Chapter 705 - Go Get Him

Chapter 705 - Go Get Him

Xu Xiaoyan’s fourth soul skill, Star Link, could link soul masters together. The damage they received would be equally divided among all of them, and they could channel their soul power to each other via the link.

“Give the Captain your soul power!” Xu Xiaoyan told her friends, and then she turned to Tang Wulin. “Go get him, Captain!”

Tang Wulin nodded solemnly. He could feel a fresh wave of power pouring into his body, the dragon engraved on his spear shining resplendently.

Long Yue flew towards Tang Wulin as soon as he was free from the golden chains that bound him, murderous intent filling his eyes. Tang Wulin charged at him, numerous blue vines shooting forward to grab the Dragon King. Long Yue spun his spear with both hands at such incredible speed that all the vines were smashed into pieces in a split second. But by then Tang Wulin had used the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to get behind him. He thrust his spear at Long Yue, and a huge phantom dragon shot out of the spearhead. Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens! With a quick flap of his wings, Long Yue dodged the dragon’s open jaws with ease. Despite his weight, he could move at an incredibly high speed with the help of his two-word battle armor. With him flying in the air, it was really difficult for Tang Wulin to land an attack on him.

Long Yue hurled his double-headed spear down at his opponent with brute force, but Tang Wulin leapt out of the way. The spear sank into the stage and shattered the ground beneath his feet, causing the boy to lose his footing and stumble a little. Long Yue flew down like an arrow and lashed out with his giant fist, knocking him flying backwards.

Tang Wulin heard his friends grunt with pain.

Watching with bated breath, Fang’er had stopped commentating. She couldn’t decide which side was more amazing. Long Yue’s power is incredible, to be sure, but he still hasn’t defeated Tang Wulin’s team, despite his two-word battle armor and all.

Tang Bingyao couldn’t hide the pride in his eyes.

Elder Cai sat there, emotionless, but inside she was really impressed by her students. She knew the path to excellence was demanding and challenging, so she kept pushing them, even though their performance in this tournament had already greatly exceeded her expectations.

She had wanted to stop them from competing in the team competition, but then had hardened her heart and changed her mind. She knew that Long Yue would probably beat them, but she was certain he would never break them.

Tang Wulin crashed to the ground, relying on his spear to push himself to his feet, his eyes burning a deep golden.

Suddenly Gu Yue was beside him. “Use the soul fusion skill,” she said, her voice soft but firm.

The captain of the Shrek Academy team turned to face her and nodded, putting out his left hand. Taking a deep breath, Gu Yue took his hand with her right. Tang Wulin started shining a dazzling golden, while the light around Gu Yue was seven-colored.

Long Yue flew towards them again, holding his spear, but before he could reach them, Gu Yue disappeared. The starlight linking them together had also vanished. He saw Tang Wulin was standing there, a pair of seven-colored wings growing out of his shoulders, seven-colored light slowly dancing around Golden Dragon Spear in his right hand.

Tang Wulin flapped his wings and flew up into the air, staring at the Dragon King with authoritative eyes.

The murderous intent in Long Yue’s eyes was gone in half a heartbeat. He slowed down and then landed on the ground, looking up at Tang Wulin in awe, his eyes wide with disbelief. It was all he could do not to kneel before him.

An instant later Long Yue remembered himself, but he found himself still trembling with fear. “No!” he roared, and charged at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin looked down at him, angry for no reason he could name. He opened his mouth and let out a draconic roar! It was not a Golden Dragon Roar, but it was so full of authority that Long Yue fell down onto his knees.

A flash of seven-colored light, and Golden Dragon Spear went right through Long Yue’s shoulder, nailing him to the ground.

Long Yue struggled to raise his head and saw Tang Wulin’s seven-colored eyes. They were staring down at him, demanding respect and obedience.

“I yield,” Long Yue said, his voice thick with pain and terror.

Tang Wulin pulled the spear out of Long Yue and roared.

All the soul masters in the stadium who had a dragon-type martial soul bowed their heads despite themselves, whether they be Titled Douluos or not. Fang’er thought she could see a seven-colored dragon hovering above Tang Wulin.


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