Chapter 670 - Tang Wulin vs. Dai Yueyan

Chapter 670 - Tang Wulin vs. Dai Yueyan

Wu Zhangkong stood behind Elder Cai, gazing at one of the big screens delivering sharp images. He had told his students that he would instruct them when they entered the final knockout stage, but Elder Cai forbade him to do that. That was why they hadn’t seen him in a long time. The look on his face was cold as ever, but his eyes were full of concern and encouragement. He wanted nothing more than to be there for them in such a difficult time.

Dai Yueyan rushed towards Tang Wulin. Three purple and two black soul rings appeared around him. His golden hair turned white and his muscles swelled as his first soul ring started shining. White hair came out of his hands with talons for fingernails.

His martial soul was the White Tiger.

Dai Yueyan was one of the best among his peers. He had only tasted defeat once, and that was at the hands of Long Yue, whose martial soul was so unusual.

In the Star Luo Empire, people who were soul masters had a higher social status than those who weren’t. The fourth prince was not only strong, but also sensible and careful when making judgments and decisions, and as such, he was his father’s favorite son.

They were fast, considering that they were both strength-type soul masters. With every step they took, the aura emitted from their bodies grew more intimidating.

Tang Wulin leapt up into the air and brought his claws down. Dai Yueyan raised his arms to block the attack. The moment the golden claws touched him, he felt some kind of power threatening to tear his arms apart, so he had to use his soul power to fight it.

An air wave was created as Tang Wulin’s claws slammed into the fourth prince’s arms. Dai Yueyan didn’t back off even one step. He turned the golden claws aside and tried a slash with his right claw, which was as big as his opponent’s claws, but Tang Wulin jerked back, just out of reach.

Dai Yueyan pressed forward, raining his claws on Tang Wulin. The boy used the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, checking each blow; no sooner did he turn one slash than the next was upon him. Their arms kissed and sprang apart and kissed again. And then he slashed at the prince, again and again; he quite liked fighting hand to hand.

The dance went on for several minutes.

Tang Wulin found to his surprise that Dai Yueyan could use the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track and Mysterious Jade Hands as well, and that his claws were almost as hard as his golden dragon claws.

Even though the White Tiger was a strength-type martial soul, and even though Dai Yueyan’s soul power was at rank 54 – which was much higher than his opponent’s – he couldn’t take Tang Wulin down with his furry claws alone. In fact, Tang Wulin’s golden dragon claws, combined with Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon, were starting to wear him down.

“Not bad,” Dai Yueyan acknowledged when he darted away to catch his breath. At this rate, he will get the better of me. I have to use other soul skills to fight him.

“Here I come! Be careful!” the prince shouted, his second soul ring shining. His mouth snapped open, and a beam of white light shot out towards Tang Wulin. White Tiger Light Beam!

Tang Wulin jerked his claws up in time, thankful that his adversary had warned him of the attack.


The light beam exploded, and the full force of the impact crashed into its target. Tang Wulin had planted his feet firmly into the ground, but still he fell back several steps, his arms numb and painful. Such power! And that’s just his second soul skill! Tang Wulin thought to himself.

That was when Dai Yueyan’s third soul ring lit up. White Tiger Diamond Transformation! He grew bigger, his white fur with black stripes turning golden, his eyes glowing a bright golden, and the four stripes on his forehead forming the character Wang[1].

Dai Yueyan rushed forward, a golden aura surrounding him. One look at him was enough to tell that he was incredibly strong.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath. His two golden soul rings were gone, three purple and one black ones appearing in their place. A swarm of blue vines shot out, translucent with golden veins inside and each as thick as a human arm. They possessed the ability to catch and take down his opponent. He wouldn’t hold anything back, because running towards him was a powerful five-ringed Soul King. And he had to be extremely careful; even the smallest mistake might cost him the match.

Dai Yueyan didn’t seem to care about the vines. His golden talons grew longer and sharper, and he slashed.


1. Wang(王) means king in Chinese.

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