Chapter 724: So He's Chosen Her?

Its proud head was raised high up into the air, and an indescribable aura was emanating from its entire body. In the instant that Tang Wulin caught sight of this dragon soul, the Golden Dragon King bloodline within his body suddenly began to churn with renewed ferocity, making him feel as if his bloodline aura were about to erupt outward at any moment. Even the remaining 12 Golden Dragon King seals were trembling slightly.

What's this feeling... 

Tang Wulin suddenly recalled back to the history lesson that Gu Yue had given him regarding the dragon clan.

The Dragon God? Could this be the soul of the Dragon God? Tang Wulin was astonished as this thought occurred to him.

Could it be that this gargantuan rainbow dragon soul belonged to the legendary Dragon God? The very same Dragon God that had led all of the Beast Gods on a revolution that had almost destroyed the entire Divine Realm?

Did this mean that the one that had drawn him to this place was none other than the Dragon God itself?

Tang Wulin drifted onto the ground with Dai Yun'er on her back. Even though Dai Yun'er was still in close proximity to him, she still fainted on the spot as she let loose a muffled groan.

Tang Wulin hurriedly caught her before checking her vital functions, and he was quite relieved to find that she was only unconscious. He pulled out Dai Yun'er's dragon ball and held onto her hand after placing the ball in her grasp in an attempt to activate it, only to find that the dragon ball seemed to be completely nonfunctional here.

As such, he could only hold Dai Yun'er in his arms, not daring to let her leave his side as he didn't know what was going to happen next.

He raised his head to look up at the colossal dragon soul, and after a brief period of unrest in his bloodline, he was suddenly struck by an indescribable sense of intimacy from this gigantic dragon soul.

Gu Yue had told him that following the death of the Dragon God, it had been split up into the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King. Could it be that this was the origin of his Golden Dragon King bloodline?

In that case, the bloodline in Gu Yue's most likely belonged to the Silver Dragon King rather than a Seven-colored Dragon as she'd proclaimed. So that's why she came to the academy to find me and made such an effort to get closer to me. 

An indescribable sense of pain began to throb in his heart. It turned out that she had approached him with some kind of ulterior motive after all.

The soul of the Dragon God didn't appear to be a living being; it merely stood in a completely stationary manner at the center of the valley with dense rainbow light radiating from its body. Tang Wulin took a deep breath before slowly striding forward with Dai Yun'er in his arms until he was very close to the dragon soul.

After a brief hesitation, Tang Wulin pulled out a piece of uncommon metal from within his storage soul tool before flicking his wrist, sending the piece of metal flying toward the dragon soul.

The dragon soul shuddered slightly, and the piece of metal abruptly vanished. Tang Wulin had clearly seen that the piece of uncommon metal had been instantaneously vaporized.

Just how terrifying was the energy contained within this gargantuan dragon soul?

With that in mind, Tang Wulin swept a hand over his forehead, and his Golden Dragon Spear immediately appeared in his grasp.

Seeing as he'd already come this far, he had to see just what he could do here.

After placing Dai Yun'er down beside him, he carefully extended his Golden Dragon Spear toward the dragon soul in a slow and cautious manner. He was extremely nervous during this process, and he'd reflexively begun holding his breath.

As soon as the Golden Dragon Spear came into contact with the dragon soul, the entire spear immediately shuddered violently. Immediately thereafter, a buzzing sound rang out before instantly growing louder, and the enormous dragon soul seemed to have sprung to life.

A thunderous dragon's roar erupted within the entire Dragon Valley!

All of the dragon souls that were wandering the Dragon Valley almost instantly sprawled onto the ground, and all of the dragon skeletons in the dragon tomb were trembling gently, as if they'd been awakened and were trying to struggle to their feet.

Tang Wulin felt as if he'd entered a rainbow world that was entirely different from the real world that he was situated in. In his mind, a crimson figure had appeared. He looked on as the crimson figure pointed a finger up into the sky, following which a giant crimson sword that seemed to span the entire distance between heaven and earth came crashing down toward him.

Everything around him also turned crimson in this instant, and he felt as if his entire body had been instantly torn apart. The excruciating agony he was struck by made him let loose a bloodcurdling cry, and right at this moment, a silver figure abruptly appeared beside him. She reached out with her right hand, which quickly expanded before coming into contact with the dragon soul.

Her body then shuddered as well before a rainbow film of light appeared all around her.

In contrast with Tang Wulin, she still managed to retain her consciousness and didn't seem to have been affected by the dragon soul at all.

