Chapter 717: Tearing Space

Soul bones could drastically enhance a Soul Master's combat prowess, and their ability to bolster Soul Master's constitution was also unmatched. If a Soul Master could collect all six soul bones, which included two arm bones, two leg bones, a trunk bone, and a head bone, their body would be enhanced to an incredible degree. As such, it would make it a lot easier for him to withstand the trauma inflicted on his body during the absorption of the soul of the Golden Dragon King.

But where was this dragon tomb?

Ever since he'd first arrived in the Dragon Valley, Tang Wulin had sensed that there was something calling him. In particular, this feeling grew more pronounced as he was absorbing dragon clouds.

However, due to the fact that he had to enter a meditative state to absorb the enormous amount of energy brought to him by those dragon clouds, he hadn't had a chance to determine the direction that this calling was coming from. Tang Wulin had recently awakened from his meditation and he was about to set off in pursuit of that calling anyway, but he just so happened to bump into Dai Yun'er.

Thus, he closed his eyes and rested alongside her. He wasn't concerned that any dragon souls would appear to attack him as here in this Dragon Valley, he felt as if he were completely at home. Perhaps this was a benefit brought to him by his Golden Dragon King bloodline. In contrast with all of the other agents of the Battle Hall present, he felt like a fish in water here, and it would be very difficult for those dragon souls to pose any threat to him.

Deep within the Dragon Valley.

A low buzzing sound suddenly rang out in the air, and the dragon clouds up above began to churn violently. Immediately thereafter, the entire surrounding area that spanned tens of thousands of square kilometers began to resonate strongly with this buzzing sound. The dragon clouds in the sky were forcibly dispersed, and an inky-black rift silently appeared.

The rift then gradually began to elongate, and it was as if the entire sky were about to be torn apart. After that, a pair of gigantic claws began to extend through the rift.

This was a pair of pitch-black scaled claws, and they slowly pulled the rift apart as a low roar erupted from within.

All of the dragon clouds in the Dragon Valley that heard this roar reflexively began to descend while adopting dragon forms, as if they were bowing in awe and reverence.

The rift was spread wider and wider by the pair of giant claws, but violent energy fluctuations erupted throughout the entire space, attempting to compress the rift so that it wouldn't widen any further.

Right at this moment, a series of figures began to emerge from within the rift before plummeting straight to the ground.

There were five figures in total that had descended from the rift, three of which were male while the other two were female. One of them was extremely tall and broad, with a musclebound body and a gleaming bald head.

Standing beside him was a man with dry skin who resembled a thin tree branch. However, his eyes were shimmering with bright green light, thereby giving him a rather unsettling appearance.

The third man also possessed a muscular physique, but he wasn't as burly in stature as the bald man. He had a head of slightly curled red hair, and even his brows and beard were of the same color. His eyes were gleaming with a dangerous light, and his entire body seemed to be filled with explosive power.

Their two female companions were both exquisite beauties. One of them wore a black dress with black hair and a pair of peculiar purple eyes. She had an extremely voluptuous figure that was filled with explosive curves.

The other woman wore a green dress, and she was a lot more normal in appearance. Her figure was a lot more balanced, and she wore a gentle expression on her gorgeous face, giving off the impression that she was quite charismatic and approachable.

Right after the five of them landed on the ground, they raised their heads in unison to stare intently at the spatial rift up above. Dense light began to rise up from their bodies, and the soul power restrictions in the Dragon Valley seemed to be completely ineffective against them.

All five of them then raised their hands at the same time, and 10 streaks of light shot forth from their hands, striking the edge of the inky-black rift. All of a sudden, the rift was stabilized, and it ceased its struggles against the pair of giant black claws.

A low dragon's roar erupted from within the spatial rift, and the pair of massive claws abruptly spread apart once again, expanding the rift to around twice its original size. A gargantuan body began to slowly emerge from within the rift. In the beginning, it was only a huge inky-black dragon head with a pair of shimmering golden eyes.

