Chapter 697 - She’s My Girl

Chapter 697 - She’s My Girl

Long Yue’s anger flared. “Tang Wulin, what do you think you’re doing?! She is the princess of the Star Luo Empire!”

Tang Wulin’s laughter rang out. “I’m well aware of who she is, and the rules of this competition, and I’m going to kill her.”

By then Dai Yun’er had come to, still light-headed from her own spiritual attack. She looked around and quickly understood what was happening. No, he wouldn’t hurt me, she told herself, but her face was pale with fear.

“Why? She did nothing to you!” the Dragon King fumed.

“That’s true,” Tang Wulin agreed, “but you did something to me. Don’t you remember? You tried to kill me, and you almost did, so it’s only fair that I return the favor. Since I can’t kill you, I guess I have to settle for your partner.” His golden dragon claw started shining brilliantly.

“No!” Long Yue shouted, darting forward.

Dai Tianling jumped to his feet in shock, fear plain on his face. A flash of light, and En Ci was on the stage, but like the four referees, he didn’t dare get too close. Strong as they were, they were not confident of stopping Tang Wulin before that deadly claw of his sank into Dai Yun’er’s head. En Ci glanced at Elder Cai and Wu Zhangkong, and saw that they were surprisingly calm in their seats.

Suddenly Tang Wulin laughed happily, his golden claws disappearing. “We won!” he shouted, waving at the audience.

Everyone seemed puzzled at first. Then they realized it all had been Tang Wulin’s trick to lure En Ci onto the stage. The Monster Academy team had lost this doubles match the moment En Ci intervened. That was one of the rules of this tournament.

I knew he was bluffing! En Ci thought, but if anything had happened to the princess, the emperor would blame me and Long Yue as well as Tang Wulin.

Dai Yun’er was beginning to breathe more easily after Gu Yue let her go. “I apologize for having put you through all of this, my princess,” Tang Wulin said sincerely. “It was uncalled for. I hope you don’t hold it against me.” He gave her an apologetic smile and started to walk off with Gu Yue.

“Tang Wulin!” Long Yue snarled through gritted teeth.

Tang Wulin turned his head to look at him. “Prepare to be defeated, Long Yue,” he said icily, and got off the stage.

Long Yue’s face went purple, his hands shaking with rage.

“Tang Wulin was out of line, Your Grace,” Tang Bingyao said to the emperor of the Star Luo Empire, frowning. “What was he thinking threatening to kill the princess? I’ll see to it that he is disciplined.”

You will praise the boy rather than disciplining him, Dai Tianling thought, but he nodded and said nothing. He was an emperor; he would never hold a grudge against a boy for his shenanigan. Her girl was safe and sound. That was all he cared about right now. He almost died defending the honor of the Shrek Academy in his last match, but now he is stooping so low as to use such a despicable method to win this fight. Why? It’s not like they need the two points so badly. He is an interesting boy, that’s for sure. Now I can see why Yun’er is attracted to him. He is really talented. It won’t surprise me if he surpasses Long Yue one day.

The contestants had half an hour to rest before the team battle. It wasn’t nearly enough for the wounded to fully recover, but it was better than nothing.

“You blew my mind, Captain,” Xie Xie smiled when Tang Wulin and Gu Yue came back. “I never thought you would win!”

“Unlike you, I use my head to fight,” said Tang Wulin. He turned to his teammates who had gathered around him. “The most decisive match is the team battle. We’re leading by four points to one, but if they win the last match, all our effort will be for nothing.” They knew the Shrek Academy would be proud of them, even if they took the second place, but none of them wanted to lose, especially not to the Monster Academy team.

“Tell us what we should do, Captain,” Yuanen Yehui said. She had long since recognized him as their captain, but she had been too proud to address him as Captain until now.

“Gu Yue and I will try to keep Long Yue busy long enough for you to take down the others,” Tang Wulin said, “and then we’ll fight him together.”

“Dai Yueyan was wounded in his singles match, and so was Su Mu. They won’t be too much of a problem,” said Yuanen Yehui.

“Good. Knock them out as soon as you can. Lizhi, I don’t need you to fight this match, but I need you to make us some buns now.”

Xu Lizhi nodded, glad he could be of help to his friends.

“Eat the buns here,” Tang Wulin continued. “Don’t eat them while fighting. We’ll beat them fair and square.”

They had so much confidence in their captain that they could hardly wait to meet their opponents.

Tang Wulin slipped the thick bracelets from his wrists and handed them to Yuanen Yehui.

“What are you doing, Boss? She’s my girl,” Xie Xie said, shocked, hurriedly stepping between them.

Yuanen Yehui gave him an impatient shove, and he was out of her way. “Who is your girl?!” She took the bracelets and slid them around her wrists. “Thanks,” she said to Tang Wulin.

“Don’t do this to me, Boss,” Xie Xie said sadly. “I’m your best friend. Besides, you already have Gu Yue.”

“Are you blind as well as stupid?” Tang Wulin asked.

Xu Xiaoyan giggled. “These are storage bracelets, and in them are weapons.”

“The two hammers?” Xie Xie asked, suddenly ashamed.

“What else?” Tang Wulin said.

“I’m sorry, Captain. I thought–“

Yuanen Yehui grabbed his neck before he could finish and pushed him away, her face red with embarrassment.

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