was much better to keep facing forward and improving oneself. He had thought that breaking the seventh seal would be slightly easier after absorbing so much energy from dragon clouds and dragon souls, but who would've thought that he'd be plunged into such a perilous situation anyway?

A thought suddenly occurred to Tang Wulin, and he released his golden dragon claws. After breaking the eighth seal, the Golden Dragon King scales on his body had clearly become thicker and heavier than before, and only through inspection at close quarters could he see the layer of enamel over his body, which was reflecting the light in a peculiar manner.

Thus, he climbed up the valley by alternating his claws. He wasn't in a hurry to use his dragon ball to get out of this place. Dai Yun'er was most likely safe as there would be a corpse lying around had she perished. As such, she had most likely only disappeared, which meant that she should've been teleported out of this small world by her dragon ball.

Now that the dragon soul of the Dragon God had disappeared, he wanted to climb out of the valley and see for himself what had happened to this small world.

After climbing to the top of the valley, Tang Wulin was greeted by the sight of a boundless expanse of dragon skeletons once again.

These skeletons still retained powerful dragon-type auras, as well as the bleakness that had once swayed Tang Wulin's emotions.

It took Tang Wulin a few days to arrive back at the edge of the dragon tomb, then climb his way to the top again. He could sense that something seemed to have changed within the Dragon Valley. The change most likely had something to do with the disappearance of the Dragon God's dragon soul, but he couldn't pinpoint exactly what had changed.

He had already reaped many rewards from this trip. As for a dragon soul bone, Tang Wulin had been very interested in something like that prior to coming here, but now, he had no intention of obtaining soul bones from these skeletons.

Was it time for him to leave?

Under normal circumstances, the fact that there were no more benefits to be derived from this place would be an indication that it was time to leave. However, there still seemed to be a massive weight on his chest, a weight that had been present from the moment he'd set foot in the dragon tomb.

The Golden Dragon King bloodline had made him who he was today, and if the Golden Dragon King really was a half of the Dragon God as the legends suggested, then he was technically a part of the dragon clan.

As such, it caused him immense discomfort to see so many dragon skeletons lying out in the open.

Whenever he'd battled anyone with dragon-type martial souls, his Golden Dragon King bloodline had always played a vital role in his victories. Only with the power of this bloodline had he been able to make it to where he was today. Without it, he didn't even know if he'd have the confidence to continue cultivating.

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