Those golden eyes seemed to be able to pierce through the entire world, and just the dragon's head alone was several tens of meters tall.

Another pair of dragon claws then abruptly emerged from within the rift, and its colossal body also finally managed to squeeze through.

The black dragon threw its head back and let loose a thunderous roar of fury, upon which all of the surrounding dragon clouds immediately surged toward it in a frenzy before being instantly absorbed. As a result, the black dragon's aura swelled explosively, and it was finally able to squirm its way completely out of the spatial rift.

It possessed a gigantic body that was over 1,000 feet in length, and as it spread open its massive wings, the entire sky was obscured by its colossal frame. A layer of purplish-black light that resembled a domain began to permeate in all directions around the giant black dragon's body, and all of the dragon clouds in a radius of hundreds of thousands of meters began to descend as if to pledge their subordination.

The gargantuan black dragon then shrank rapidly while descending from the sky, and after landing on the ground, it had already transformed into a handsome middle-aged man with a burly frame.

Long black hair trailed down to his shoulders on either side of his face with a strip of golden hair situated slightly to the left of the direct center of his head.

After landing on the ground, he also raised his hands up into the air, emulating the actions of his five companions. Two bursts of dark purple light erupted into the sky, contributing to supporting the spatial rift as well.

Thus, the rift continued to widen, and a burst of dazzling silver light slowly emerged from within before descending from above. This was another humanoid figure, and as soon as she appeared, all six of the people down below cried out in unison, "We welcome our lord!"

The silver figure slowly descended, revealing herself to be a woman with a head of long silver hair. She was wearing a silver dress, and her face had been concealed by a silver veil.

As she drifted down from above, there was not even a single hint of energy fluctuations emanating from her body.

The middle-aged man that was the giant black dragon said in a respectful manner, "My lord, the six of us can only combat this small world for seven days, so you must find what you need during that time."

"Alright, I used a space and time formation to seal the time within that spatial rift. The seal will be effective for around three hours, so when we get out of here, only three hours should've passed in the outside world. Stabilize the spatial rift here; I'll be back soon."

After her voice trailed off, the silver-haired woman's body flashed, and she vanished on the spot.


"Hey, how do you know this is the right direction?" Dai Yun'er had donned her mask again, her hands were on her hips in a display of displeasure.

Tang Wulin counter, "Do you know which way is the right way?"

Dai Yun'er replied in a rather sheepish manner, "I'm not sure, but I do know that the dragon tomb should be situated in the deepest part of the Dragon Valley."

"And which direction is that in?" Tang Wulin asked.


"Let's keep going." Tang Wulin strode on toward the end of the plains up ahead. He obviously didn't know where the dragon tomb was, but he could feel that the calling was the strongest in that direction.

A series of dragon clouds were drifting in the air above, and those that were tinged with a faint golden hue had all been absorbed by Tang Wulin already. He had been traversing through this area this entire time, so he was quite familiar with it.

Dai Yun'er followed along behind Tang Wulin, and after eating the food that he'd given her, she had made close to a full recovery. She was a four-ring Soul Ancestor, after all, and even though she couldn't use any soul power, her physical constitution was naturally still far superior to that of a normal person.

Tang Wulin was walking very quickly, but Dai Yun'er was able to keep up relatively easily. As she walked along behind Tang Wulin, she would occasionally look up at the dragon clouds in the sky, hoping that one would fall for her.

"Oh, that's a black dragon cloud, so it's a darkness attribute one! Do you think it'll fall for me? White Three, can you help me jump a little higher? I want to try and attract that cloud," Dai Yun'er suddenly said.

Tang Wulin glanced at her, and before he even had a chance to reply, the black dragon cloud in the sky suddenly shuddered before descending directly toward them.

"Wow, it's coming, it's coming!" Dai Yun'er rushed forward a few steps and leaped into the air with elation. She knew that White Three most likely didn't possess a darkness attribute martial soul, so this black dragon cloud had to have been attracted by her!

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