Chapter 676 - Good Luck

Chapter 676 - Good Luck

Yue Zhengyu reached out his hand to stroke Xu Xiaoyan’s head. She looked drawn and tired, all because of him.

Softly, quietly, he got off bed, picked her up, laid her where he had been lying, and tucked her in. She snuggled under the blanket but didn’t wake up, her furrowed brows relaxing.

Her sleeping face calmed him like no other sight. He laid himself down on the couch. I won’t have any reason to keep her by my side tomorrow, but I’ll always be there for her. He closed his eyes, satisfied, and fell asleep.

Gu Yue was lying on her back staring up at the ceiling. She didn’t know why she was in no mood to do anything. She was worried and uneasy. He never backs down from any fight, no matter the opponent. But Long Yue’s power is unimaginable. I don’t want to see him get hurt. Then she suddenly remembered the conversation they had had that day.

“Did you get close to me because our bloodlines are related?”

“I guess you can say that.”

“I want you to look me in the eye and say that again.”

“I got close to you because our bloodlines are related.”

“Are you still being nice to me because of the same reason?”


Her heart ached. Why did I have to say those things to him? No, that conversation was long overdue. I only have myself to blame. I kept telling myself there would be time for that until it was too late! Fate brought us together, and fate is going to tear us apart! No, I don’t believe in fate. My life is in my control!

Morning had dawned clear and fine.

After he trained his Purple Demon Eyes on the balcony, Tang Wulin washed up and put on his clean school uniform.

He joined his friends at the breakfast table and started stuffing himself. Xu Lizhi was suffering from loss of appetite; he barely ate.

“Why are you all staring at me instead of eating? Come on, Lizhi, aren’t you hungry?” Tang Wulin said as he picked up a steamed bun, tore it open, stuffed several pieces of meat in it, and took a large bite.

“How can you be so calm, Captain?” Yue Zhengyu asked, curious.

“I should be nervous?”

“Today is the final and your opponent is that Crazy Long, so yeah, you should be nervous.”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “He is older and stronger than me. There is no shame in losing to someone like him, so why should I be nervous?”

“You’re not gonna give up, are you?” asked Ye Xinglan.

The young captain met her eyes. “I will uphold Shrek’s honor with blood if necessary. The journey is more important than the result.”

The breakfast table fell silent.

“I’m sorry I asked a stupid question,” Ye Xinglan said apologetically.

Tang Wulin smiled to ease the tension. “Dig in! I’ll eat it all if you don’t hurry.”

“Don’t push yourself too hard,” Gu Yue said from her usual seat beside Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin turned to face her. “I won’t. Don’t worry.”

“Let’s not put pressure on him,” Xie Xie said. “But if you win, Boss, you might get a kiss.” He looked at Gu Yue, and then at Tang Wulin, smiling.

“Considering that you got a princess carry even though you lost, so I guess you might be right.”

Xie Xie felt embarrassed suddenly. “She’s stronger than me, so there is nothing wrong for her to carry me.”

Yue Zhengyu burst into laughter. “So that’s what you figured out that day. Congratulations on realizing that you have to be shameless to get a girl.”

“Look who’s talking. You’re more shameless than I am. You were lying in bed yesterday, but now you’re alive and kicking. Don’t let his pretty face deceive you, Xiaoyan. He is rotten to the core.”

Xu Xiaoyan blushed. When she woke up this morning, she had found herself lying in Yue Zhengyu’s bed. She hadn’t slept so well in days. After she inhaled the wonderful scent of his blanket and realized she was not in her own room, she bounced up, threw the blanket on Yue Zhengyu, and ran out without meeting his eyes.

Yue Zhengyu snorted. “At least I have a chance, unlike you. Yuanen will never go out on a date with you, because you’ll never defeat her.”

Xie Xie looked at Yuanen Yehui, but not once had she so much as glanced at them, absorbed as she was in eating her breakfast.

“I have found the essence of agility,” Xie Xie exclaimed. “I’ll catch up to her soon.”

Tang Wulin watched them, smiling. He liked this; it made him feel like they were family.

“Let’s go,” Tang Wulin said after they finished eating. He stood up and stretched, creating popping sounds. He was exuding a majestic aura, like a dragon.

Several soul cars were waiting outside the hotel. They had been assigned by the government to make sure they would arrive at the stadium quickly and safely.

All the contestants from the Monster Academy and Shrek Academy had been given the right to watch the final in the waiting area.

After the eight kids got in the cars and left, a man walked out of the Grand Star Luo Hotel.

He was all dressed in white, his eyes glowing with encouragement. “Good luck, Wulin,” Wu Zhangkong whispered.


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