Chapter 723: Banished by the Divine Realm

Dai Yun'er didn't dare to touch the skeleton as she could sense that the power emanating from it was rejecting her.

What a terrifying place this was! Dai Yun'er sidled up closer to Tang Wulin with a wary look on her face. Strangely enough, as soon as she came within three meters of Tang Wulin, the terrifying aura of the surrounding dragon skeletons no longer had any effect on her. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin appeared to have remained completely unaffected.

He continued to walk deeper into the valley, laying his hand on one skeleton after another, and the deeper they went, the more enormous the dragon skeletons around them became. The skeletons all resembled small mountains, and oppressive dragon roars rang out from all directions as if the sky were falling. 

Tang Wulin felt as if he'd returned to an ancient battlefield on which one giant dragon was slain after another by the fearsome enemies they faced.

This was a powerful clan that had once ruled over the entire continent, but they'd gradually fallen into obscurity in the aftermath of this battle.

Just what had happened? What could have taken place to have reduced the almighty dragon clan to such a pitiful state?

At the very least, as far as Tang Wulin knew, true dragon soul beasts were exceedingly rare on the Douluo Continent, perhaps even downright non-existent. There was once a legendary beast that was referred to as the Beast God, and that was a Gold-eyed Black Dragon King.

If these skeletons had all belonged to giant dragons, then just how powerful was the dragon clan in the past? Even the weakest true dragons were most likely comparable in power to the Titled Douluos of the human race, so those true dragons with skeletons that were hundreds of meters tall would've been unimaginably powerful.

Was the dragon clan really bound to fall into complete obscurity?

Tang Wulin sighed as he continued onward while the bloodline in his body churned violently.

In the distance, the silver figure had also entered the valley.

Strangely enough, she was mirroring Tang Wulin's actions, slowly striding onward while stroking each of the dragon skeletons she'd passed with tears shimmering in her eyes.

Why were the heavens so unfair to the dragon clan?

Why did the Divine Realm banish the Dragon God, forcing the dragon clan to revolt?

The dragon clan had fallen entirely due to the jealousy of the heavens. It was all the fault of those accursed humans!

As she continued deeper into the valley, the grief emanating from the silver figure became more and more pronounced. A layer of silver light had appeared all over her entire body, and the auras emanating from the dragon skeletons eased slightly in her wake.

After walking for a long while, Tang Wulin suddenly stopped as he'd caught sight of a colossal skeleton up ahead.

The skeleton was over a kilometer tall, and it was entirely brown in color. In contrast with the other skeletons in the valley, the immensely heavy aura emanating from it made the gravity in an area with a radius of several kilometers around it far heavier than it was elsewhere.

This was a skeleton with no wings, but all of the bones were extremely thick. In particular, its four limbs were like pillars that were supporting the entire sky.

What a familiar aura! 

Where have I sensed this before... 

"Why do I feel an aura that's so similar to Big Brother Long's?" Dai Yun'er's words immediately answered the question in Tang Wulin's mind.

Indeed, wasn't this the aura of the Mountain Dragon King? Tang Wulin's entire body shuddered as he realized that this gargantuan skeleton belonged to none other than the Mountain Dragon King!

He slowly made his way toward the massive skeleton, and an indescribable feeling welled up in his heart as he sensed the energy fluctuations emanating from it.

Compared to the other dragon skeletons, the aura emanating from the skeleton of the Mountain Dragon King was far more powerful, and this was an aura that was filled with unadulterated rage and resentment.

Only at close quarters did Tang Wulin notice that there was a gargantuan crack splitting the skeleton exactly down the middle from the front of its head to the tip of its tail. This meant that its enormous body had seemingly been sliced in half by some kind of weapon.

Tang Wulin had experienced the defensive prowess of a Mountain Dragon King from Long Yue before, but a true Mountain Dragon King's defensive prowess was most definitely hundreds, if not thousands of times more powerful than Long Yue's. How had such a tremendously powerful being fallen here in this manner?

Tang Wulin closed his eyes as his bloodline churned within his body, and was struck by a sense of asphyxiation, as if there were a mountainous weight on his chest.

If not for his Golden Dragon King bloodline, he wouldn't be where he was today, and there was no way that he would've been able to attend Shrek Academy. All of his past victories, his past breakthroughs, and even his progression in forging; all of that was inseparable from the fact that he possessed this Golden Dragon King bloodline.

A thought suddenly occurred to him, prompting him to do something for the dragon clan as repayment. As soon as this thought emerged in his mind, it quickly grew to become an irrepressible desire.

He had to do something.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath before patting the Mountain Dragon King skeleton before him with a nod of his head. He then skirted around the gargantuan skeleton and continued onward, upon which he discovered another valley; it was a valley within a valley.

The ground behind the Mountain Dragon King's skeleton had caved in to form a massive crater with a diameter of over 10,000 meters.

After arriving at the edge of the crater, Tang Wulin suddenly discovered that the voice that had been calling him this entire time instantly grew louder.

This was the source of his calling.

Tang Wulin peered into the valley to find that it was at least a kilometer deep. There seemed to be a massive ball of light shimmering within its depths, and the ball of light seemed to be comprised of seven-colored rainbow mist, making it impossible to see what lay within the valley.

Tang Wulin could immediately sense that something within the valley was calling him.

He turned to Dai Yun'er, and said, "Yun'er, go back using your dragon ball. The giant dragon aura here is too strong, and this valley is very dangerous, so I can't take you with me. If something were to happen to you..."

Dai Yun'er interjected, "No, I'm coming with you! How can I turn back at such a critical juncture? I'll die of curiosity! As long as I stay close to you, I won't be affected by the auras of these dragon skeletons. In any case, I can't just leave like this! Can you carry me down there on your back again? I can always leave if we encounter any danger."

Tang Wulin hesitated momentarily as he contemplated the situation. He could sense any beings in the valley down below that could pose a threat to him, so after a brief pause, he nodded, and said, "Alright, but make sure you don't stray away from me."

"Of course! Why would I try to get away from you?" Dai Yun'er giggled before abruptly jumping onto his back.

Tang Wulin used the same method he'd employed before to slide down this valley, and the more he approached the bottom of the valley, the louder the voice in his heart became.

Just what was this place?

Could it be that there were even more powerful beings than the Mountain Dragon King in this valley?

Tang Wulin slowly descended down the face of the valley, and he was about to enter the vast expanse of shimmering rainbow mist soon.

All of a sudden, the mist shuddered slightly before parting on its own to grant him passage.

Unbeknownst to him, the most dangerous place in this Dragon Valley was none other than this dragon tomb. There were no dragon souls guarding this place as they would simply be redundant.

In the face of the powerful auras emanating from the giant dragon skeletons, a normal human being would've been crushed to death long ago. Of course, the most powerful beings among the human race could remain unscathed here, but they weren't able to access this place as they were restricted by the laws of this small world.

After passing through the glowing rainbow mist, a shocked expression appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he found himself looking at a giant dragon.

To put it more accurately, this was a giant dragon soul.

This dragon soul was about twice the size of the Mountain Dragon King's skeleton, and its entire body was shimmering with rainbow light. Even all of its scales were each of seven different colors. The scales weren't completely uniform, and each and every one of them seemed to differ in shape, but they somehow gave off a harmonious air, as if they were a massive panel consisting of countless gems.

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