Chapter 689 - The First Singles Match

Chapter 689 - The First Singles Match

Tang Wulin is probably dead, En Ci thought to himself. He knew Long Yue’s power better than anyone. He had marveled when Tang Wulin hadn’t been killed instantly by that heavy stamp. Even if he isn’t, his injuries will never fully heal. With his wounds as severe as they were, even a healing-type Titled Douluo could do little. He still hadn’t found any information about the man who had saved Tang Wulin on the stage that day. The one thing he was sure of was that Mu Ye was not someone he could defeat without using his full power. The people here would be shocked if they found out that Mu Ye was almost as powerful as the strongest soul master on the whole Star Luo Continent.

With an hour to go before the match, the stadium was already filled with enthusiastic audience.

Fang’er had arrived early to set up her equipment.

Four Titled Douluos had been assigned by the organizers of the event to ensure the safety of the contestants, and Dai Tianling had assured the delegation that the same kind of tragedy would never be repeated.

Many people were eating snacks while waiting patiently for the match to begin, nervous with excitement. No one knew how long this match would last, but the longer it was, the happier they would be.

“Look! They are here!” a voice called out. When the audience turned to look, they saw that the contestants were walking into the waiting area, some in green and some wearing red.

Long Yue the Dragon King went in front, and behind him came Dai Yueyan the Tiger King, Lin San the Wind King, Su Mu the Fox King, Hua Lantang the Wolf King, Ye Zhi the Tower King, Teng Teng the Shadow King, and Dai Yun’er the Spirit King.

The seven students of the Shrek Academy never so much as glanced at them. They seated themselves silently, their faces wearing an expression of determination so grim that even the Monster Eight Kings felt a little uneasy.

“They don’t look like they are going to be easy to take down. Be careful,” said Su Mu in a hushed voice.

The other Monster Eight Kings nodded save for Long Yue.

Dai Yun’er felt a bit down when she saw that Tang Wulin was not here. She had thought she would exult when Long Yue taught him a lesson that day, but she had been very wrong. She couldn’t help but think about the handsome boy these days. He offended me, but he didn’t deserve to die. She couldn’t blame Long Yue for having knocked Tang Wulin unconscious though – after all, it was she who had urged him to avenge her. She realized how willful she had been and seemed to have grown up all of a sudden.

“Welcome to the Grand Star Luo Stadium!” Fang’er said into the microphone. “Today is the final of the team competition. I’m sure you have all been looking forward to it. The Monster Academy versus the Shrek Academy! The two best schools on the planet!” She raised her voice. “All hail His Grace, Emperor Dai Tianling!”

As Dai Tianling rose to his feet, all the audience stood up, placing their right fist over their heart to salute the emperor.

“I’m just a spectator today, and I’m as excited as you are to be here,” Dai Tianling said with a smile. “The two teams that are about to compete on the stage represent two different continents, but that doesn’t matter. The Continental Young Elites Tournament is all about friendship; the results come second. Every contestant will receive a spirit item no matter which team takes the championship today. Now, let the match begin!”

The audience broke into rapturous applause.

Dai Tianling was revered by his subjects. The Star Luo Empire had been prospering ever since his accession to the throne, and the Green Skull Renegades had been forced to move their base to the remote mountainous districts. He was hailed as one of the greatest emperors of all time.

A non-transparent soul partition had been put up between the two teams in the waiting area, so that the participants didn’t know who their opponent would be until they reached the stage. It was much fairer this way.

The audience waited excitedly in the stands, wondering who would fight the first singles match. When Ye Xinglan got to her feet, a cheer went up.

Su Mu the Fox King, who ranked third in the Monster Eight Kings, who had lost to Tang Wulin, also stood up and made for the stage.

Ye Xinglan never even glanced at him, as if she couldn’t care less who she had to fight.

Although the first match was important, the Monster Academy had entrusted the task to Su Mu, who felt a little daunted by the girl.

The two contestants stared at each other, tension in the air rising swiftly.

The four referees moved to the edge of the stage.

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