Chapter 702 - Tang Wulin’s Third Blood Essence Soul Skill

Chapter 702 - Tang Wulin’s Third Blood Essence Soul Skill

Long Yue was not the only one who was under the influence of Xu Xiaoyan’s starlight. Lin San, Dai Yueyan, and Hua Lantang also found that they couldn’t move a muscle.

It was Xu Xiaoyan’s third soul skill, Starlight Burst. Its effect was just like that of her first soul skill, Starwheel Shackles. Neither the two techniques of hers could work for long, but even the strongest of soul masters couldn’t resist them.

Yuanen Yehui had changed into her Devil Titan form. She swung the hammers Tang Wulin had given her before the match at Dai Yueyan and knocked him flying. The fourth prince’s old wounds hadn’t healed, and this was too forceful an attack for his dented battle armor to withstand, so despite himself, he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Yue Zhengyu’s holy sword descended in a golden arc before it caught Hua Lantang square in the chest. The Wolf King was then engulfed in flames of golden light.

Meanwhile, Ye Xinglan broke Su Mu’s rings with her peerless sword intent and gave Ye Zhi the Tower King no respite to use the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda to empower her teammates.

Xie Xie’s speed had increased after he had found the essence of agility, but still, his power had proved to be weaker than that of Teng Teng. He was doing his best to keep his opponent busy.

No one sitting in the stands could believe what they were seeing. Tang Wulin’s team is not just putting up a good fight but winning, Fang’er thought, her eyes wide in disbelief. With Tang Wulin’s new weapon and Xu Xiaoyan’s control techniques, even Long Yue is having a hard time defeating them.

Gu Yue was still chanting her spell in mid-air. Tang Wulin sent Golden Dragon Spear darting forward at Lin San the Wind King, his third soul ring shining. Bluesilver Golden Array!

Seeing this, Lin San promptly started to run but found he couldn’t move nearly as fast as before, his wind element pouring out of his body. Tang Wulin could see the sudden fear in his eyes and aimed the thrust at his arm, since he hadn’t found out the full power of his new weapon, but Long Yue slammed his spear aside with his own before it could find its target.

Tang Wulin pulled his spear back and sent it at Long Yue’s chest. The Dragon King was about to raise his spear to deflect it when he glimpsed out of the corner of his eye a golden ring speeding towards him. He stopped moving. Golden Dragon Spear pierced him clean through. What?! Tang Wulin looked closely and found he had pierced nothing but rock! He quickly looked around and saw one of the small mountains that Long Yue had summoned was moving and transforming into Long Yue!

The Dragon King had dodged a fatal blow. He was panting though. Apparently it was not a skill he could use as often as he liked. His eyes had turned red, his rage flaring. He glared at Xu Xiaoyan, his third soul ring shining. Suddenly Xu Xiaoyan found herself slowly sinking into a muddy bog. He would have charged over and taken her out, but Gu Yue’s chanting stopped him. He was losing control of himself, but he still had a warrior’s instincts. She is a much bigger threat! My teammates will take care of the girl in the bog easily. But Dai Yueyan was being hammered at by Yuanen Yehui, Hua Lantang was struggling to parry Yue Zhengyu’s strikes, Su Mu and Ye Zhi could barely withstand Ye Xinglan’s sword intent, and Teng Teng wasn’t quick enough to shake off Xie Xie. Only Lin San the Wind King wasn’t in a fight at the moment, so he rushed towards Xu Xiaoyan, taking it upon himself to eliminate her, in spite of his severe injuries.

Tang Wulin raced towards Long Yue, never taking his eyes off him, his face unusually grave. Nobody knew the horrifying power of Crazy Long than he did.

Long Yue lifted his double-headed spear and pointed it at Gu Yue, his second soul ring shining. A raging torrent appeared out of thin air and rushed towards the chanting girl.

Tang Wulin vaulted with his spear into the air before Gu Yue, summoning his battle armor, his second golden soul ring shining. Golden Dragon Tyrant Body! The torrent crashed into him like a train. His golden scales were shining brightly in an attempt to absorb the impact. His Golden Dragon Tyrant Body technique could only last three seconds, but the torrent showed no sign of stopping any time soon.

Yuanen Yehui kicked Dai Yueyan to one side, raised the two huge hammers, and hurled them at Long Yue. But the prince managed to jump up and punched the hammers away with all his strength.

Tang Wulin thrust his spear forward, unleashing a phantom dragon to help him fight the violent water rushing continuously at him. Holding his spear, Long Yue leapt up and fused with the torrent, causing it to expand into a wide roaring river, which threatened to devour everything in its path.

That was when Tang Wulin’s third golden soul ring lit up. He threw back his head and let out a thunderous roar!


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