Chapter 725: One Person Missing

Is this all meant to be? Why can't I kill him? Could this be the biggest obstacle to the Dragon God's reawakening? Why? Why does it have to be like this?

I should kill him! After I do that, nothing will be able to stop me. If I kill him, I'll be able to...

But I can't do it! It's so simple, but I just can't do it!

As the dragon soul of the Dragon God gradually became more and more insubstantial, two rhomboid crystals began to appear at the very center of the dragon soul's body. The two crystals hovered in mid-air, and one of them was golden while the other was silver in color. Both of them were radiating halos of seven-colored light.

In the sky above, one dragon cloud after another quickly surged toward this place while countless dragon souls jumped down the sides of the valley in a frenzy, like moths to a flame.

All of them transformed into a part of this rainbow energy that continued to inject itself into the enormous silver dragon.

The gargantuan silver dragon had countless cracks all over its scales, but with the influx of this rainbow light, those cracks slowly began to heal over. At the same time, a layer of enamel similar to the one that had appeared on Tang Wulin's body began to surface over her skin. However, this layer of enamel was seven-colored in her case, rather than invisible, as was the case for Tang Wulin.

In the end, after the final wisp of rainbow light vanished into the silver dragon's body, it raised its head and roared up into the heavens, making the entire small world tremor violently as a result.

A terrifying aura erupted from her body, causing all of the rock faces around the valley to collapse and cave in.

The gargantuan silver dragon slowly shrank down before reverting back into a silver-haired young woman. She drifted over to the two crystals in a flash, then raised a hand to grab onto the silver one before pressing it against her chest.

After that, she turned toward Tang Wulin, who was still lying unconscious in the distance, and she took a deep breath before abruptly swatting the golden crystal directly toward him.

"The day I muster up the courage to kill you will be the day the human race is destroyed!" Her cold voice echoed throughout the collapsed valley as tears continued to flow down her cheeks.

The golden crystal landed on Tang Wulin's chest before vanishing in a flash, and the silver-haired woman took a step forward, upon which she abruptly vanished as if she'd stepped into space itself.

In the sky above, the massive spatial rift in the small world was trembling violently.

The burly bald man turned to the black-haired man, and asked, "I can't hold on for much longer; the laws of this world are too strong! What do we do, Boss?"

The black-haired man harrumphed coldly in response. "We have to hold on until the end even if it costs us our lives! Can you not feel it? Our lord has already found that place. There's no mistaking it; that's the aura of the Dragon God, and what we're looking for is situated right over there. That's the place where all of the dragon bodies were laid to rest by the final soul fragment of the Dragon God following its demise. Everyone, this is when we need to dig deep and hold on with all our might."

Right at this moment, silver light flashed, and a silver figure suddenly appeared in the air above their heads.

She looked up at the black spatial rift, and she suddenly reached out with both hands before making a grabbing motion.

The entire sky was instantly torn apart by her gesture, revealing a gargantuan rift that was several tens of times larger than the previous one.

"Go!" the silver-woman commanded in a cold voice, and in the next instant, she'd already risen up into the air before vanishing into the black rift.

The six figures down below each let loose a long cry before also rising up into the air, flying into the vastly expanded rift as streaks of light that disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The entire small world tremored slightly and the gigantic rift began to seal.


On a mountain summit.

Light flashed, and Dai Yun'er appeared out of thin air.

Black One quickly strode forward to assess her condition, and it appeared that he wasn't surprised in the slightest that she wasn't wearing a mask, thereby indicating that he was already aware of her identity.

After a brief assessment, Black One heaved a faint sigh of relief. It's alright, she's only suffering from very slight spiritual trauma. After leaving the Dragon Valley, her soul power will gradually recover without the restriction of that small world, so she'll wake up soon. Thank heavens this princess came back safe and sound. 

At this moment, light flashed again, and another figure appeared, stumbling forward a few steps before arresting his own momentum.

