Chapter 719: You're the Best, Brother Three!

After reacting to his Golden Dragon King bloodline, the energy from the dragon souls became a lot more readily absorbed by Dai Yun'er. This was something that Tang Wulin had unintentionally discovered; with the assistance of his bloodline aura, the low-level dragon souls would become very submissive, thereby allowing Dai Yun'er to refine and absorb them more quickly.

As her body continued to be enhanced by these dragon souls, she was filled with vitality, and not only did she have far more stamina compared to in the past, she didn't even need to eat anything anymore.

Half an hour later, Dai Yun'er sprang up from the ground, rising up to around five meters before gently drifting back down like a falling leaf.

She had jumped that high without the use of her soul power, and that indicated a marked improvement in her constitution.

"This is fantastic! You're the best, Brother Three!" Dai Yun'er suddenly pounced on Tang Wulin before planting a kiss on his mask, causing him to stumble back in retreat.

"Let's keep going," Tang Wulin said in a resigned manner.

Dai Yun'er grabbed onto his arm with a wide smile, and said, "You're so good to me, Brother Three. My teacher told me in the past that if I want to ascend to the level of Titled Duoluo, I have to focus more on improving my physical constitution as only with a more powerful body will I be able to withstand such an enormous amount of soul power, as well as compress my soul power to further progress in my cultivation. I have twin martial souls, but one of them is an agility attack type while the other is a spirit type, neither of which will significantly enhance my body. My teacher also told me that if I were to bolster my body solely through consuming spirit items, that would result in an unstable foundation, so I've been constantly working hard to improve my constitution. However, even after working arduously for so many years, the benefits I've derived can't compare with how much my constitution has been improved during these past few days! I really was wrong about you. If I'd known that you were such a good person from the beginning, I would've let you sleep in the room."

"Ahem," Tang Wulin freed his arms from Dai Yun'ers grasp in an inconspicuous manner as he said, "Yun'er, it inappropriate for excessive physical contact to take place between a man and a woman who aren't related in any way."

Dai Yun'er immediately burst into laughter upon hearing this. "I haven't gotten married yet, so there's nothing to worry about. Speaking of which, Father has been constantly nagging me to choose a husband, and I came on this Battle Hall mission just so I can get away from him. He's urging me to choose a husband after the conclusion of the Continental Young Elites Tournament, and he was originally going to marry me off to Big Brother Long. Do you know Big Brother Long?"

A thought occurred to Tang Wulin upon hearing this, and he asked, "Are you talking about that Dragon King from Monster Academy?"

Dai Yun'er chuckled as she replied, "That's the one! Everyone calls him Crazy Long, and even my brother says that Big Brother Long has always liked me."

"Then what about you? Do you like him?" Tang Wulin asked.

Dai Yun'er huffed in an indignant manner. "Are you stupid? If I like him as well, would I have run away?"

A dejected look suddenly appeared on her face as she spoke, and she continued, "I know that Big Brother Long has always been really good to me. He's so powerful, and he's regarded as the number one prodigy of the younger generation. He's a six-ring Soul Emperor at just 20 years of age, placing him among a small handful of the most powerful Soul Masters of the younger generation. I can sense the affection that he has for me, but I can't help but be scared of him. There's always this deranged aura that he would give off from time to time, and that really scares me. I'm afraid that if I marry him, he's going to kill me in a fit of rage someday, and it's exactly because of this that I can't bring myself to reciprocate his feelings. In my heart, he's always been like a big brother to me."

"If you don't like him, then don't marry him. In our federation, there's complete freedom in love, so no one can force you to marry anyone against your will," Tang Wulin said.

Dai Yun'er countered, "But that doesn't apply to me! I'm a princess, and according to the rules of our royal family, a princess has to be engaged by 15 and married by 18. That's why I ran away to come on this mission, but when I go back, Father is most likely going to force me into an engagement anyway. I'm already quite lucky in that I at least get a choice in the matter. Father says that as long as it's someone I like, I can choose anyone, but I have to follow the royal rules and ensure that I'm engaged by 15."

Tang Wulin said, "That doesn't sound too bad; don't you have someone you like?"

