Chapter 7 – Stay here and be my little sister

Chapter 7 – Stay here and be my little sister

While immersed in the Bluesilver Grass’s world, Tang Wulin thought he heard many voices. These voices came in bits and pieces, yet were everywhere.

Bluesilver Grass was gentle, but it had tenacious vitality. It was  the most abundant plant on the continent. Their staunch existence traced back tens of millions of years.

Powerful soul beasts from that era were on the verge of extinction, but Bluesilver Grass covered the planet, the same as it did tens of thousands of years ago.

Tang Wulin’s faint awareness allowed him to sense the tiny existences in the air, as they were quietly absorbed into his body. Those existences blended completely in his feeble soul power. This fusion was neither fast nor substantial, yet he could still sense that this fusion was gradually increasing his soul power. Although it was only increasing it slightly, this increase was stable and persistent.

After an unknown period of time, Tang Wulin naturally awakened from his state of meditation. His body felt cool and relaxed, as if he was wrapped up in countless strands of Bluesilver Grass.

However, he was given a fright when he saw his father sitting opposite of him.

“Dad, how come you’re home so early?” Tang Wulin asked in astonishment.

Tang Ziran smiled, “I’m not early. It’s already night time. I see that you’ve already learnt meditation? It seems the Red Mountain Academy’s education is pretty good!”

Tang Wulin excitedly responded, “That’s right! It seems that I can meditate now. Earlier, it felt as if many little things entered my body, dad. Afterwards, my soul power began increasing. Can this be considered as learning meditation?”

Tang Ziran was startled within his heart. In only one day, Tang Wulin was able to grasp the secrets of meditation? The things his son had sensed was definitely the art of meditation! This wasn’t as simple as good instruction. Originally, he himself…

“Yes, that’s right. You’ve learned how to meditate. It seems that my son’s comprehension abilities are pretty good!” Tang Ziran has always been generous with praise towards his son. One must praise one’s child when one saw their growth after all. For children, confidence was the most important thing.

Tang Wulin couldn’t help but be proud of himself when his father praised him. However, Tang Ziran interjected solemnly before Tang Wulin could respond.

“Son, there’s something I need to ask you.”

Tang Wulin rarely saw his father so serious, so he immediately restrained himself. “What’s the matter dad? Have I done something wrong? You said that men have to be brave enough to battle villains. Furthermore, I didn’t fight the other students when they ridiculed my Bluesilver Grass at school today. I was very obedient.”

Tang Ziran answered, “There’s nothing wrong with being brave. But you also need to be wise in addition to being brave. When you know you don’t have enough power to save others, then you must seek the help of others rather than rushing forward. If they weren’t scared off by you showing your martial soul, you would have been caught up in a dangerous situation son. That isn’t brave, it’s reckless.”

Tang Wulin contemplated this and took it to heart before lowering his head. “I was wrong Dad.”

It was only now that Tang Ziran’s smile reappeared. His son only had to be willing to acknowledge his mistake for him to truly realize his error.

“Men won’t make that kind of mistake.”

Hn.” Tang Wulin nodded.

Tang Ziran smiled. “Good then. Let’s discuss the next matter.”

Tang Wulin asked in surprise, “There’s still another matter?”

Tang Ziran let out a grunt. “Naturally, right when you turn six years old, you bring home a girl. Then what will you be like when you’ve grown up? What’s more, you were the hero who saved a beauty. Not bad!”

It was only now that Tang Wulin remembered the matter of Na’er and hurriedly asked, “Dad, has Na’er found her family? She’s certainly very pretty.”

Tang Ziran shook his head. “Your mother brought her to the administrative office to inquire, but we didn’t find her information.”

Tang Wulin asked, “Then what’s going to happen to her?”

Tang Ziran responded, “You tell dad. What do you want to do?”

Tang Wulin pondered over this. “How about we let her live with us dad? Is that alright?”

Tang Ziran revealed a smile that wasn’t quite a smile as he look at him. “Live in our house? Mom and dad couldn’t possibly take care of two children!”

Tang Wulin hastily said, “I can take care of her. I can look after her after school.”

Tang Ziran smiled. “Alright then. Let’s eat first.”

When he entered the living room, Tang Wulin was surprised to see Na’er already sitting at the dinner table with a docile appearance.

“Na’er!” Tang Wulin shouted before bouncing vivaciously to her side and very naturally began pulling on her delicate small hand.

Lang Yue said, “We couldn’t find any records on this child. We can only send her to the orphanage.”

“No! Let Na’er stay mom.” Tang Wulin stood in front of Na’er with his arms spread wide. “Don’t send her to the orphanage. Can’t we let her stay here? At worst, I’ll just have to eat a little less in the future.”

Na’er raised her head, and looked at Tang Wulin in a daze. Tang Wulin’s body wasn’t big or tall, but when Na’er saw him protecting her, she couldn’t help but tear up a bit.

Lang Yue said, “Linlin, you can’t do as you wish and take the place of her family. You have to ask Na’er if she wants to stay here or go to the orphanage!”

Tang Wulin immediately turned around, looking directly at Na’er. “Na’er, why don’t you stay with us? My mom makes really good food, and my dad is really nice. You can live together with me, and I’ll definitely protect you. I’ve always wanted to have a younger sister. Why don’t you stay and be my younger sister?”

En.” Unexpectedly, Na’er took the initiative to nod this time.

“Yay. This is great, I have a younger sister now.” Tang Wulin happily bounced up and down.

Afterwards, it was discovered that the children were unable to control their hunger. Despite the fact that Lang Yue had made extra food today, it still wasn’t enough to satisfy the two big eaters. That was right, not only did Tang Wulin’s food capacity increase, that petite body of Na’er’s was also a bottomless pit. Unexpectedly, her stomach wasn’t any smaller than Tang Wulin’s. They even ate the lunch Lang Yue had prepared for Tang Ziran to eat the next day. Even after all that, they didn’t look satisfied at all.

The house only had two rooms, and with the addition of Na’er, she could only share a room with Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin and Tang Ziran had put up a divider in the middle of the room.

Na’er was very tired, falling asleep quickly.

“Dad, I’m going to meditate now.”  Tang Wulin felt unusually satisfied when he was meditating, and was impatiently desiring to feel that sensation again. He wanted to become a Soul Master. He had even more reason to become powerful now. He now had a little sister to protect.

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