Chapter 677 - The One-on-One Final Starts

Chapter 677 - The One-on-One Final Starts

The stadium was packed with people, which was pretty natural, since today was the one-on-one final of the Continental Young Elites Tournament. What wasn’t natural was that there were already tens of thousands of people craning their necks to try to get a better view of the big screens hanging on the outer walls of the stadium. They couldn’t wait to see the crap get beaten out of Tang Wulin.

Dai Tianling, En Ci, Tang Bingyao, and Elder Cai were all sitting in the VIP seats today. Although it was pretty clear that Dai Tianling had invited them to sit with him with the main intention of redeeming himself through the most powerful student in all of the Monster Academy, they couldn’t have turned down the invitation from the emperor of the Star Luo Empire.

The audience was so hyped up when the two contestants made for the waiting area with their teammates; they only had eyes for Long Yue, of course. They were shouting and cheering, as if Long Yue had already won.

Dressed in their respective uniforms, they took their seats, all but Dai Yun’er, who was staring at Tang Wulin with glaring eyes.

In response to that, Tang Wulin grinned, revealing his white teeth.

For an instant the princess froze as she looked at his smile warm as the morning sun, anger in her eyes dwindling

“Ladies and gentlemen,” said a voice so deep and loud that the noisy shouting stopped at once.

“All hail our ruler, Emperor Dai Tianling.”

Dai Tianling rose to his feet and spoke into the microphone standing before him. “I feel like I’m back in my youth every time I come here to watch the competition,” he said. “I still remember the days when I participated in the Continental Young Elites Tournament. You’re young, so don’t be afraid to fight, to love, to live. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.

“I’m honored to have with us here the students of the Shrek Academy on the faraway Douluo Continent, our mother continent. The Shrek Academy is the best academy on the Douluo Continent; it has trained numerous talented soul masters since being established over 20,000 years ago. I’m happy that the one-on-one final is between the Monster Academy and the Shrek Academy. This match will deepen the friendship between the two continents, however it may end. The champion will receive a soul bone and be offered the title of viscount. Of course, if Tang Wulin wins and doesn’t want to be naturalized and become a citizen of the Star Luo Empire, he will receive a soul bone and something of the same value as the title of viscount.

“We welcome any talented soul master who wants to be naturalized,” he smiled. “Now let the one-on-one final of the Continental Young Elites Tournament begin!”

The audience applauded and cheered the emperor.

“The title of viscount, boss!” Xie Xie whispered, nudging Tang Wulin. “I know you’re tempted.”

Tang Wulin rolled his eyes. “Don’t take me for a fool like you,” he said, standing up.

Long Yue got to his feet, glanced at Tang Wulin, and strode towards the stage with a smile.

The arena darkened suddenly, and then exciting music started. Two spotlights shot down on Long Yue and Tang Wulin, and the two bright beams moved with their every step.

They stepped onto the stage, standing a couple hundred yards away from each other.

“We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time,” Fang’er said. “This will be an epic fight. First, please allow me to introduce the two contestants.

“Tang Wulin is from the Shrek Academy. His soul power is between rank 42 and rank 45, and his martial soul is some type of vine. I have consulted a large number of books but still don’t know what his strange martial soul is. It’s powerful, that’s for sure. And he has dragon blood in him. The power in his dragon blood enables him to use some queer techniques and suppress many dragon-type martial souls.”

Cleary Fang’er had done her homework. Then she gave a brief introduction of Long Yue.

“Long Yue is stronger in terms of power,” Fang’er continued, “yet that doesn’t mean Tang Wulin has no chance of winning, because we don’t know if he is able to suppress Long Yue’s Mountain Dragon martial soul. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.”

By then the darkness was gone, and the sun was shining down on the stage again.

The referee was an old soul master. He wasn’t giving off a powerful aura or anything, but the fact that he was appointed as the referee of this match alone spoke volumes about his power.

“You know the rules,” the old man said to them. “I want a clean fight. Now begin!”

Tang Wulin’s smile vanished right away, and he flew at Long Yue like an arrow, two golden soul rings appearing. His eyes were shining golden, his hands turning into claws, scales spreading across his body. Golden Dragon Body!

Eyes fixing on Tang Wulin, Long Yue didn’t make his first move until his opponent sped across the half-way line on the stage. A big phantom dragon appeared, with a miniature city on its back. It threw back its head and let out a deep, loud roar.

But Tang Wulin didn’t seem to be affected. A dragon’s roar erupted from his body, so deafening that even the ground shook a little.

Long Yue frowned, because his phantom dragon flinched at the sound.

En Ci’s previous calm gave way to shock, and his eyes widened in disbelief. The power in that kid’s dragon blood even frightened the Mountain Dragon King? That’s impossible! The Mountain Dragon King is a son of the Dragon God!

Even Long Yue was baffled. He had thought Tang Wulin had in him the tyrant dragon blood.

Tang Wulin put on an extra burst of speed and suddenly leapt dozens of yards into the air.

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