She turned toward the man beside her, who was holding his Golden Dragon Spear with a dazed and agonized expression on his face, and she murmured to herself, "Why does fate insist on being so cruel? Why are you here? Why did you have to bring yourself to me? Do you know that if I were to fuse with you now and extract your Golden Dragon King bloodline out of your body, I'll have a chance to awaken part of the Dragon God's power? But if I were to do that, you'd die for sure! I've already tried to avoid you, to distance myself from you, so why did you have to appear here at a time like this? Why?"

However, Tang Wulin was unable to hear her enraged interrogation.

All of a sudden, his body shuddered, and a burst of suction force erupted from each of their bodies, drawing them toward one another.

Tang Wulin's body began to rapidly approach the silver-haired woman while the dragon soul of the Dragon God suddenly hurtled directly toward them as a ball of scintillating rainbow light.

"If you die, I'll be able to awaken the power of the Dragon God, and no one will be able to stop me in this world. No one will be able to stop me from taking revenge for the dragon race and all of the soul beasts. Do you know that, Tang Wulin? Why did you have to come here?"

She slowly raised her right hand, which had transformed into a silver-scaled dragon claw. She inched the claw closer and closer to Tang Wulin, and she only had to swipe it down in one quick motion to take his life, upon which she'd immediately be able to attain the power that belonged to the Golden Dragon King bloodline within his body.

However, she simply couldn't bring herself to do this. Tears began to flow down her face as she grappled with her internal conflict.

"No!" She shook her head vigorously as she abruptly withdrew her right hand before aiming a vicious kick at Tang Wulin's chest.

His body was immediately sent flying like a cannonball, and he crashed into the rock face of the valley in the distance with his Golden Dragon Spear still held firmly in his grasp.

A strong surge of rainbow light then swept forth toward the silver-haired young woman.

All of a sudden, Dai Yun'er shuddered as she lay on the ground, and something seemed to be about to emerge from within her body. A faint burst of rainbow light had also materialized around her to protect her body. However, the light was extremely feeble and seemed to be about to shatter at any moment.

This was none other than the energy of the dragon souls she'd absorbed working to shield her body.

"So he's chosen her?" A wry smile appeared on the silver-haired woman's face, and she took a deep breath as she murmured to herself, "Perhaps this is the best choice for him."

She stepped forward, and scintillating rainbow light surged around her as she flicked Dai Yun'er up into the air with her right foot, then waved her right hand to conjure up a burst of silver light around her.

As soon as the silver light enveloped her body, her dragon ball began to glow brightly, and she instantly vanished on the spot.

The silver-haired woman then turned around, and the stream of rainbow light surged into her body in a frenzy, causing her aura to swell drastically at an alarming rate.

At this moment, the dragon soul of the Dragon God had already become rather insubstantial. However, it still diverted a portion of its power toward Tang Wulin before dragging him toward the silver-haired woman again.

However, before he could reach the silver-haired woman, she would always kick him away with tears in her eyes. All the while, rainbow light continued to flow into their bodies, constantly elevating their auras in the process.

All of a sudden, the seventh Golden Dragon King seal within Tang Wulin's body was broken, yet his body had become as resolute as an iron board within the rainbow light, thereby allowing him to easily absorb the power from within the seventh seal.

Immediately thereafter, the eighth seal was broken as well, and a fourth golden soul ring appeared beneath his feet. Tang Wulin let loose a muffled groan as blood began to flow from all seven of his orifices.

Even though the rainbow light was constantly nurturing his body, he was still just a human. He'd already absorbed so much energy from dragon clouds and dragon souls, so this enormous influx of energy from the two broken seals was too much for him to handle, and his body was on the verge of falling apart.

The silver-haired woman bit down on her lower lip, and she encircled the air before her with her arms as she let loose a loud dragon's roar. Her body began to rapidly expand, and she transformed into a giant silver dragon that was over a kilometer tall in the blink of an eye. She then abruptly spread open her wings to shield Tang Wulin from all of the rainbow light, withstanding the streams of light all on her own.

Tears flowed relentlessly from her eyes.

Why do humans feel pain? Is this what it's like to have human emotions? Is this what we're lacking? Are humans able to evolve because they have these emotions? 

As rainbow light continued to surge into her body, a rainbow sheen appeared over her silver scales. At the same time, her aura was also growing more and more powerful, to the extent that the entire Dragon Valley was trembling in her presence.

However, the giant dragon paid no heed to all of this, and it seemed to only have eyes for the unconscious young man lying on the ground before it.

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