Chapter 675 - The Day Before the Final

Chapter 675 - The Day Before the Final

Tang Wulin was not favored to win, not with his cultivation level. And certainly not with Long Yue.

There were even people betting on how long Tang Wulin would last; Long Yue was already the champion in their eyes. Although they had no doubt the Dragon King would win, they couldn’t find it in their hearts to accept the fact that a young boy from the Douluo Continent had reached the final. No one his age had ever made it this far in this tournament’s history.

Tang Wulin sat cross-legged on his bed, his mind completely concentrated on meditating. He could feel the energy of the Golden Dragon King and his soul power circulating freely through his meridians. Long Yue would be the ultimate test of his skill. He had decided to do whatever needed to be done tomorrow, no matter the cost. He was neither nervous nor relaxed. He was making the most of every minute to try to get stronger, even though the result might not change. He knew Teacher Wu was helping them by not helping them. His father used to say that wind made a tree stronger; he had to overcome the difficulties by himself if he wanted to become stronger.

His soul power had started growing faster as soon as his martial soul evolved. He had reached rank 42 yesterday, which was something he had never expected he could accomplish in such a short time. At this rate, he was confident he would become a five-ringed Soul King before 17, which would be pretty impressive, even for a student of the Shrek Academy.

Ye Xinglan was lying in bed, her breathing faint, her face white as a sheet, her brows furrowed in pain. She had fallen on the floor when Xu Lizhi went to get a glass of water for her; she was too exhausted.

Xu Lizhi touched her hair gently with his meaty hand and looked at her tightly shut eyes, worried. It’s all my fault. I should have stopped you. I will never let this happen again. Rest and get better soon.

Xie Xie was standing on his balcony, leaning on the railing and staring off into the distance. He smiled, feeling the night wind caressing his face, relaxed and carefree. The vibes emanating from him had changed after that match with Lin San. He felt he had found inner peace and that he had had a better understanding of agility. I should train to control more clones. Wait for me, Yuanen. I’ll become stronger than you soon enough and make you my wife.

Yuanen Yehui meditated in her room. She had always been diligent, even though her talent was outstanding. Only she knew that her soul power didn’t grow fast. Although both her martial souls were very powerful, they didn’t seem to like each other. She was trying to harmonize their relationship, and she was getting stronger every day. She had to, if she wanted to do a certain something.

She was very grateful to have so many powerful friends around her. They made her who she was today, and they made her spirit alloy battle armor possible, but she had to get back when she was strong enough.

Xu Xiaoyan was sitting on a chair by Yue Zhengyu’s bed, sleeping, while Yue Zhengyu was lying on his side, awake. There was a soft light in his eyes as he looked at Xu Xiaoyan.

She had been taking care of him, ever since he got injured by Long Yue. Everything seemed natural, but Yue Zhengyu felt very warm inside.

He was born in a clan with a strict hierarchy. He was very lucky, for he was the future successor of the main house. Kids of the branch houses had been green with envy, because he had always gotten whatever he wanted growing up. He believed it was his fate to lead his clan.

It was not until he came to the Shrek Academy that he began to realize he was not the most powerful among his peers. Although his Holy Angel martial soul was strong, he still had a long way to go before he became one of the strongest soul masters.

When he was only ten years old, his parents invited girls of great houses to play with him and let him choose his favorite one. But he was at a rebellious age then, and he didn’t like being told what to do. On top of that, he found the girls repulsive, especially when they tried every way possible to get his attention.

When he went to the Shrek Academy to throw off the shackles of his clan and to see the world, he met his friends, who were stronger than him. He began to see his shortcomings and train harder.

There were many beautiful girls in his school who were attracted to him; after all, he was strong, of noble birth, and really good-looking. Yet he never thought he’d fall in love with any of them.

However, before he knew it, a girl had taken up residence in his heart, a girl who had called his name when he was in a coma, a girl who had been taking care of him, a girl whose name was Xu Xiaoyan.

He liked her company. He liked her smile. He hadn’t told her he had gotten well enough, because he wanted her to stay by his side a little while longer.


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