Chapter 718: Brother Three

Just as Dai Yun'er was eagerly awaiting the moment that she'd be able to absorb the energy within the descending dragon cloud, she was stunned to see that the dragon cloud abruptly split apart just as it was about to make contact with her, and the two halves of the cloud simply flew past her in the end.

She turned around with a stunned expression to find the two halves of the black dragon cloud surging directly into Tang Wulin's body. The dragon cloud then emerged from behind him, rising up into the air as a golden cloud this time.

"You... You stole my dragon cloud! You're a liar! You also have a darkness attribute martial soul!" Dai Yun'er had become quite enraged at missing out on such a splendid opportunity.

"Firstly, you never asked what attribute my martial soul is. Secondly, do I really possess a darkness attribute martial soul?" Tang Wulin said as he pointed behind her.

Dai Yun'er turned around reflexively, and the sight that she was greeted by had her in complete disbelief.

Dragon clouds were falling from the sky one after another before adopting their dragon forms while surging directly toward her.

In the next instant, the dragon clouds surged toward her, yet not a single one fell on her. All of them passed her by before flying toward Tang Wulin.

The dragon clouds passed through his body one after another, taking on a golden hue before rising up into the air again.

Dai Yun'er looked on in a completely flabbergasted manner as Tang Wulin walked through the multitude of dragon clouds as if he were taking a stroll in the park.

He had experienced many similar scenarios during the past two months, so this was nothing noteworthy to him.

How is this possible? 

Dai Yun'er was in complete disbelief at the sight that she was beholding.

Weren't dragon clouds only supposed to be attracted to those with martial souls of the same attribute? Wasn't an extremely high rate of compatibility required as well? Why was he able to absorb all of the dragon clouds in the area?


Dai Yun'er had always been touted as a bright prodigy ever since she was born. She had twin martial souls and was the princess of a powerful empire. Even she was under the impression that she had been blessed by the heavens.

As such, the scene unfolding before her eyes dealt her an extremely heavy blow. In her eyes, this White Three was like an insurmountable mountain that she'd never be able to surpass. Her heart was filled with unbridled fury. Why were the heavens so unfair? Why was it that he was able to absorb all of the dragon clouds while she couldn't even attract a single one?

"You'll be fine when you get used to this." Tang Wulin brushed past her and continued to advance quickly onward.

Indeed, he had already grown accustomed to this. Even though the dragon clouds that were surging into his body could still provide some enhancement effects, the benefits he derived from them were far less pronounced than in the beginning. Of course, if he were to accumulate enough of them, they could still effect significant changes within his body.

Does he not need to stop to absorb them? 

Does he not need to process the energy within those dragon clouds? 

"Are dragon clouds ineffective to you? In that case, why would they be attracted to you?" Dai Yun'er was trying to console herself with the notion that perhaps he had an inability to absorb these dragon clouds. Otherwise, why didn't he need to stop even after such a huge influx of dragon clouds had entered his body?

"Well, you can interpret it that way if it makes you feel better." Tang Wulin couldn't be bothered to provide an in-depth explanation.

As time passed, dragon clouds continued to surge incessantly into Tang Wulin's body. After a day, they'd passed through the entire plains, and Dai Yun'er had already become completely numb.

She was already used to seeing one dragon cloud after passing through Tang Wulin's body, and she was convinced that they had no effect on him. Otherwise, how could he be displaying no reaction to them at all?

Unbeknownst to her, if Tang Wulin were to activate the power of the bloodline within his body, the invisible layer of enamel on the surface of his skin would become very visible and pronounced. His constitution was still changing at a slow and steady rate.

After emerging from the plains, the dragon clouds in the sky became sparser than before.

"Thank heavens I don't have to watch you gobbling up dragon clouds for fun anymore," Dai Yun'er huffed in an angry manner.

Tang Wulin merely chuckled and gave no response. Having left the plains, the intimate sense of calling seemed to have become even more pronounced to him. All of a sudden, a burst of rustling sounded from up ahead.

"Be careful, it looks like there are dragon souls up ahead," Dai Yun'er said in a cautious voice as she hid behind Tang Wulin.

Her words had only just trailed off when a group of over 10 dragon souls appeared in their field of view.

These dragon souls were only around half a meter tall each, and they were traveling at an extremely fast speed. All of them had remarkably large heads, and their mouths were wide open, revealing rows of sharp menacing fangs. The fact that none of them had any wings indicated they were a pack of low-level land dragons, and they quickly surrounded Tang Wulin and Dai Yun'er.

