Chapter 699 - What is Her Martial Soul?

Chapter 699 - What is Her Martial Soul?

All the combatants were on the stage.

Tang Wulin stood at the front of his team. Behind him was Gu Yue, with Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan on either side of her, and behind them were Xu Xiaoyan and Xie Xie. Yue Zhengyu stood at the very back.

The formation of Long Yue’s team was more or less the same. Long Yue the Dragon King was at the front, and Ye Zhi the Tower King was at the back.

Tang Wulin’s team was a more formidable force than Long Yue’s team would have liked. Although the Monster Academy team won the one-on-one competition and the two-on-two competition, Tang Wulin’s team gave them a lot of trouble, Fang’er thought to herself. Will the Dragon King be able to lead his team to victory again?

“Three, two, one, begin!” shouted a referee.

Dai Tianling sat straight in his seat, watching attentively. He had no doubt the Monster Academy team would win, but he would like nothing less than a big win.

All seven members of Tang Wulin’s team charged forward, but only five fighters from Long Yue’s team did the same; Su Mu and Ye Zhi didn’t move, but they were the first to use soul skills. A speed-reducing ring and a soul power-draining ring shot out as several beams of light flew from the Tower King’s Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda and landed on her teammates, increasing their speed, strength, attack power, defensive power, and soul power by 50%.

Long Yue, Dai Yueyan, and Hua Lantang grew bigger as they rushed. Lin San and Teng Teng had donned their battle armor, dashing forward at incredible speed. No one was holding anything back; they could hardly wait to redeem themselves after their crushing defeats.

The Dragon King charged at Tang Wulin. Only he is a threat to me. After I take care of him, his teammates won’t stand a chance against me.

Lin San sped past Tang Wulin, shooting towards Gu Yue in a blur, but before he could reach her, she disappeared in a flash of silver light. The Wind King looked around quickly and found her standing in front of Su Mu and Ye Zhi. It’s too late for me to stop her now, he thought, and changed his target to Xu Xiaoyan, planning to take the control-type soul master out.

Su Mu was surprised to see Gu Yue here, but he was happy, because he saw Hua Lantang and Dai Yueyan were rushing back to help him. She is surrounded by us! We’ll attack her together. She is dead meat! Then he unleashed a soul-eating ring.

Gu Yue didn’t so much as glance at his attack. Sensing Hua Lantang and Dai Yueyan getting close to her, she swiped at them, creating a gust of wind so strong that it blew them away. Then she raised her right hand to summon a blazing blue fireball, which was about three feet in diameter, and sent it at Su Mu.

“She can use the wind element and fire element! What is her martial soul?” Fang’er said, shocked.

Su Mu had never seen this coming, but he didn’t panic. A repelling ring appeared around him immediately. Prepare to be devoured by your own flames! he thought, his eyes never leaving the girl in front of him.

The fireball flew towards Su Mu, but before it crashed into the repelling ring, it changed course suddenly, as if it had a will of its own, and accelerated, shooting towards Ye Zhi the Tower King, who was too preoccupied with controlling the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda to notice it. Boom!

Ye Zhi’s one-word battle armor was designed to maximize its defensive power, since she was not an assault-type soul master. Her defensive power was second only to that of Long Yue among the Monster Eight Kings, but still, the blast sent her stumbling backwards.

Her battle armor was shining brightly in an effort to absorb the impact, but she lost control of her soul power as she struggled to regain her footing, and as a result, the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda stopped working.

Long Yue’s team was shocked when they found that the effect of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda on them had disappeared; nothing like this had ever happened in their team battles before.

Gu Yue raised her hand, conjured up another blue fireball, and tossed it in the direction of Su Mu again.


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