Chapter 695 - The Doubles Match

Chapter 695 - The Doubles Match

Long Yue was first dumbfounded, then infuriated. They had a food-type soul master fight me just to spite and humiliate me?

Enraged, people in the stands started hurling offensive words at the Shrek Academy team.

Dai Tianling felt anger rising in him, but crushed it out with a will. He was a leader, and a leader should always keep his composure and be a good example for those who followed him. I should have expected this. It’s understandable, considering Long Yue almost killed their captain.

“I apologize for these kids, Your Grace,” Tang Bingyao said, with an apologetic smile. “In order to train them, there is no teacher to guide them in this tournament.”

As if I’d believe you, Dai Tianling thought, but what he said was, “There is no need to apologize; they did nothing wrong.”

Standing on the stage, Long Yue looked icily at the Shrek Academy team, making a “bring it” gesture with his right hand. What do you plan to do in the doubles match? Yield again?

“Xiaoyan, go with Lizhi and concede the match,” Gu Yue said calmly. We just need to win the seven-on-seven match to take the championship. There is no point in fighting Long Yue now.

“Okay,” Xu Xiaoyan said with a pretty smile, standing up. “I will accomplish the task beautifully.”

“I’ll make two buns this time. One for me, and one for you,” said Xu Lizhi.


“Why concede the match when we can win?” a familiar voice asked.

They looked around. Their faces lit up as they sprang to their feet.

Gu Yue teleported herself in front of him in half a heartbeat.

Tang Wulin stood there, hands in the pockets of his school uniform, smiling his bright smile.

“Is that… Tang Wulin?” Fang’er said, surprised. She raised her voice. “The captain of the Shrek Academy team came back!”

“Boss!” Xie Xie rushed over and hugged him fiercely.

Xu Xiaoyan walked up to them. “Thank the gods. I’m so glad that you’re okay, Captain. We were worried sick about you.”

Ye Xinglan’s lips curved in a smile, her eyes glittering with excitement.

Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui exchanged a relived look, clenching their fists.

“Food was tasteless without you,” Xu Lizhi grinned. “If you stayed missing for another day or two, I would be slim as Xu Xiaoyan.”

Tang Wulin and Xie Xie broke apart. “I did almost die, but I’m as fit as a fiddle now. Let’s take care of this match first.” He turned to face Gu Yue, who was weeping uncontrollably with joy. “I’m back,” he said, smiling.

Gu Yue took a deep breath to gather her thoughts, wiping the tears away with the back of her hand. “Welcome back. You are the captain. Tell us what we should do.”

“We’ll take them on. You and me.”

Gu Yue was taken aback. “You’re fit to fight?”

Tang Wulin nodded, giving off a powerful aura. “Sure.”

In a split second, the doubt in her eyes was gone, replaced by grim determination. An overwhelming aura emanated from her, fusing with the aura from Tang Wulin and growing so strong that even Long Yue felt it from where he was standing on the stage. The Dragon King frowned. It’s only been 10 days, but already he seems to have recovered.

Dai Yun’er found herself strangely relieved the moment she laid eyes on Tang Wulin. The guilt that had been haunting her had finally disappeared. Thank heavens he’s all right.

“I don’t know if Tang Wulin has fully recovered, but it looks like he will compete in the doubles match with Gu Yue,” Fang’er said. “Gu Yue only took part in the two-on-two competition before, so I’m afraid I don’t know much about her. She has some kind of element for a martial soul, I think. It won’t be an easy match for them to win, and even if they win, they won’t have enough points to take the championship, not until they defeat the Monster Academy team in the seven-on-seven match. But if they lose, their defeat may deal a severe blow to their team’s morale.” The two points are useless to both teams, but Tang Wulin will never concede the match to his opponents, nor will Long Yue.

As they walked abreast towards the stage, Tang Wulin leaned over and whispered something in Gu Yue’s ear. The girl inclined her head, her eyes twinkling with amusement.

“It’s a pleasure to see you again, Brother Long,” Tang Wulin said, smiling, as if he had forgotten the fact that the Dragon King had almost killed him.

“Your healing abilities are remarkable. I’m impressed,” Long Yue replied, impassive.

“Thank you. You’ll be more impressed when my team wins the championship.”

Brag while you can, Long Yue thought. But he only snorted and said nothing.

Dai Yun’er was surprisingly quiet. She looked at Tang Wulin, and then at Long Yue, and found to her astonishment that she couldn’t care less about the outcome of this match.

“Begin!” a referee shouted when he deemed the contestants were ready.

Tang Bingyao sat up straight. It seems Tang Wulin has recovered; that’s great, the leader of the delegation thought to himself. But will his team be able to beat Long Yue? No one will blame them if they lose. But if somehow they manage to win the championship…

Dai Tianling also marveled at Tang Wulin’s healing abilities. How did he manage to recover from his deadly wounds in such a short time?

Tang Wulin charged without a shred of fear in his eyes at the man who would have killed him if Mu Ye hadn’t intervened. His scales shone brightly as golden soul rings appeared around his body.

Long Yue’s eyes widened in disbelief. A third golden soul ring?! He didn’t just recover; he has grown stronger!

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