"Save some for me; I want to absorb some of their energy," Dai Yun'er hurriedly reminded. After accompanying Tang Wulin for over a day, she discovered that he didn't even seem to be a human being. Not only was he freakishly strong, he didn't seem to know what it meant to be tired, and he had an insane appetite. By the time Dai Yun'er had finished one bing, he would've eaten four or five already. 

Tang Wulin nodded in response before abruptly stepping forward, and he could sense that a burst of fury was welling up in his heart. This was the same kind of rage experienced by a superior being when provoked by those that were vastly inferior.

In the face of this group of land dragons, he let loose a cold roar. "Piss off!"

All of the land dragon souls that had just surrounded them immediately stiffened upon hearing this, and they all exploded right before Dai Yun'er's dumbstruck eyes, forming balls of energy that hurtled directly toward Tang Wulin.

"Oi!" Dai Yun'er let loose a cry of shock and indignation upon seeing this. He had agreed to save some of these dragon souls for her!

Tang Wulin waved a hand through the air as if he were swatting at flies, and an invisible burst of power erupted forth, guiding the balls of energy away from him and redirecting them into Dai Yun'er's body instead.

Dai Yun'er was immediately struck by an indescribably warm and comfortable sensation as she quickly absorbed all of the energy formed by the dozen or so land dragon souls.

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly. What was that feeling just now? It seemed to have been disdain. This was a completely natural and instinctive reaction, as if his bloodline were rejecting this energy.

He had experienced the same feeling back when he had absorbed the energy of that Iron Head Dragon; the energy did replenish him somewhat, but absorbing it was not a good feeling for him. At the very least, it felt different from absorbing dragon clouds.

Could this mean that dragon souls contained different energy compared to dragon clouds? Dragon clouds contained purer energy that could enhance his body, while the energy within dragon souls stemmed from land dragons; could that be why his body naturally rejected it?

That seemed to be a plausible explanation.

"You're a good person!" Dai Yun'er skipped over to him as she took off her mask, revealing the elated look on her face. Ever since she'd first entered the Dragon Valley, she had never had the opportunity to absorb over 10 dragon souls at once. She could clearly feel her body being bolstered by the bursts of heat circulating within her meridians. This was a fantastic feeling for her.

Tang Wulin opened his mouth to reply, but he swallowed his words in the end as he didn't have the heart to tell her that she'd just absorbed something that he'd rejected.

In any case, it was better for her to think of him as a good person rather than a bad person. Thus...

After entering the forest, they began to encounter more and more dragon souls, but most of them were land dragon souls that weren't all that powerful. Even if they weren't directly vanquished by the might of Tang Wulin's bloodline, the combination of his freakish strength and his spirit refined Heavy Silver Hammers were more than enough to take care of them with ease.

Tang Wulin didn't require the energy imbued within these dragon souls, so he simply rejected it and guided it toward Dai Yun'er.

Dai Yun'er had been quite displeased with and antagonistic toward him initially, but she was quickly warming to him.

"I can't keep going; I have to meditate to absorb this energy." Due to the fact that Dai Yun'er had absorbed too much dragon soul energy, her cheeks were heavily flushed as if she were intoxicated, and she sat down onto the ground.

She then looked up at Tang Wulin with a smile, and said, "I was wrong about you; you really are a good person. When we get out of here, I'm going to give you some extra uncommon metals, and I'll get Father to give you noble status." After that, she closed her eyes and entered a meditative state.

Tang Wulin was quite amused at the sight of the content smile on her face. Her feelings toward others were very clear-cut; she was fond of those who were good to her, and disdainful toward those who wronged her. In the face of the benefits that she was receiving from Tang Wulin, the spoiled princess had become a lot more amicable.

During the past two days, Tang Wulin discovered that Dai Yun'er was far from rotten to the core. She was very wilful and mischievous, but she was a good person at heart, and she was far more liberal and approachable compared to most uptight and formal royals. In particular, after Tang Wulin had helped her absorb so many dragon souls, she was already referring to him as Brother Three as opposed to White Three.

Her sweet and mellow voice still gave Tang Wulin goosebumps, but what was undeniable was that their relationship had improved significantly.

Tang Wulin made his way over to Dai Yun'er before sitting down behind her, then placing his right hand against her back before activating his own bloodline.

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