Chapter 672 - Dai Yueyan’s Battle Armor

Chapter 672 - Dai Yueyan’s Battle Armor

The huge golden light circle on the ground disappeared. It had been Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Golden Array. He had only used that soul skill to distract Dai Yueyan – since its elemental stripping wouldn’t work on the White Tiger martial soul – and it had worked; it had successfully tricked the fourth prince into using his fifth soul skill.

Tang Wulin’s blue vines had grown much stronger and faster, and two of them shot out with a flash of golden light, lightning quick. Dai Yueyan slashed at them, but they were quick enough to dodge aside, and before he knew it, they had bound his talons.

Dai Yueyan was shocked, but only for a brief moment. His talons shortened right away and jerked out of the thick ropes that were Tang Wulin’s vines. Then he leapt away as his talons lengthened again, his fourth soul ring shining. He swung his right claw sideways, sending five white beams of light shooting at the vines coming at him. White Tiger Devil Slash!

Boom! The vines were blown into bits.

But by then another wave of vines had arrived, dancing a dizzy dance. Dai Yueyan suddenly felt as if everything were spinning around him.

Tang Wulin’s second soul skill – the Bluesilver Impaling Array – was working, but he knew it wouldn’t work for long, not on such a strong opponent as Dai Yueyan. So he wasted no time leaping up into the air and brought his golden claws down.

The audience watched aghast as the claws approached their prince’s shoulder. Suddenly, a small phantom tiger jumped out of his body and blocked the blow. Tang Wulin jumped back, and the tiger disappeared in a flash of light.

That was when Dai Yueyan started to feel himself again. He must have felt it when his soul spirit was slain, for he was glaring at Tang Wulin. “How dare you kill my white tiger!” he roared.

“It’s not like it won’t regenerate,” Tang Wulin smiled. “That was never my plan. I could have taken you down with that attack, but your soul spirit got in my way.”

Dai Yueyan was infuriated, but then he remembered how his sister had lost. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and put on his battle armor in the blink of an eye. It was white with black stripes, heavy-looking, with either pauldron shaped like a tiger head.

The name of his one-word battle armor was Tiger.

The prince charged, cutting through the vines as if they were made of butter. A great cheer went up from the audience. “Go get him!” Fang’er heard, and “Take him down!”

“Looks like the match will be over soon,” she said, relieved. Tang Wulin fought well. He even forced Dai Yueyan to use his battle armor. He has no hope of winning against such power, but there is no shame in being defeated by the second strongest student in the Monster Academy.

Dai Yueyan closed the gap between them in a matter of seconds. When he was about a dozen feet away from Tang Wulin, he brought his right claw down, and five white beams of light shot out towards his opponent, severing everything in their path.

Tang Wulin was strangely calm. He stood his ground, golden scales appearing over his body and shining with dazzling light.

The light beams exploded as soon as they touched Tang Wulin’s scales, but the boy seemed to be unhurt.

White Tiger Devil Slash didn’t break through his defense? That’s impossible! Dai Yueyan thought to himself, flabbergasted. Before he recovered from his shock, a golden vine came out of nowhere and twined around his waist. The prince slashed and hacked, but it wouldn’t break or budge.

Fang’er sucked in her breath. What is that?! Is he even human?!

Tang Wulin was holding in each hand a huge hammer, whose head was about 15 feet long and six feet in diameter. As strong as he was, he could barely keep their insane weight from tearing themselves from his grip.

They had been the weapons of the black mecha he had sold.

Everyone’s jaw dropped.

Brilliant light exploded out from the hammers as Tang Wulin swung the right hammer sideways; they were so heavy that he had no choice but to use the power of the Golden Dragon King.

Goldsong jerked Dai Yueyan forward with brute force, causing him to lose his balance, and then returned into Tang Wulin’s body.


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