Chapter 692 - Yuanen Yehui vs. Dai Yueyan

Chapter 692 - Yuanen Yehui vs. Dai Yueyan

Although this was the first time Dai Yueyan and Yuanen Yehui were meeting each other in this tournament, their eyes were flaring and full of hate.

“The second singles match is between the fourth prince and Yuanen Yehui,” said Fang’er. “Yuanen Yehui doesn’t have a full set of one-word battle armor yet, but she possesses the next best thing to it – a few pieces including the core component. She has twin martial souls, the Titan Giant Ape martial soul and the Fallen Angel martial soul, which excel in strength and dark power respectively. To be frank, I can see either side winning.”

The two contestants stood so still they might have been carved of stone, but when they charged, they moved fast enough.

Their footsteps grew louder as they became bigger and their muscles bulged. Yuanen Yehui had gotten into her Diamond Titan form, while Dai Yueyan had used his White Tiger Diamond Transformation.

The audience held their breath, watching. “They are both strength-type martial souls,” Fang’er commented, “but the Titan Giant Ape is stronger than the White Tiger. Will the fourth prince meet her attack head-on?”

Of course he wouldn’t; he was not that stupid. He knew she was not an opponent to be trifled with. When Yuanen Yehui had gotten close enough and sought to ram him with her right shoulder, he spun away, using the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, and swung his left tiger claw sideways to catch her. But the girl bent the top half of her body downwards, and the claw passed harmlessly over her back. Quickly jerking her back up and whirling around, she found two claws slashing at her. She raised her left arm in time to block the attack, grimaced, and shot out her right arm, landing a punch on Dai Yueyan’s chest. The fourth prince staggered back, but before he regained his balance, he felt a strong force yanking him towards Yuanen Yehui. Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon? he thought, shocked. He had heard enough about this technique in the Tang Sect to recognize it when he saw it being used, though he hadn’t gotten the chance to learn it.

Now Dai Yueyan was stumbling forward due to the pulling force. Yuanen Yehui’s hands shot out, trying to grab him, when he came close enough. Seeing as there was no way he could dodge, he snapped open his mouth, unleashing a white beam of light directly towards Yuanen Yehui’s head. White Tiger Light Beam!

It was a smart move. Whether Yuanen Yehui chose to dodge or block his light beam, it would earn him a respite long enough to regain his footing and launch a counterattack.

Only Yuanen Yehui didn’t dodge or block. She opened her mouth and fired an air bullet, which crashed into the light beam with a boom. But still, she had been distracted and only one hand had managed to seize Dai Yueyan’s shoulder. Dai Yueyan wasted no time resorting to his fifth soul skill – White Tiger Devil God Transformation! He grew bigger and his strength soared, but by then he had been lifted off the ground. The muscles in Yuanen Yehui’s arms bulged as her fourth soul ring lit up. With a swing of her arm, the Devil Titan slammed the fourth prince back first onto the ground.

A sickening thud. The impact was so powerful that the stage shook like an earthquake.

There were sudden exclamations of shock from the audience; they were worried about their prince’s life.

Dai Yueyan was hurt, but not so bad that he couldn’t use soul skills. He slashed his right claw at Yuanen Yehui, sending forth five white beams of light. White Tiger Devil Slash!

Letting go of her opponent, Yuanen Yehui darted back and dodged his attack. Then she brought both fists down on the ground with all her strength, creating a shock wave so strong that sent Dai Yueyan – who was trying to get to his feet – flying into the air.

Then she pounced forward, pulling her right fist back.

Dai Yueyan was still in mid-air, astounded. Her strength could even rival that of Tang Wulin! And her battle experience is impressive.

The prince caught her punch with his arms, but the force in that blow still sent him flying backwards. At this rate, I will be defeated! Her martial soul is stronger than mine, and she has more battle experience than me. My only chance of winning is… my battle armor!

After coming to that conclusion, he extended his limbs while flying, and pieces of armor flew out of his storage ring and settled on his body.

Yuanen Yehui also summoned her battle armor without hesitation. A flash of light, and she was clad in her spirit alloy battle armor.


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