Chapter 687 - Moving into the Next Round

Chapter 687 - Moving into the Next Round

The starlight dimmed as Ye Xinglan descended. And quick as the blink of an eye, she was on the stage. The Stargod Sword disappeared in a flash of starlight as she glanced at Xu Xihang and leapt gracefully onto the ground.

It could be seen on the big screens that deep shiny gashes gleamed all over Xu Xihang’s armor. The damage was not so severe that it was irreparable, but the armor would be out of commission for a long time before it got fixed.

Xu Xihang struggled back to his feet and gazed in awe at Ye Xinglan. Her cultivation level was lower than his, and she was also a one-word battle armor master, but he knew it in his guts that he didn’t stand a chance against her.

The audience gaped at Ye Xinglan in wonder. Never had they expected such a young girl to be a one-word battle armor master, and what stunned them even more was that she had taken down the leader of the Skywild Academy team with a single stroke in less than 20 seconds.

Fang’er took a deep breath to gather her thoughts. “It was a totally one-sided match,” she commented. “Ye Xinglan’s skills were simply breathtaking! I wonder if she is stronger than Tang Wulin.”

The moment Ye Xinglan’s fight was over, Yue Zhengyu stood up and made his way to the stage, his face dark with anger.

The Wildsky Academy team had yet to decide who would fight the second match. Xu Xihang had been right when he thought that the outcome of the first match would greatly affect the morale of the whole team. They were at a loss what to do, now that none held any hope of winning after seeing Ye Xinglan’s power.

Yue Zhengyu spread his wings and flew onto the stage. This was the first time he had been on this stage after losing to Long Yue. The audience still remembered how this assault-type soul master had managed to force the Dragon King into using his martial soul.

By then the Wildsky Academy team had finally decided on a girl for the second singles match. They had another one-word battle armor master on the team beside Xu Xihang, but their captain had arranged for him to fight the third singles match, which he was believed to have a better chance of winning. If they somehow managed to win the third singles match and the seven-on-seven match, they would gain enough points to advance to the next round; however, the odds were heavily against them.

The girl was very pretty, but unfortunately for her, this was not a beauty contest. She managed a smile when she looked at her good-looking opponent.

That fight was over almost as soon as it began. Yue Zhengyu summoned his holy sword and took her down in less than a minute.

The score was now two to zero.

The Skywild Academy team’s despair was clear for all to see when they saw that the soul master entering the stage was none other than Yuanen Yehui, who had defeated one of the Monster Eight Kings. Needless to say, Yuanen Yehui crushed her adversary.

Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan fought the doubles match. They were not strong, but strong enough to cruise to an easy victory. The Skywild Academy team had all but given up hope of winning after losing the three singles matches; they just wanted to get the competition over with.

The final score was five to zero. The Shrek Academy team moved into the next round without breaking a sweat. Then they went back to the hotel instead of sitting there watching the remaining matches of the day. Their first team match had shown everyone that they were a strong team even without Tang Wulin. They had quickly become a hot topic of conversation again.

“The Shrek Academy won their first team match,” Dai Yueyan told Long Yue. “Ye Xinglan’s power was incredible with her one-word battle armor.”

Long Yue was unimpressed. “She won’t be a problem.”

A smile touched Dai Yueyan’s lips. He had no doubt that they would take the championship, but he was also a little worried, as Long Yue seemed to be different after that fight with Tang Wulin; he seemed to have become quiet.

“Are you all right, Brother Long?” Dai Yueyan asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. We have a team match in the afternoon. Go get some rest.”

The fourth prince nodded; he always had the greatest respect for Long Yue.

The Dragon King frowned after Dai Yueyan left. He wasn’t worrying about the competition, of course; he was remembering how he had lost control of himself and nearly killed Tang Wulin.

His power was both a blessing and a curse. What good is my power if I can’t control it? he asked himself. And it’s getting more difficult to control as my martial soul grows stronger.

En Ci had told him that he had to use his spiritual power to keep the power of the Mountain Dragon King at bay, but his spiritual power never came as naturally to him as his physical power. His spiritual power had just reached the Spirit Sea realm, after he trained hard with numerous methods and consumed countless spirit items.

Improving spiritual power is my first priority, Long Yue thought to himself. I have to exert myself and reach the Spirit Abyss realm in the shortest possible time as Master En Ci ordered.


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