Chapter 708 - White Seven

Chapter 708 - White Seven

Tang Wulin looked at his partner in the window seat beside him and saw a pair of delicate, slender hands on two knees. A girl? He nodded at her when White Seven turned to meet his eyes. She nodded back and turned her head back towards the view outside her window, although the bus was parked in the Tang Sect and there was not much for her to see.

“Close the curtains,” Black One called out. “I don’t want to draw unwanted attention.”

Reluctantly White Seven reached up with her pretty hand and pulled the curtain close; it would seem she was more interested in what was outside the window than who was sitting beside her. The other window seat occupants did as they were bid without hesitation.

The bus started and rolled out of the back gate. The driver took a quiet side street, and before long they were out of the city and on a highway. The scene outside the windshield had changed from giant buildings to extensive plots of farmland and small hills.

It was almost noon when Black One had an agent hand out food and water. Tang Wulin removed the lower part of his mask and dug in. White Seven watched with wide eyes as her partner wolfed down his food in a matter of mere seconds. It was tasty, but nowhere near enough, not for Tang Wulin at least. He had a dragon’s appetite as well as a dragon’s power. Having sat for four hours, he wanted to take a nap, but his stomach was protesting by giving him pangs. I’ll never again go on a trip without packing enough food. Then he found himself thinking about Master Mu Ye’s gourmet food, his mouth watering despite himself.

Mu Ye had given a disdainful look when Tang Wulin told him he was going on a mission with the Tang Sect, and then he had taught him a few methods to train his body and told him he wouldn’t be able to train him for a while, because he had found a metal mine. The metal in the ore was strange to him, so he wanted to do some tests to see if it could strengthen his battle armor.

It has been long since I last swung my forging hammers, Tang Wulin thought. I’ll have to practice my forging skills after this mission.

He missed his friends: Xu Lizhi, gluttonous like him, interested in eating different kinds of food; Xie Xie, his rival and best friend; Xu Xiaoyan, who always addressed him as “Captain”; Yue Zhengyu, who could get his hands on all sorts of rare metals for him; Yuanen Yehui and Xe Xinglan, always wanting to catch up to him; Gu Yue, who was so difficult to understand. He hoped they were having a good time.

Night was falling, and the bus was still speeding. After a simple supper, White Seven closed her eyes to sleep.

Around midnight, they drove off the highway onto a mountain road. After a long and winding road, a town appeared in front of Tang Wulin’s eyes.

The bus stopped before a three-story building. It was wooden and quaint, with the Tang Sect’s emblem on its door.

“Wake up! We’ll stay the night here,” Black One said, pointing at the three-story building. “I’ve booked 15 twin rooms for you. You know what that means. Go to your rooms and get some rest, gather here again in the morning!”

After he got off the bus, Tang Wulin raised both arms into the air, stretched, and took a deep breath. The night air was cool and refreshing. He wanted to go for a stroll to stretch his legs, but his stomach was rumbling like thunder.

“Where can I buy some food, sir?” Tang Wulin asked Black One.

“There is nothing open at this hour except this hotel. Get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir,” Tang Wulin said, disappointed. I’m so hungry I could eat a horse, literally.

White Seven picked up the key from the reception desk and went upstairs. Tang Wulin quickened his pace and followed her up. She stopped at room 315, unlocked the door, and stepped inside.

Tang Wulin was about to walk in when she turned around abruptly and asked, “Are you a gentleman?” Her voice was muffled by the mask, but it was still pleasant to the ear.

“Absolutely,” Tang Wulin answered.

“Then sleep on the hall floor,” she said, and swung the door closed.

Tang Wulin stood there uncertain for a moment. Then he raised a reluctant hand and knocked.

The door opened a crack. “You want a pillow?”

“I want my bed. I can’t sleep on the hall floor, it’s too embarrassing.”

She slammed the door and locked it by sliding the bolt.

At least give me my pillow! Tang Wulin thought sullenly. He decided to take a tour around the town; it was better than sleeping on the hard, cold floor and he might find something to eat if he was lucky.

White Seven’s lips curved in a smile when she heard her partner leave. Maybe he is a gentleman. But I’ll never let a man sleep in the same room with me! If he dares force his way in, I’ll beat the hell out of him!


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