Chapter 690 - Ye Xinglan vs. Su Mu

Chapter 690 - Ye Xinglan vs. Su Mu

Su Mu’s martial soul was the Nine-Tailed Fox, and he had the Nine-Tailed Fox blood in him. As a five-ringed soul master, he now had five tails, with each giving him a powerful soul skill.

Ye Xinglan’s martial soul was the Stargod Sword. She was a four-ringed Soul Ancestor and a one-word battle armor master, whose armor was made of spirit alloy. She was a highly adept swordswoman.

“Begin!” shouted one of the four referees.

Su Mu’s five tails appeared instantly, with one soul ring around each one. He jerked his first tail, and a speed-reducing ring shot out towards Ye Xinglan, who was charging. Then he wasted no time putting on his battle armor; he didn’t want to make the same mistake as he had when fighting Tang Wulin, and he was determined to go all out to win this match to redeem himself. His battle armor was as white as his tails, decorated with ornate patterns, which were gleaming in the sun. His helmet was big enough to envelop his whole head, inlaid with an expensive-looking gem. Since spiritual power was extra important for control-type soul masters, his battle armor was designed to increase his spiritual power.

As soon as he donned his armor, the speed-reducing ring flying in the air enlarged quickly until its diameter reached a couple of hundred yards. Then it suddenly landed around Ye Xinglan.

Ye Xinglan slowed down, but only for a heartbeat. She summoned her own battle armor and put on a sudden burst of speed, her first soul ring shining. Sword God’s Star! She became one with her sword and closed the distance between her and Su Mu in a split second.

The eyes of the Fox King grew huge in shock. I don’t recall seeing her move so fast! She was hiding power in her previous matches! Ye Xinglan’s speed was incredible, but Su Mu’s reactions were quick enough. A soul power-reducing ring and a repelling ring appeared around him. If Ye Xinglan ventured into the repelling ring, she would get thrown out.

But she didn’t slam into the ring, despite her speed; she had anticipated his move. She leapt high into the air and used her fourth soul skill, Sword Star Rain.

Golden light exploded from her and turned into small drops of light. Now she seemed to be surrounded by light rain. Then the rain started to fall with Ye Xinglan. As they shot towards Su Mu, they fused together to form a giant Stargod Sword, shining brightly and threatening to hack the whole stage in half.

Sensing the devastating power in her soul skill, Su Mu played his trump card without hesitation. All the five soul rings around his tails started shining together. Five rings appeared around him immediately.

The first one, a speed-reducing ring, white; the second one, a soul power-draining ring, seven-colored; the third one, a repelling ring, dark green; the fourth one, a soul-eating ring, black; the fifth one, a destructive ring, golden.

The power of the five rings fused together, creating a massive dark tornado, spinning around violently.

Tang Wulin had faced such destructive power before and countered it with the help of his Golden Dragon King bloodline.

Ye Xinglan didn’t have dragon blood in her, but she had a full set of one-word battle armor.

The tornado was growing more ominous by the second, but Ye Xinglan paid it no mind. She plunged right into it, the light from the shining sword poking numerous holes in the tall, dark column of air.

Boom! A deafening explosion caused the stage to shake, sending out a blast so powerful that even the four referees who had been ready to stop them were forced to take a defensive stance.

The soul barrier around the stage rippled, threatening to break at any moment.

A flash of light, and Ye Xinglan landed on the ground, her sword in hand, her armor shining to fight the lasting harm of Su Mu’s attack.

The audience couldn’t see the pained look on Su Mu’s face due to his helmet, but they could see clearly the long gash in his armor from his right shoulder to his waist. Starlight was glinting in the deep cut.

Dai Yueyan frowned. Empowered by the Nine-Tailed Fox blood and his battle armor, that technique of his is so powerful that even Long Yue has to handle it with care, but Ye Xinglan met it head-on and managed to counter it. She just did something I couldn’t do.

His battle armor is relatively weak. It blocked that forceful blow of hers, but it might not be strong enough to withstand a second blow.

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