Chapter 678 - A Clash of Strength

Chapter 678 - A Clash of Strength

Long Yue didn’t seem to have gotten over his shock. He had never thought his martial soul would be suppressed. It’s not a tyrant dragon. It can’t be. There is no way a mountain dragon could be afraid of a tyrant dragon. Every mountain dragon is a king. Could it be the Light Dragon King? The Light Dragon King was also a son of the Dragon God, but it had great respect for the sacrifices made by the Mountain Dragon Kings. All the other dragon kings revered them. It takes more than a son of the Dragon God to make me feel so awed and frightened. Could he be the Dragon God? But he is just a human boy.

When Tang Wulin reached the highest point of his jump, he extended his arms out to the side, and with a flash of light, one huge hammer appeared in each hand, the hammers he had used to beat the Tiger King Dai Yueyan. He brought them up and then dove downwards towards Long Yue at high speed. The hammers whistled through the air, coming crashing down.

The audience had seen him use the two hammers before, but still they couldn’t help but stare in astoundment.

Long Yue raised his head. He could feel Tang Wulin’s aura weighing down on him as he approached. But he was calm. His body started growing as six soul rings appeared around him.

“Mountains!” he shouted, lifting a hand. A chain of mountains shot up from the ground and towards Tang Wulin. They were translucent and didn’t look as hard as real mountains. Tang Wulin brought his hammers down in a wild arc as a mountain threatened to smash into his chest.


The phantom mountain collapsed into pieces and disappeared.

But the moment Tang Wulin landed on the ground, a strong aura hit him like a gust of wind.

Tang Wulin’s eyes widened. I was stupid to assume that I had suppressed his power. He is too strong, and his Mountain Dragon martial soul is not just any dragon-type martial soul. If I had more Golden Dragon King’s energy in my blood, maybe I could suppress his power. But I can’t break another seal here, even if I could.

By then Long Yue was 30 feet tall. Tang Wulin whirled the hammers back up and charged again.

Long Yue twisted violently aside, lashing out with his thick tail. Tang Wulin blocked it with one hammer and swung the other sideways at Long Yue’s chest with brute force. Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique!

Tang San’s well-known forging abilities had been largely attributed to the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique, which he had learned from the Clear Sky Clan. Because of the important contributions the Tang Sect had made to the world, the Clear Sky Clan had allowed the Tang Sect to teach this technique to its members when the once famous clan faded into oblivion.

Tang Wulin had only used the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique to forge before, but when he got his hands on the two huge hammers, he had known they would make excellent weapons for him.

They were ridiculously heavy, to be sure, but with the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique and the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, the weight of them seemed to hardly diminish the grace and quickness with which Tang Wulin moved.

Long Yue turned aside the hammer coming at his chest with his left arm, and threw a punch at Tang Wulin with his huge right fist. The boy ducked under the blow, darted away, and circled behind him in half a heartbeat. Then he raised his right hammer and aimed a blow for the small of Long Yue’s back. There was no way Long Yue could dodge that, not in his current form. The hammer came crashing into him. Boom!

The blow didn’t do much harm, however, as Long Yue’s skin had become extremely thick, but still it sent him stumbling forward a step.

Long Yue spun around, looming over his opponent, his eyes burning with anger. He extended his right arm, and suddenly a spear materialized in his hand, with one sharp point at each end. It was brown, thick as a human waist, and even a little taller than he was. He took hold of the spear with both hands and swung it sideways with all his weight behind it. Tang Wulin jerked the two hammers up in time to catch the spear on their faces.

The audience covered their ears automatically without thinking. They had known this fight would be most thrilling, but they hadn’t expected it to be a match of physical power. They were left dumbfounded by their unimaginable strength.


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