Chapter 700 - Teamwork

Chapter 700 - Teamwork

Su Mu watched as the second blue fireball flew towards him. For fear that Gu Yue might change its course again, he didn’t use the repelling ring until it was close enough. The fireball slammed into the ring, bounced back, and shot at Gu Yue.

Gu Yue was calm. With a swipe of her hand, she turned the fireball towards Long Yue’s back. Boom! Long Yue reeled at the impact and shot an angry glance at Gu Yue.

She is much more powerful than we expected, thought the Fox King. His fifth soul ring lit up, and a destructive ring raced towards Gu Yue. Hua Lantang and Dai Yueyan were also coming at her again. But she disappeared in a flash of silver light. When she reappeared, she was floating in mid-air, holding a staff crowned with a lustrous seven-colored gem within which tendrils of light danced. Suddenly Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan were beside her. With a wave of her Elemental Staff, she summoned two spheres of wind element in the palm of her hand. Then she infused them into their bodies, boosting their speed.

Xie Xie leapt at Teng Teng, slashing at him with Light Dragon Dagger. Teng Teng blocked the cut. Back and forth they went, the clang of metal on metal echoing through the arena.

The formation of Tang Wulin’s team was breaking up, but they seemed to be taking control of the match. However, the tables would be turned, if Lin San the Wind King managed to take out Xu Xiaoyan.

Watching the figure moving at high speed towards her, Xu Xiaoyan smiled, Star Staff shining resplendently.

That was when Gu Yue muttered some spell. She waved her staff, summoning a third blue fireball much bigger than the ones before, and sent it at Lin San. The Wind King must have sensed the heat or danger, for he looked up and saw it. But he paid it no mind; he was convinced his speed could enable him to dodge much faster attacks than that one.

As Xu Xiaoyan pointed Star Staff at Lin San, a golden ring appeared on the ground and sped forward. Lin San didn’t know what this soul skill of hers could do, but he jumped aside just the same.

Xu Xiaoyan’s second soul ring lit up, starlight exploding from her body. Starlight Reversal! Lin San squinted into the dazzling light and lunged at her with a wind blade, but before he could reach her, the blade stopped abruptly, as if there was an invisible barrier around her. The force of impact knocked him backward. He struggled to regain his balance and attempted to dart away as he felt fire licking against his head, but it was too late. Gu Yue’s fireball smashed right into him. Boom! In an instant, he was engulfed by flames.

Xu Xiaoyan glanced at Lin San and rushed forward to help her friends.

Their teamwork is impressive! Fang’er thought, her eyes wide with astonishment.

Long Yue was shocked as well. Their team is more tightly knit than ours. Neither of the girls could hope to land an attack on Lin San on their own, but together they took him out!

By then Tang Wulin had gotten close enough to Long Yue. He leapt into the air, his golden dragon claws appearing. Long Yue sent his spear darting forward. Tang Wulin didn’t meet it with his dragon claws, but landed on his spear and jumped again. Golden light converged within his palm as a spear materialized.

It was double-headed, like Long Yue’s spear, fifteen-feet-long, and golden and sharp. On it was a golden dragon, gleaming in the sun.

Long Yue felt intense pressure weighing down on him the instant Tang Wulin’s spear appeared. His heart began to pound with fear. That spear has made the strange power in his dragon blood grow stronger!

Tang Wulin was panting heavily, his whole body throbbing with unbearable pain. Make it stop! Kill me! I can’t stand it anymore! part of him screamed, but another part said quietly, try and bear it a little while longer. It will be over soon enough.

A few moments later, he began to feel weak and drowsy, and everything started to fade, including the pain. The world slowly grew dark around him. 

“Wulin!” a voice called out, loud and full of concern. It was so familiar and so reassuring that he suddenly felt secure and protected.

The searing pain came back, but somehow he found strength to fight it this time. His wounds healed up quickly. His bones, meridians, and organs were all taking on a golden hue. The two extraordinary meridians he had opened the other day had become stronger, and he could feel his life energy flowing more smoothly in them. Strength surged through his body. The acute pain gradually lessened in severity.

I did it! I broke the sixth seal!

He breathed a deep sigh of relief and started to circulate his soul power and blood throughout his body. Suddenly he felt something different and snapped his eyes open.


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