Dai Yun'er suddenly faltered upon hearing this, and a figure abruptly flashed through her mind, upon which a hint of anger and indignation welled up in her heart. "No! I don't have anyone I like!"

Tang Wulin was rather taken aback by her enraged response. Were all young women this susceptible to mood swings when talking about relationship issues? Not only was this the case for Dai Yun'er, Gu Yue was like this as well.

Dai Yun'er shook her head vigorously to try and rid herself of the figure that had appeared in her mind, and she said, "Let's not talk about that anymore. Brother Three, you're so exceptional, so you must have a girlfriend already, right?"

Tang Wulin shook his head, and replied, "I don't. I think I did, but I think I may have been dumped since. On top of that, I feel like she's approaching me for an ulterior motive."

Dai Yun'er was extremely intrigued by this kind of gossipy subject, and she hurriedly urged, "What's the situation? Tell me!"

Tang Wulin sighed, "At first, we entered the same academy and cultivated together. She had always been very affectionate toward me, and I gradually became accustomed to having her by my side. I was always happy when she was there, but at the time, we were both quite young, so I didn't know what kind of feeling that was. However, as time passed, this feeling gradually began to change. Her attitude toward me has become really strange; she always seems to be fluctuating between trying to get closer to me and trying to distance herself from me. In recent times, she seems to be intentionally shutting me out, and I also can't help but feel that she once approached me for a certain motive that has something to do with the connection between our martial souls."

Dai Yun'er furrowed her brows upon hearing this. "That sounds really complicated! In my opinion, I feel like you're overthinking things. It's just like what you asked me; do you like her?"

Tang Wulin faltered momentarily before nodding in response.

Dai Yun'er smiled as she continued, "There you go! If you like her, then pursue her; who cares what she thinks? Have you ever told her how you felt about her? I think a confession will be the catalyst that's needed to make love blossom between the two of you. Besides, isn't pursuing someone without paying any heed to consequences the whole point of being in love?"

Tang Wulin couldn't help but burst into laughter upon hearing this. "You seem to be quite the expert."

Dai Yun'er replied in a smug manner, "I'm definitely more of an expert than you! Let's go, I want to encounter more powerful dragon souls. Are you sure you don't need to absorb any dragon souls, Brother Three?"

"There's no need for that; they don't seem to help me anyway," Tang Wulin replied.

Thus, the two of them continued deeper into the forest. Strangely enough, they didn't encounter even a single Battle Hall agent that they'd arrived in this Dragon Valley with along the way. This seemed to have something to do with the intricacies of this small world, but Tang Wulin couldn't pinpoint the exact reason for this.

"Boom!" Tang Wulin raised his hammers before slamming them viciously onto the head of a Crimson Armor Land Dragon, causing it to collapse onto the ground. The intimidation of his bloodline aura then vanquished it into a stream of energy, which he redirected toward Dai Yun'er.

"Wow, what a powerful dragon soul!" After absorbing the dragon soul, Dai Yun'er felt as if every single cell within her body was filled with energy.

"Brother Three, we've been traveling for so long; are you sure we're going the right way?" Dai Yun'er asked.

Tang Wulin immediately nodded without any hesitation. "I wasn't too sure in the beginning, but I'm convinced this is the right way now. Have you discovered that the dragon souls we've encountered have become more and more powerful along our journey? Theoretically speaking, the most powerful dragon souls should be guarding the dragon tomb, so back when we encountered those weak land dragon souls, we were most likely situated on the outskirts of the Dragon Valley. That means the more powerful these dragon souls become, the closer we should be to the center of the Dragon Valley."

"That makes sense," Dai Yun'er's eyes lit up, but she then immediately said, "But we're also having more and more trouble dealing with these dragon souls. Brother Three, don't overexert yourself if we encounter dragon souls that are too powerful. I've already absorbed so many dragon souls, and I daresay that not many agents who have entered this small world in the past would've benefited as much as we have, so I'm already more than satisfied. If we encounter any danger, we'll use our dragon balls to get out of here right away."

"Alright," Tang Wulin replied, but internally, he really wanted to explore the dragon tomb. He hadn't revealed his bloodline soul rings in front of Dai Yun'er as he didn't want to expose his identity, so the dragon souls that they'd encountered so far were actually nowhere near the limit of what he could handle.

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