He turned to Black One and extended a respectful salute. "Black One."

"White 13, you came out as well?" Black One's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this. During their internal selection process, he'd ascertained that this White 13's powers and aptitude definitely ranked among the top three of all white-class agents. As such, he was quite surprised to see White 13 emerging from the Dragon Valley before three months had passed.

White 13 hurriedly explained, "Black One, something big seems to be happening inside the Dragon Valley. All of the dragon clouds in the sky suddenly converged toward the same place before quickly vanishing. When I tried to approach that place to conduct an investigation, the entire Dragon Valley began to twist and warp violently as if it were about to collapse. On top of that, the energy fluctuations inside the Dragon Valley had become very strange. I saw a massive rift appear in the sky from afar, and the situation was getting too perilous for me to handle, so I activated my dragon ball right away."

"A rift?" A hint of astonishment appeared on Black One's face upon hearing this. When spatial changes took place in a small world, that was a sign that the small world was on the brink of collapse.

To the Tang Sect, the Dragon Valley was an extremely important small world that was under its control. Only the cream of the crop among the white-class agents received opportunities to train there, and it had nurtured many exceptional talents for the Tang Sect. As such, the collapse of that small world would be a massive loss for the Tang Sect.

Right at this moment, one figure began to appear after another amid flashes of light. They were all white-class agents who had fled from the Dragon Valley. All of their accounts of the situation were quite similar. There were also some who said that the dragon souls they were battling suddenly charged toward a certain direction without any regard for anything else, and immediately thereafter, the entire small world tremored as if it were about to collapse. As such, they hurriedly exited the small world using their dragon balls in order to escape the carnage.

Black One began to conduct a headcount. Aside from the few agents that had already exited the Dragon Valley in advance, the majority of the rest of the agents had also returned.

A wise man always distanced himself from danger; all of the agents had learned about small worlds prior to coming on this trip, so they knew that once changes began to take place throughout an entire small world, there was a good chance that it could collapse. If a small world were to collapse, everything within it would be reduced to nothingness, so they naturally fled without any delay.

"28, 29... Hmm? There's one person missing?" A dark expression appeared on Black One's face as he commanded, "Report your numbers to me one by one, starting from White One!"

Moments later, Black One's expression changed slightly as he deduced that it was White Three who was missing.

"We've lost connection to the Dragon Valley!" a hunch-backed old man suddenly exclaimed as he stumbled back a few steps. At the same time, the patterns on the mountain summit quickly dimmed and lost all of their luster.

Black One's expression changed drastically upon seeing this. Was the small world really collapsing? But White Three hadn't made it out yet!

Just as he knew who White Seven was, he was also aware of White Three's identity. He was the number one rising star of Shrek Academy, and he'd made exceptional contributions to the Tang Sect as well. 

The Tang Sect was not like the Star Luo Empire; this was a man who had led a team to defeat the most outstanding talents of Monster Academy. Barring any mishaps, he would definitely grow to take on an extremely important role in the Tang Sect in the future. If he were to die here, then that would be a heavy blow to the entire sect.

It was just that he had no idea what had happened to White Three, so he could only wait until White Seven woke up before asking her about the situation.

Right at this moment, Dai Yun'er groaned as she slowly regained consciousness. She blinked with a blank look on her face at the sight of all of the agents around her before abruptly springing up into a sitting position.

In order to conceal her identity, Black One had already put on a new mask for her.

"Brother Three, Brother Three, where are you?" she cried out as she quickly scrambled to her feet.

All of the agents fell into a grim silence.

When they'd heard that connection with the Dragon Valley had been lost, they knew that this comrade of theirs would most likely be lost to them forever. Complete annihilation always resulted following the collapse of a small world, so there was no way that he could've been spared.

After White Seven rose to her feet, Black One had already made his way toward her.

"What happened, White Seven? How did you become separated from White Three? What was he doing in there?" Black One asked in a grim voice.

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