Chapter 686 - A One-Word Battle Armor Master

Chapter 686 - A One-Word Battle Armor Master

Ye Xinglan hadn’t left as deep an impression on the audience as Tang Wulin, Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and Xie Xie had, because she hadn’t competed in as many matches as them.

Standing on the stage, she was slim as her sword, while her opponent was big in stature.

“The girl in green uniform is Ye Xinglan of the Shrek Academy,” said Fang’er. “She made it into the top 64 in the one-on-one competition, but then she withdrew for some unknown reason. Her opponent is Xu Xihang, the captain of the Skywild Academy team. Xu Xihang took one of the top 16 spots in the one-on-one competition, so this will be a great match, I think.”

Xu Xihang was surprised when he saw that his adversary was Ye Xinglan, as he believed the most important match of the five matches was the first singles match, whose outcome would greatly affect the morale of every team member. He had thought he would have to face Yue Zhengyu or Yuanen Yehui, who was considered by all the second strongest in the team led by Tang Wulin. He was also relieved, though. We will probably lose, but it will be something if I manage to defeat her; I may even garner myself some fame.

Ye Xinglan rushed towards her opponent when the referee said, “Begin!”

Xu Xihang summoned his Soul Power-Eating Hammer and put on his battle armor immediately. He was a five-ringed Soul King and a one-word battle armor master, and he was the most talented student his school had seen in a hundred years. Nevertheless, he didn’t look down on Ye Xinglan, or on any of the students of the Shrek Academy, for that matter. He and his teammates had watched enough matches of the Shrek Academy team to know their opponent was not a team to be trifled with.

His white battle armor was nothing fancy, but it would protect him all the same; his Soul Power-Eating Hammer was not big, but it could absorb his opponent’s soul power and then become a powerful weapon.

His soul rings appeared, two yellow and three purple, but he didn’t move; he just stood there, waiting for his opportunity to use the hammer to weaken Ye Xinglan and then defeat her.

Ye Xinglan never took her eyes off him as she charged, her four purple soul rings appearing with the Stargod Sword.

When she was about 50 yards away from Xu Xihang, her first soul ring lit up, and she turned into a bright beam of light, which reached her opponent in a fraction of a second.

Xu Xihang didn’t panic. He raised his hammer in time to block her thrust.

Metal met metal with a ringing clang, and his hammer started absorbing soul power from her sword.

Ye Xinglan realized instantly that her soul power was being consumed, but she seemed to have no intention to pull back her sword. Suddenly, resplendent starlight burst out of her body, dazzling everyone. By the time the light died down, she was clad in her battle armor.

She poured more soul power into the Stargod Sword. A dangerous aura emitted from it as it shone brilliantly. Standing there, Xu Xihang could feel the keen edge of her sword intent. He was startled, but before he could dart away, the sword intend slammed into him like a thousand blades, sending him stumbling backwards and falling on his back.

“A full set of battle armor!” Fang’er exclaimed in surprise. She was talking about Ye Xinglan’s battle armor, of course.

Ye Xinglan had been only one piece short of a full set of battle armor for a long time. In the past week, driven by an insatiable desire for strength, she had successfully made the core component of her battle armor.

Her armor was light golden, like that of Tang Wulin, because they were both made of star silver. It was plain, without any patterns, but it was gleaming beautifully in the sun. There was a small sword on the front of her helmet, and her breastplate was made up of 13 pieces of sword-shaped metal, with circuit cores carved on it. 

Xu Xihang was stronger in terms of soul power, to be sure, but what Ye Xinglan lacked in soul power, she made up for in battle experience, martial soul, and battle armor.

Suddenly, Ye Xinglan disappeared. The stadium seemed to have become brighter. The audience looked up and saw a blinding star sending out golden light in the sun-lit sky.

Her sword intent was so intimidating that Xu Xihang found himself unable to even gather his soul power to use his techniques. “I yield!” he called out.

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