Chapter 701 - Golden Dragon Spear

Chapter 701 - Golden Dragon Spear

Tang Wulin opened his eyes to find himself sitting in a bathtub in an empty room, shrouded in golden mist. The water was warm and smelled of herbs. The room was strange to him, and he had no memory of how or when he had gotten there, or anything else that had happened after he was stomped by Long Yue, but he felt safe, because Old Tang had told him that he had been saved by Mu Ye. This must be where Master Mu Ye is staying.

Suddenly a shaft of golden light shot out from the middle of his forehead. The light beam floated above his bathtub, growing quickly. In an instant, it had turned into a double-headed golden spear about 15 feet in height. It was engraved with a dragon, inconspicuous against the golden spear.

What is this? Where did it come from?

“It’s your weapon,” said Old Tang. “It was sealed by the sixth seal, but now that you have broken it, the spear naturally came out. Its name is Golden Dragon Spear.”

Tang Wulin was spinning his newly acquired spear with both hands in mid-air. It was not too heavy, not too light, just right. It felt like he had become one with it, and he found it was able to amplify the blood essence he channeled into it. This match is a perfect opportunity to test its power, he thought to himself.

He thrust Golden Dragon Spear at Long Yue as he descended. The Dragon King blocked it with his own spear. The moment they met, the dragon on Tang Wulin’s spear shone brightly. Tang Wulin let out a draconic roar, channeling more blood essence into it. The thrust became so forceful that Long Yue fell back a step, and then he found to his shock that his spear had a crack in it where it had been struck by Tang Wulin’s weapon. My spear was made of 16 different rare metals. Its hardness can even compare with that of a mecha. Where did he get that weapon? Why is it giving off kingly vibes? I don’t think it’s man-made; no one can make such a powerful weapon in the 10 days of his disappearance.

The eyes of the audience widened in disbelief as they watched Tang Wulin gain the upper hand against Long Yue.

Long Yue thrust the point of his spear into the stage, stomping the ground with his huge right foot. “Mountains!” he shouted.

The ground suddenly began to shake violently. Seven mountains shot of the ground, attacking the seven students of the Shrek Academy. Tang Wulin landed on the stage and quickly dodged to one side, worried that his friends might get hurt. He jumped up again, raised Golden Dragon Spear in both hands, and brought it crashing down with all his strength, a draconic roar exploding from his lips.

The growing speed of the mountains slowed down somehow, and even Xue Xiaoyan evaded the attack with ease.

Floating on the wind she had created, Gu Yue lifted Elemental Staff above her head and began to chant an incantation, louder and louder.

Long Yue could feel energy gathering around Gu Yue. The mountains he had conjured up started shaking. He could sense danger thickening in the air. For the first time, he felt afraid. But he didn’t have time to be afraid, not with Tang Wulin’s spear coming at his head. He jerked his own spear up to block the heavy blow and fell back again.

The second soul ring of the Dragon King lit up. That was when a golden ring appeared around him on the ground. He ignored it, feeling sure that it wouldn’t do him much damage, if at all. Golden chains flew out of the ground and bound him tightly. He tried to use his second soul skill, but found he couldn’t; his soul power had stopped flowing! He struggled to move, to no avail.

By then Tang Wulin’s spear was only several feet away from his chest.

No! It will pierce me! Long Yue thought, suddenly frightened. But there was nothing he could do but brace himself for the strike. Just then a figure shot through the air and blocked Tang Wulin’s attack with a grunt of pain.

To the surprise of Long Yue, it was Lin San. His battle armor, which had been blackened by Gu Yue’s flames, was now cracked. He coughed up a mouthful of blood, feeling faint.

Tang Wulin snapped his spear back and thrust again. A small phantom dragon flew out of the spear end towards Lin San, its jaws wide open.

By then the chains binding Long Yue had disappeared. He pushed Lin San out of the way of Tang Wulin's incoming strike and took the hit with his shoulder.

Boom! The force of the blow knocked the Dragon King flying backwards. The moment he landed on the ground, a beam of starlight reached him, and once again he couldn’t move or use any soul skills. What the hell?! Why can’t I move any parts of my body?! He felt anger rise inside him.


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