Chapter 696 - Don’t Move

Chapter 696 - Don’t Move

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Old Tang asked solemnly, frowning at Tang Wulin.

“Yes, Old Tang,” answered the boy. “I have made up my mind. I know it’s dangerous and unwise, but if I don’t do this, I will regret it for the rest of my life knowing I might have beaten Long Yue if I had chosen to break the sixth seal.” He paused a moment, trying to find more words to persuade Old Tang. “My soul power increased a lot after I opened two of the eight extraordinary meridians, and Master Mu Ye’s medicine has greatly strengthened my body. With some spirit items, I should be able to reduce the danger to an acceptable level.”

Old Tang yielded. “I will allow you to take the risk. But only this once.” I might do the same if I were in his position.

“Thank you, Old Tang.”

“Breaking the remaining seals of the first nine seals won’t pose too much danger to you once you open all the eight extraordinary meridians. But I wish I could say the same thing for the last nine seals. Be extra careful when breaking them; it could mean the death of you.”

The pain had been a nightmare so horrible that Tang Wulin hoped he would never have to go through it again. He had screamed and screamed, and he had thought he would die. But with the help of Mu Ye and Old Tang, he had made it through the unbearable pain and successfully absorbed the energy of the Golden Dragon King.

Long Yue watched as Tang Wulin charged at him. The power in his blood that can suppress my martial soul has grown stronger. I can feel it. It’s impossible for a normal soul master to grow so quickly in power. In four or five years, his power might even surpass mine, but right now, he is no match for me. The Dragon King grew bigger, his arms and chest corded with muscle, his double-headed spear materializing in his right hand.

Dai Yun’er activated her Spirit Eyes and saw Tang Wulin’s soul power surging through his meridians. She rushed forward, but didn’t use any soul skills on him. She ran past him towards her target, who was just standing there as if she had nothing to do with this match.

The Monster Academy team had analyzed Gu Yue’s abilities and come to the conclusion that her teleportation skill was troublesome, so the princess had taken it upon herself to fight her. She was convinced her twin martial souls were more than enough to handle a normal four-ringed soul master.

When she was about 50 yards away from Gu Yue, her eyes glowed red as she used the Soul Disturbance soul skill. It was a spiritual attack so powerful that even Tang Wulin couldn’t resist it. But the moment their gazes met, Dai Yun’er collapsed, plunging towards the stage. A flash of silver light, and Gu Yue was behind her. She grabbed hold of the princess’s collar and yanked her up before she fell down to the ground.

“I don’t know what just happened,” Fang’er admitted, shocked. “But the princess seems to have fainted.” She used a spiritual attack before she fell, judging from that red glow in her eyes. Could it be that Gu Yue reflected her spiritual attack back at her? That means her spiritual power is stronger than that of the princess, but it’s impossible! Dai Yun’er’s Spirit Eyes martial soul has boosted her spiritual power to an incredible level.

Tang Wulin jumped up, holding the two huge hammers he had used to fight Long Yue in the final of the one-on-one competition. He brought the hammers down in a swift arc with all his massive strength behind them.

Long Yue knew his strength couldn’t compete with that of Tang Wulin, but still he jerked his spear up above his head with both hands to block the attack. Metal met metal with an ear-piercing clang. Tang Wulin wasn’t using the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique, but the force of impact still shattered the ground beneath Long Yue’s feet. His strength has grown as well, thought the Dragon King.

Long Yue’s long spear jabbed, but it struck nothing but air. Tang Wulin had disappeared.

“Don’t move or I’ll kill her,” Tang Wulin warned, standing beside Gu Yue, his golden dragon claw only inches from the pretty little head of Dai Yun’er, who was still unconscious. He could kill her as easily as a man might squash a bug.

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